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During the last few years, I’ve spent a lot of time in the desert, finding refuge and inspiration in the silent breath of this land of rocks, sand, simplicity, and mystery. Somehow my sensitivity to the buzz of modern, urban life has really increased and I’ve found it more and more difficult to tolerate noise and distractions. So, Einat and I recently moved into our new home in a small desert village in the South of Israel, where we had already spent much time in the previous years.

As the grand opening of Heaven’s Cross approaches, I find myself living in this sacred land that still breaths the ancient spirit and memory of many generations of travelers and nomads, seekers and saints. Mt. Sinai is about two hours south from here and the Dead Sea and Jerusalem two hours north. We live at a slightly higher elevation overlooking the Aravah desert to the east. This desert is part of a tectonic rift extending from the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee in the north to the Dead Sea, the lowest point of Earth, and on to the Red Sea in the south of Israel. According to some mystical sources, there is a very thin magnetic field all along that rift along with very powerful spiritual energies.

Of course, this place was also home to Jesus from Nazareth, who was supposedly the first human being to fully embody Christ Consciousness. Recognizing himself as the Son of God, Jesus claimed his divine inheritance and sparked the birth of Christianity, with Jerusalem becoming the spiritual capital for all Christians.

Jerusalem is also the holy city for Muslims and Jews, or better said, for Jews and Muslims, because the Jews had been here first. They built their sacred temple in Jerusalem, then it was destroyed, then rebuilt, and again destroyed. Now the holiest place of the Muslims, the Dome of the Rock, is sitting right there where Abraham nearly sacrificed his son, just next to where Jesus got crucified… it’s complicated! One God but a lot of troubles and conflicts, and a fight for every square meter of holy ground.

I grew up with a Christian background, but when I came the first time to Israel, all my romantic pictures and concepts about the Holy Land got smashed very fast and I faced a big disillusioning. I arrived first in Bethlehem for Christmas and encountered a town closed down by a curfew, with only military vehicles and soldiers in the streets. I finally got to a heavily secured and guarded main square, where Christian choirs were passionately singing Christmas songs and Arab venders were selling their souvenirs, all surrounded by a very tense vibe. In that moment, I realized that it was all false, nothing more than a big religious lie and fantasy.

The Holy Land is a place with particularly strong access to the higher realms, which is why it is the birthplace for so many religions. However, I believe that one of the key reasons for all the religious conflicts is the huge attachment humans have to their spiritual experience, to their form of heaven, and to their specific religious language and symbolism. Many times, it’s not even about their own experience but rather attachment to someone else’s story, to the experience of some prophet, to a mythology, and to the scriptures and descriptions of other realms written by someone else. Religion in general does not have much to do with Christ Consciousness. It was usually established after someone had accessed the higher realms, then gave a description of the experience and a formula or method for others to follow. These formulas and methods were then declared holy and have been argued and fought about ever since. Of course, the different religions and their holy realms are bound to conflict with each other, not because they are wrong or better, but because they are misunderstood. They are portrayals of an individual’s heaven that became confused with beliefs that it was the one true heaven. It will be very interesting to see how the opening of Heaven’s Cross will affect all the many different heavens of religion.

The one region of the Holy Land that has never failed to inspire and uplift me has always been the desert. The energies of this ancient land are stronger than the transient human concerns, and in the desert is an emptiness and timelessness that helps me be in the present moment and open to the higher realms. Whenever I walk out into the desert, I can sense that timelessness and how very little has changed in the last few thousand years. I might be looking at the same valley Moses and his tribe gazed upon on their way out of Egypt. I may be sitting on the exact same rock that Jesus sat on during his travels. The whole land is filled with a vibrant memory of its rich spiritual history.

Parallel with all this, I can sense very clear potentials for the future. I can see and envision myself in the future, receiving inspiration and traveling with my consciousness. Here in the desert, I can feel a dissolving of energetic boundaries and, perhaps, a small taste of what Heaven’s Cross might feel like.

Over the years I have spent quite some time in the Sinai desert and even climbed Mt. Sinai itself a few times. For me this place is a portal, a gateway into the other realms. Every time I was up on the mountain, something magical happened. Once there was an earthquake right at the top of the mountain, and I could hear its massive sound rolling through the surrounding desert and feel the whole mountain shaking. It was a powerful experience. I was with a small group of friends, but we all fell silent, and no one spoke for a while.

Another time I arrived alone at the top of Mt. Sinai and prepared for my overnight stay. It was winter and cold, so I found a protected spot and prepared the wood for my campfire. Very soon I realized that I had no lighter with me, only a box of matches with three sticks left in it. It was very windy on the top of the mountain, and I only knew that I must somehow light the fire to not freeze during the night. So, I prepared everything very well, created some wind protection and lit the first match. It was immediately blown out by the wind. I improved the fire setup and wind protection and tried again; in one second it too was blown out. There I was on Mt. Sinai, all alone on a cold winter night, with one single match left to light my fire. I paused for a moment, reflected on my situation and, even though prayer was not so much my thing, I prayed for support. “Dear God, Grandfather, Master, I came to the mountain for an encounter with you, for a talk. I ask you to simply stop the wind for a moment, so I can light the fire and have a comfortable night up here. That’s all I ask for.”

I waited and listened until the wind was quiet, and then lit the last match and with it the fire.

I never thought I would come to live in this area, but here I am, and it happened just in time for the opening of Heaven’s Cross. I feel an open channel of inspiration in this land and already my most recent creations, the Desert Shaman EP and the Tuning into Harmony online class have been infused with the spirit and energy of this sacred desert. When Einat and I started creating the online class, there was no mention yet about Heaven’s Cross, but I feel that the timing is no coincidence. I also feel that this class will be a support for many people during this time; a support for accessing the higher realms, bringing calm and comfort, and fully integrating divinity.

My vision for this upcoming period is to be in service to all that is happening in these truly special times and to manifest my ‘desert realization studio,’ where I’ll be creating and producing inspiring content, and sharing my consciousness and light with the world. May we all become the Masters that we are and embody our divinity, unlimited and free.

Gerhard Fankhauser is a master musician from Austria and founder of the musical group Yoham. He is an accomplished guitarist, song writer, overtone singer and an inspiring teacher with a deep passion for the timeless mysteries of music. He has worked with the Crimson Circle since 2007 and has created various recordings of ‘new energy music’ which has become an integral part of the journey of Shaumbra. Contact Gerhard via his website

Online Class with Gerhard Fankhauser and Einat Gilboa – Awareness, Relaxation and Self-atunement through Music


3 comments on "Heaven's Cross and the Holy Land"

  • 김정희 on June 23, 2023 6:29 AM said:
    사막에서의 진동 느낌...경이롭고 아름다운 그 울림의 경험이 저 또한 있읍니다.최근 당신의 음악은 더 깊어지고 아름다운 울림을 줍니다.. 글과 음악 모두 감사합니다.
  • Denise Crispino on March 12, 2023 12:43 PM said:
    Adorei seu artigo! Obrigado por compartilhar sua experiência.
  • Eun Jung Kim on March 10, 2023 12:35 AM said:
    I read your article very well. It's very beautiful. lighting matches in the mountains and deserts Maybe it's the beginning of a huge passageway through which the cross of heaven opens. Thank you for sharing your precious experience. I think I heard a piece of music in a quiet desert. " It will be very interesting to see how the opening of Heaven’s Cross will affect all the many different heavens of religion. " Amen ~ ♡♡

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