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The Master does not need any energy,” says Adamus.

This is a big statement and yet so accurate. We are consciousness, and energy is a kind of modified consciousness we created and sent out of us to play and enjoy our potentials and experiences. The human part of us is so used to believing that energy is all that matters in our human world, that we can’t see any further.

But in this process of becoming an embodied Master, it comes to us with a clarity that is somehow still overwhelming. We’ve learned to drop the energetic attachments to people, current and ancestral family, power, emotions, thoughts and mind stuff in general. We are aware now of the illusion of time/space, the meaning of real senses (Focus in particular), masculine and feminine, Ahmyo life and so on. But we are still on Earth and in a physical body. I would say that the last frontier for some of us is to get over the need for food, because the concept that you will die if you don’t eat, it’s just hard to drop. But yet, the real Master, not needing energy at all, will live just fine without it, eating only for pleasure or fun, when in moments of companionship with others.

How can it be done? What happens if we drop eating? I guess all of us are familiar with fasting and diets from this and other lifetimes. Food is really a huge attachment, and dropping it quite painful… at least for me!

Several years ago, I had an extraordinary experience. I heard about some crazy people living without eating, so, guess what, I had to see and even experience it for myself. In my desperate search for ‘the answer,’ I found this somehow related to the foundation of the spiritual concept of ‘living in the world without belonging to it.’ Little did I know then how my world and beliefs would turn upside down when I tapped into New Energy and Crimson Circle a few years later! But back then, this idea of not eating was quite a challenge for my rather scientific/medical mind.

I asked for it, so it came to me. All procedures were explained, and dear old me dived in head first, full of confidence. The first week involved no food or drink at all, and two special sessions each day of breathing sunlight at sunrise and sunset (when you are able to face the sun). No problem! The first two days were filled with excitement! I was encouraged not to have too much physical activity, but to just relax, read, listen to music, meditate and do ‘spiritual’ stuff.

Hunger symptoms were promptly dismissed with talks to my cells. “Hi guys, the food is not coming anymore from the blood, now it comes from the rays of sun light.” To my great surprise, it was working. My bladder and bowels still worked normally too, and my mind was in surveillance mode but calm. Then day three with no trips to the toilet. There! My scientific/medical mind went into panic, clearly diagnosing the process, yelling at the top of its lungs, “She has complete anuria, ketone and ureic levels must be sky rocketing, dehydration will follow, cerebral edema and others side effects will manifest soon!

Yet, surprisingly, another part of me was clear and calm, actually making fun of it, because I was feeling normal and quite well, against all expectations. On day four I stopped asking for the little pack of ice, used on the tongue now and then to ease the sensation of a dry mouth. As the week went on, I was feeling better and better every day. Much lighter, full of energy and doing a lot of home cleaning. “Resting” was a joke, and it was a big surprise when I felt like running. I climbed a nearby steep hill very easily without even getting out of breath! Despite the evidence of an uncommon survival, my mind was on high alert looking for explanations.

I remembered that a car actually turns only 20% of its fuel into locomotion. That means, for instance, if your car uses 4 liters to go 100 km, if it could use 100% of the petrol for movement, it would go 400 km on 4 liters. Where does the rest of the energy go? It is normally consumed by mechanical and electrical gear to get and keep the car going. What a waste! But it’s the same with food. We actually use approximately the same percentage of energy from food to get to moving, to play, walk and so on. Again, what a waste.

Now, I was fueling myself with pure sun energy, so no big waste and a lot of gain. But I was not a car and that was not normal from any viewpoint. My mind had to marvel and admit its ignorance, and it finally stopped buggering me.

In the conversations with my cells, I started programing how much sleep time I would need – we had agreed on 5 hours per night, but it could clearly be less – how much weight to drop to feel fit and healthy – about 75 kg was okay and healthy for my body structure – and it happened easily in the following days. It was a miracle! I was sure I could program anything at all.

Week 2 and 3 went smoothly. I began drinking small amounts of water and pure sweet orange juice. Urination and bowel movements returned – my, what a lot of waste you get from pure orange juice! No wonder 80% of food goes down the toilet! Hungry planet indeed; Adamus, you are so right!

Now, I faced a very serious problem. What to do with all my spare time? Imagine you don’t have to go shopping, make meals, store food or clean the kitchen. There is nothing to do during the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner hours. You are quite out of order with the rest of the civilization; nothing is programmed for such kind of people. No one cares if you sleep only 5 hours and could go to work earlier, because they are still sleeping and the businesses are closed. It is still their world and you don’t fit in anymore.

If you run a family and have kids, what happens at mealtimes? Big problem. If a friend asks you out for a lunch, how do you explain? Big problem. You start feeling like a complete weirdo, especially when people start giving you “the look.”

Well, if I did it now, 20 years later, I wouldn’t give a damn about the world. But, after two blessed months of freedom, it only took a week, after excusing myself with my cells and eating progressively more small amounts of food, I sadly slid back into the ancient habits. But this amazing experience is still very precious to me, and now I can see it all from a very new point of view.

Now I know for sure that you don’t have to die if you don’t eat. My mind will never argue about that again, even if my colleagues and others still refuse to believe it, or consider me some kind of witchy weirdo. Blessed muggles, of course.

The main thing I realize now, in my way to Mastery, is that you don’t have to breath sunlight; you breath your own energy. The energy (remember the ‘modified consciousness’?) is still your own consciousness playing and experiencing. No need to wait for sunrise or sunset to look at the sun. You are co-existing with it at a much more intimate level. It is You, the Master, and your sacred meal is now always only a breath away.

When you talk to your cells, they actually do listen. The only thing I realize now, is that in my kind of innocence at the time, I really got into touch with my body in a way that still amazes me. I know now for sure that I learned (or remembered) how to do and trust that.

I really experienced the difference between fueling myself with food or with light. The lightness, freedom and wellbeing you can feel is beyond words, and something I’ll keep in my heart forever.

I know for sure that you can live even without drinking any water. Orange juice was part of the program, but I could have easily skipped it. I wonder now if drinking water is somehow a way to only ground you to Earth, because you feel so light!

Many of us are dealing with several body issues right now – strange outbreaks of pains that vanish with a snap of fingers, panicking headaches that go away with conscious breathing, awful stomach cramps that go away with a little sip of cold water, sudden dizziness or even symptoms of heart attack that vanish with a good deep breath, stiff joints today and no pain the next day, and on and on. You name it, we have for it. I think perhaps our cells are making fun of us.

Anyway, the human point is that I collected so much wisdom during that experience. So why am I not applying it, dammit???!

And then the Master says, “Hello there, dumbass human. It’s because you are having great fun with it!”

Placidia has worked as a medical doctor in Africa and Portugal for about 30 years. She has been part of the Crimson Circle family since 2005 and a Certified Teacher of several CC workshops. She lives now by the sea near Lisbon, just enjoying life. Having traveled all around the world, she now loves writing, reading, painting, making wonderful tapestries just for her own pleasure. She is engaged and honored to be a part of the CC Translators team, a gift from her heart to present and future generations of Shaumbra. Placidia may be contacted here.

Editor’s Note: Use common sense, and feel into your body and mind, before making any changes in your diet or health. The above article is one person’s story and does not imply an endorsement from the Crimson Circle.