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Ho was sitting on his favorite bench in the Ascended Masters Club and talking to Althar, his alter ego from the realm of dragons. Ho was informing Althar about the latest developments that have been going on in the Club.

“It’s a dumb story,” Ho said with a frown, “At least to me. You know, I was never fond of postulating the melding of new earth and old earth. I never understood the whole concept in the first place. So much energy went into it, so much distraction.”

“How would that have helped enlightenment or embodied ascension?” Althar asked.

“See, that’s the point no one was able to answer. I argued that there is no way to avoid facing certain aspects of creation. Like power games. How can you go beyond power if you haven’t experienced it to its fullest? It’s like wanting a six-year-old child to go beyond sex.”

Althar took a sip from his glass of crystal clear water. “I thought you ascended guys went beyond arguing amongst each other.”

Ho looked Althar in the eyes for a moment and then burst out laughing. After catching his breath, he said, “You have no idea. Down on earth things are simple. Take a problem, add five experts, and you get seven opinions. Simple stuff. But here? Each problem is multidimensional. Just as the experts are. Each expert speaks from a dozen different perspectives, having at least two opinions per perspective.”

“That’s scary,” Althar said.

“It is. And the worst of all is, you cannot even say that any opinion is wrong! You just can’t know for sure unless you give it a try. And even then you can argue about how the outcome is to be evaluated.”

“But you all are still aware that reality isn’t real, aren’t you?”

“Sure we are. And everybody claims that it’s not about saving the world and all the rest of it.”


“But it is so much fun to tinker with the humans. We have all been in human shoes, or sandals, or whatever it was at the time. We all know how unbelievably simple it is to go beyond reality.”


“And because it is so simple, humans will not accept it. They want it more difficult.”

“So nothing has changed. I see.”

“Right. Take good old reincarnated Tobias. He said it all! Love yourself and be done with enlightenment. How? Aliyah.”

“What happened to it?”

“What happened? Well, they tried it a few times. Claimed it was life changing. Then they forgot about it and started complaining that they do not get ‘the answer.’”

“That’s a sad story.”

“The fun part is that each life changing event seems to alter the course of their life by 90 degrees. So, after four life changers, they are right there where they started. Plus, they lose hope.”

Althar chuckled. “I would say losing hope is the best thing that could happen to a human.”

“Sure, but that’s one of those things you shouldn’t even try to convey. In fact, this is used as an argument to continue bringing forth new life changers. Some in the Club envision that, in the long run, humans will finally get it that way. Coming to let go of hope, and of tomorrow, and of better circumstances, I mean.”

“So, what is going on right now?”

“You won’t believe it. They are putting it to the very extreme.” Ho was shaking his head.

“Extreme? Or do you mean more like ‘intense’?”

“I mean extreme. They stretch it to the very edges.”

“Sounds like a good act.”

“There was a big discussion going on, arguing back and forth, all the usual stuff. Everybody had the very best idea for how to aid the humans while constantly claiming it is not about saving them. However, the first thing we agreed upon was to announce that we drop the idea of melding new earth and old earth.” Ho gave a sly smile. “After that I argued that I should have a plaque of honor for having known that the whole idea was crap right from the beginning.”

“A plague of honor?”

“A plaque! Although the whole thing was like a plague.”

“And did you get it?”

“Of course not. Experts are always fast in dismissing minority opinions that proved right. That’s one of the things they can agree upon instantly. It’s the same all over the cosmos.”

Althar pondered this, then said, “Well, at least there is finally one constant in creation.”

“Yeah. So the discussion continued. It ended up with a last resort.”

“What do you mean? A final try?”

“Not really. As I said, they are stretching it to the very limits. The bottom line of the new story goes like this: It is not possible to love yourself while on earth.”

Althar was puzzled, “What?!”

“Yes, and it continues. They even claim that, in order to experience love, you have to go to a certain place.”

“That’s not new, as far as I know. Humans have done that since forever.”

“Not that kind of place. A special place in some other realm, made just for experiencing love and self-love.”

“You mean the I Am?”

“No! Yes! But that’s too simple. They don’t accept it that way. They want it to be something external, you see? A beautiful place. Like a resort.”

“So that’s the last resort you just mentioned?”

