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SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE: How and when did you meet Althar, your dragon, and what was that experience like?

JOACHIM: Oh, that was a very strange experience. I would say it started around 2012 when I had the first dragon-like experiences. It started physically, like having the feeling of growing wings or even a huge tail. It was kind of weird, but I did not make too much out of it. Then in 2016, the night before my second Threshold started, Althar came in. And actually, he came not alone. There was a whole swarm of dragons that I, in a sense, saw in the physical, and one of them came directly to me, into my body and all around me. This experience was super-intense, because usually you have experiences like this in other dimensions. But that experience was real. It was in this dimension and I could even see the shape of the dragon all around me, and it was brilliant. It was the highest energy I have ever felt in my whole life, and I’ve had some intense experiences before. It lasted for almost two weeks, this sensation. That was the way I came across Althar.

SM: And what is the dragon? What are the energies? What’s the purpose?

JOACHIM: I refer to my True Self as the absolute, to the human as the relative, and the dragon is the mystery in-between. I also call it – or Althar calls himself – a “bridge in consciousness,” and that’s what he is. In a sense, the dragon is a remembrance of who you truly are, and he is the ultimate companion for the final steps when you go into full enlightenment.

SM: Is the dragon physical?

JOACHIM: No, not at all. The dragon is nonphysical. It’s an entity that is as close to pure consciousness, to the True Self as possible. It has a kind of body, so it can dive into this reality or come close to the human consciousness, but it’s not physical and it was never incarnated in matter. The dragon is an observer mostly, and when the time is right and the human asks for it, then the dragon comes close and the dance begins.

SM: Why does it come as a dragon instead of a wolf or an eagle, or an angel or maybe a guru?

JOACHIM: Well, the dragon is many things, and it is perceived differently from human to human, and even from culture to culture. I call it a fabrication of human consciousness, which assigns a certain shape to a certain quality it perceives. I assume that humans agreed a long time ago how to visualize this energy or this presence, and they depicted it in those dragon-like shapes. But the dragon himself has no form. It changes constantly. It can have any size, and it certainly does not look like a dragon is depicted in classical images.

SM: Do you think dragons ever roamed the Earth in physical form, or is this only in the other realms?

JOACHIM: As far as I know, the dragons have never been incarnated. But in the end, it boils down to the question, “What is real?” for when Althar came to me, I, in a sense, perceived him all around me. If you are very open, then of course you can perceive the dragon energy in nature, but it’s not physical in the sense that an eagle or a horse is physical.

SM: What are some of the Shaumbra misconceptions about the dragon?

JOACHIM: Oh, that’s difficult because Shaumbra is a very diverse breed. When I released the first book, I really feared that the theme of dragons could become a huge distraction, which was not my intent. It was the last thing I wanted to do. I wanted to clarify and make things simpler, not spread distractions and illusions. So I was happy that in my workshops, I did not encounter much makyo.

SM: Let’s say from the point of view from social media. We personally have noticed a quantity of makyo there about the dragon.

JOACHIM: Well, the typical makyo is something like, “I tamed my dragon” or “The dragon helps me to fulfill my human wishes,” which is absolutely bullshit. And what you might see a lot is, “My life got crazier than yours, because my dragon is better or more intense” or something like that. So it’s all the human stuff that comes in, which is enhanced by the dragon, magnified and then made real by converting it into makyo and holding on to it. But what the dragon points out is for release, so if there is the assumption that something gets bigger or more prominent, well, this is the thing to release and not to make a big fuss out of it, even though it might be overwhelming for a while. But it’s not good to have the ambition to have the biggest turmoil in life; it should be more interesting to get rid of that stuff.

SM: Sometimes it’s like they treat the dragon as the new spirit guide. But we’re not replacing one thing for another.

JOACHIM: Absolutely! Let’s put it that way, the dragon does not care a bit about the human facet. Not at all. It is about going beyond the human facet. The dragon is a representation of the True Self. It’s a mirror. It shows you what you think you are, and whatever you think you are is a false identity, so get rid of it. It’s never about enhancing anything in human life. However, as a consequence of being open and honest with yourself, you might realize that your life becomes simpler, even more fulfilled. There might even be more synchronicities. But this is not the goal of the dragon being with you, it is just a byproduct.

SM: I think this is such an important point. It’s not here to perfect or enhance the human, but, as a result of the dragon, the human’s life just becomes more graceful.

JOACHIM: Yes, and a very crucial point is to deeply, deeply understand that there is nothing to perfect. And this goes against each and every socialization of the human, because whatever a human does when he grows up, he was taught to achieve something by doing something. And you do nothing with the dragon. You allow the dragon to be in your presence and let go of everything that shows up. You do not get better with your dragon, not at all. And the moment you really understand that, then you make a huge leap towards enlightenment. Otherwise, you’re just doing the same old stupid dance with, “Oh, I got better. I got some acknowledgment, some confirmation,” some whatever. It’s a human dance and it’s boring.

SM: One of the things we’ve noticed with the dragon roaming around is a certain level of maturity.

JOACHIM: I say that the dragon only comes in if there is a certain maturity. If that’s not the case, then there might be some kind of experiences, real or made up – the difference is fluid anyway – but the true dragon does not come in for the immature human. Why would it? It makes no sense. The immature human would just be blown away.

SM: The dragon has been an essential element in the Threshold workshops from nearly the start and you were part of those also. Why do you think Adamus brought the Dragon up in ProGnost 2019 for all of Shaumbra?

JOACHIM: Well, because, after so many years, it’s time for the real thing. There has been a lot of preparation, and a lot of Shaumbra came to the point where they were ripe for the dragon and where they would not dismiss the dragon’s simplicity. The simplest truths can only come at a certain point, because otherwise they are dismissed. So it is wise to wait with the simple stuff till the very end. One can say, the dragon represents the utmost simplicity, because it wants nothing at all, and thereby it mimics the True Self. And It was high time. It is always high time to get as clear and as present as possible.

SM: So much of your work, your realizations in the last number of years have been about the dragon. You’re kind of the Dragon Master in our opinion. How did you feel when you heard ProGnost 2019 and all of a sudden Adamus is talking about it?

JOACHIM: When I did the first book, Althar – The Crystal Dragon, it started out as what I thought were personal messages. And at some point, it switched and Althar said, “Listen, this is not personal. This might be interesting for many people, because the dragons are coming back and not just a few, but legions.” When he said that, I said, “What the hell is this?” I was close to cutting it out of the texts, but I left it in because I felt there might be some that had experiences like mine and having some reference could be very helpful. And then when Adamus came in with ProGnost 2019 and said more or less the same, I was happy. Yes, I liked it very much.

SM: What are the three most important things Shaumbra should know about the dragon?

JOACHIM: I would say, first, the dragon represents the one and only relationship of importance you have right now, and this is the relationship with your Self. The dragon comes from you, for you. It is you, so do not fight it. That’s the most important thing.

SM: Perhaps we can add that it’s not just ‘don’t fight it,’ but allow it.

JOACHIM: Allow it and with not fighting it, I meant, if the shit comes up, it’s not the dragon’s fault.

SM: Right!

JOACHIM: Then second, the dragon is not here to enhance any human characteristic. Instead it’s here to assist in going beyond any human limitations.

And the third most important thing is that the dragon is not a one-time encounter. The dragon goes deep and shines light on everything, so one should never expect that the dance with the dragon is done. At a certain point you will know for sure when it’s done, but unless you are absolutely clear about that, do not expect it is done. And, therefore, it’s important to really take it slowly, to not race through this, and to take time for rebalancing.

These, I would say, are the three most

important things.

SM: When you’re conscious and aware of your dragon, it’s going to be with you for a long time. You’ll eventually totally be integrated with it, but it can come and go. You’ll forget about it and suddenly it’s back. So, yeah, it’s definitely not a one-time thing.