“Exactly. And the best is, they are told they will get there in their dreams, given they have taken the appropriate class, of course.”

“Wow, that stretches it quite a bit.”

“That’s what I said.”

“And they really voted for doing this?”

“Well, many thought that would be a great fun act, so they wanted to give it a try.”

“And what did you say?”

Ho took a sip of his beer. “I’m working on my plaque of honor for already knowing how the story will go.”

Althar reflected on what he just heard. “This is brilliant. To me it sounds like the final wake-up call. I have never been in human form, but I try to imagine how that would be for me: I’ve been on earth for so many lifetimes; I’m on the brink of making the dream of embodied ascension a reality; therefore, I know that I have to let go of everything so I can be totally sovereign, which eventually results in love of self. Unfortunately, I still hang on to some non-incarnated beings who know it all. Now, one such being tells me I am screwed. I have no chance to find self-love within me unless I dream myself to be in a certain place. Which is obviously the antithesis of unconditional self-love, as it is conditioned by external circumstances.”

Althar was feeling so deeply into it that he created a whole reality where he was a human being in just such a situation. “Boy, would I go into myself at that point! But you know what?”


“I would even make the setup more ambitious, maybe bring in some archetypical energies. Something like, hmm, Adam and Eve?”

Ho was suppressing a yawn. “They already do something like this. It brings in emotions and tears and longing.”

“Good. Very good. So they are going backward at least five steps, hoping that some will get the real story immediately while the rest have some fun with a fresh life changer in this ‘last resort’?”

“I love your clarity.”

Althar was again feeling into the whole situation, then he looked at Ho and said, “But wouldn’t it be great to have something for those who want to do it right now? I mean, something like a compendium of sorts?”

“See, Althar. That’s why I called you in. I envision a book that goes all the way. From the beginning of consciousness, how it creates, how it gets stuck, how it goes beyond, and how a human can approach problems he is facing right now, being in the midst of an incarnation and building his light body, thereby changing the very template of the human species.”


“And it should have a love story in it.”


“A love tragedy would even be better.”


“Ideally, it would also point out that the driving force of creation is the ability of consciousness to perceive beauty.”

“Well, that one you picked up from me.”

“Yes, yes. We come from the same true self, so I cannot help but be aware of your wisdom. Speaking of it, you should also mention the ‘Temple of Beauty’ from your good old Atlantean times.”

“Really? That might be a bit too personal, don’t you think?”

“No. Personal is good. And it is also archetypical and still so impactful. In other words, it is high time to dissolve it at its very basis. It’s a must-have in a compendium.”

Althar was nodding his head.

“So how many pages would you require for something like this?”

“Let me see.” Althar was skipping through the pages he had just manifested in an instant. “That would be 118 pages.”

“Cool. Isn’t instant manifestation a great thing?”

“Don’t know. But humans sure seem to think so.”

“Now, one thing remains. We need a catchy title.”

“Right. Maybe something with ‘secret’? Humans love secrets, don’t they?”

“They do. And this should tell you something about them when they expect to find secrets in a book.”

“I see. What about ... magic?”

Ho thought about it. “That is good. Humans feel that their natural creator capabilities are like magic. So I propose to call it ‘The New Magi.’”

“Good.” Althar took a breath. “Just finished the cover. And what are you going to do with your colleagues?”

“My colleagues? Nothing. I will just file another minority vote. You know, some strive for a grand hall of fame; others are more humble and appreciate a plaque of honor.”

“But how do you evaluate the outcome?”

“Oh, that’s easy. Everybody creates his own criteria, so in the end everybody wins.”

“And I thought it was about the humans?”

“Sure it is. But no matter what assistance you provide, they have to do it on their own anyway. We’re just having a bit of fun mocking each other.”

Joachim Wolffram has published various post-spiritual books. You can contact him through his website or through Facebook at “Althar – The New Magi” is available in print and as ebook at amazon. The German edition, “Althar – Der Neue Magier”, can be found here.

2 comments on "Ho and the Minority Vote"

  • Nazar Fedunkiv on April 13, 2017 7:02 PM said:
    Awesome article, Joachim! I like this delightful dialogue style. And clarity, as always ;)
  • Sue Norman on April 7, 2017 4:43 PM said:
    Love it!... have had similar awareness with myself.:D

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