JOACHIM: Yeah, it’s you and you will never leave yourself. How could you?

SM: Exactly.

JOACHIM: In a way, the Dragon is the call to come Home. And if you are sincere, and I assume most people reading this are sincere, then it will always knock again on your door if you’re falling asleep. That’s what you’ve asked for, otherwise it wouldn’t do that. The dragon doesn’t show anything actively, it’s just there. By being present, all the complicated stuff – the attachments, the old patterns – they are highlighted. They come to the forefront and then you can see them and let go.

SM: There are currently four books in your series: Althar – The Crystal Dragon, Althar – The New Magi, Althar – Towards Utopia, and Althar – The Final Letting Go. Is the series going to continue?

JOACHIM: Yes. There will be a fifth book, Opus Magnum, in which Althar explores very deeply how consciousness and matter bonded, because this is a crucial point when it comes to embodied enlightenment and shifting the consciousness from the physical into the light body. There was a really heavy process involved in making an entity believe that it is physical. An entity, of course, is not physical. Therefore, there had to be some drastic measures taken so that an entity finally believes, “Well, I am physical,” so that all of the experiences we have here leading to ascension could come about. And undoing this is very delicate. That’s the reason most people die or leave the body when they get enlightened, because they have no interest in returning. Undoing this is not easy and it will be discussed in the fifth volume.

Also, he will connect a number of dots that he has laid out in the preceding four volumes, and then I think this will be the last volume. At least I want it to be the final one, for it is not meant to become a never-ending story or a stream of spiritual popcorn, something to entertain the spiritual searcher. It is intended to be a brief and succinct kind of handbook in modern language that describes what this is all about, what is going on, how consciousness creates in the first place, how we come to Earth, how we go back, and why we are even doing this. And this can be very succinct. Everything that is of importance and really helpful should be covered in these five books.

SM: From the very start, Tobias and then Adamus have talked about this thing called New Energy. They’ve said that New Energy is when consciousness and energy fuse together instead of being two separate things. It almost sounds like this next book is approaching into that.

JOACHIM: Well, in Towards Utopia I talk about fluid light, a term I use for what I call pure energy after ascension. Pure energy is the crystallized consciousness, in a sense, but this has a scent of polarity to it, because True Self didn’t know where it came from. There’s a question mark – “Who am I?” – so there is polarity in the pure energy. With enlightenment of the human and then ascension of the True Self, this changes. This pure energy goes beyond itself and I call it then “fluid light”, or you could call it New Energy. It changes all of its characteristics. The internal fight ceases and you have a new form of energy or consciousness or however you want to call it that you create with.

SM: Your books are amazing. We’ve never read anything that has that level of clarity and just gets right to the point. But there’s also a huge energy that can be felt in the reading – your energy is in each and every one of the books, providing guidance and keeping everyone within clarity as they’re reading.

JOACHIM: Yeah, and I have to say I wouldn’t call myself a channeler, because this is really a co-creation of the three of us – my True Self, Althar, and me. I’m here as a human to bring this into human words, bringing in my experiences. But then I express from the perspective of Althar or of my True Self.

Dr. Joachim Wolffram, Ph.D., lives in Karlsruhe, Germany and has been with the Crimson Circle for over 14 years. He has published various post-spiritual books, including the Althar series. For details about available translations, audio recordings, and workshops, or to contact him, visit his website or Facebook page at



2 comments on "Althar the Crystal Dragon"

  • Cheryl Lyric on August 26, 2020 11:24 AM said:
    My sister and I bought the series while on vacation during the Summer of Realization. Wow! Not a coincidence in the timing of reading this series. These are outrageously helpful for those coming into their realization. The information put some things into perspective and appeased my human self and some of her fears around realization. Thank you so much for writing these books! It’s very much appreciated.
  • Sally Field on July 19, 2019 10:09 PM said:
    Wonderful work! Thank you!

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