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Talking to someone. Responding. Expressing how or what I feel. Trying to find words to describe a sensation or image. Challenging it can be, at least to me. Once a word comes out of my mouth, it doesn’t always seem to hit the mark.

This has kept me wondering for quite some time now. How is it that I’m not able to connect what I sense to the words at my disposal, in order to express myself fully? It felt like two separate things. And then, with some unexpected help, I realized that they integrate too. Ha!

This is my story about embodied communication. Yep, still using our day-to-day, ordinary language, but now, through us, coming full circle and joining its counterpart: Angelic Senses.


On August 23rd Madame Helena Blavatsky showed up while I was on the phone with a dear Shaumbra friend. I’ve never encountered Helena before, at least I have no memory of that. Her presence was in response to me having a hard time dealing with strong emotions. Plus, in hindsight, a response to my questions concerning embodied communication.

What happened next during the encounter surprised and baffled me. As Helena sat there, both my friend and I perceiving her, she started talking to us. Wait… was she talking? Out came symbols, energy, codes. It seemed gibberish at first, but then it started to resonate like crazy. We both sensed that this type of communication was very old. Pre-duality even. This ‘language’ went all the way back to what we perceived as ‘the beginning,’ as far there is any. This, we felt strongly, was the original language. Wow… We were both shaken to our core, figuratively and literally, as if this knowledge was brought to our attention to wake it up within ourselves. Which it did!

Helena stayed with me for a couple of days, just being present. Every now and then she came through stronger, waking up the knowledge in me while adding hers at the same time. In those brief moments, this is what she shared with me concerning communication.

The Rise and Expansion of Senses

Communication started out with a few core Angelic Senses. You may argue that they were not even senses yet. Just elements, carrying the potential of a sense. As consciousness landed and expanded, so did the senses. The very first were formed.

An image of the color wheel provides a good example. It has the three primary colors – yellow, blue, and red – in the center and as you expand out, more colors come into existence. This too happened with senses. It’s a similar process.

This is our original, soul language. There are no words yet, but it does carry the potential.

Angelic Senses without words do not use energy by the way, do not take time, and do not have to overcome distance in order to be expressed. They just are. Instant.

The evolution and expansion of senses took place in what would be best described as ‘the other side of the veil.’ Conscious beings with a strong connection to that – such as elementals, whales, Masters, and some human tribes – could tap into it, acting as links or even anchors.

Funny enough, more humans could have tapped into it. It wasn’t exclusive. The connection just wasn’t made very often, if at all.

The Rise and Expansion of Words

While the original language expanded into more senses, a Point of Separation took place as well. Duality kicked in and the mind as a concept entered the stage, along with the way we experience time, distance, and gravity. At that point, as with most of our memories, the connection to our Angelic Senses was practically lost.

As a means of communication, words (sounds) came into use. They travel through the air, from point A to B, using soundwaves and the human voice as its instrument.

As the mind evolved, more words and languages were formed and created. This was mostly a mental process.


How Helena explains this to me is that both words and Angelic Senses seemed to have evolved and expanded separately after the Point of Separation. And, also, simultaneously, as counterparts in different realms, much like the Master and the human before Realization. They belong together, but they’re not fully integrated and reunited, yet.


The information Helena provided to me ties in beautifully with my own curiosity, experience, and insights prior to our encounter.

In one of the Shouds a couple of years ago, Adamus stated that there are now approximately 200,000 Angelic Senses. He mentioned a few; beauty for example. The moment he estimated the number of senses, I could not stop thinking about words, because he was using a word – “beauty” – to express the sense. But the word wasn’t an empty shell. I could ‘sense’ the sense in it while he was using that word.

Hold on. What’s going on? Words. Senses. Words to describe senses. Senses using words to express themselves. Aren’t words senses then? Hmmm. No? At least, not all. Or are they? Maybe not yet. And will they be, eventually?

I opened up my laptop. “Google, how many words are there in the English language?” Oh my gosh, guess what? A little over 200,000! (*)

That cannot be a coincidence! Sure, there are more words if you look at other languages and add them to the equation, or when you add the long lost old ones that we no longer use. It didn’t matter, something clearly hit me here.


From that moment on I started tapping into words as if looking for their original sense. I realized the word ‘life’ is a sense. ‘Is’ is a sense. Even ‘sense’ is a sense. And on it goes. I can imagine you now doing the exact same thing.

The quest continued and when the actual word ‘realization’ came along as a potential sense, I could now feel and see that the word got its original meaning back. Huh? Why? Because I realized! Before that, the word ‘realization’ was just a word, until I experienced it myself. My realization brought it back to life if you will. The word is not the same ever since.

To me this explains why certain words are already no longer empty or just mental. Sure, it always had its human meaning and describes something, so it’s not meaningless. But when experienced with All that I Am, the word transforms. Its counterpart, the Angelic Sense, comes back and reunites with the word. Which is, of course, what Realization is about: integration. So, my vocabulary is already partly integrated and also expanding with embodied communication as I go.

The simplicity and brilliance of it still stuns me. But of course! The human body is not dissolved when the light body integrates. The human being is not blown to pieces and turned into something else during Realization. Why would it be any different with our communication? It won’t and it isn’t. Words will integrate and are integrating too. Reuniting with their counterparts. How cool is that?


As I integrate and embody more of myself, and thus my words and communication expands and integrates, I feel that when I speak, my entire being – not just the mind – is able to communicate. The path my expression travels – through my throat, to my head for translation and adjustments, and out through the mouth – is changing. I don’t have to overcome the gap between what I sense and what I wish to express as much anymore. Not being able to hit the mark or sensations being lost in translation, no longer such an issue.

It’s almost a belly thing. Breathing my being as words come out. Together with the offloaded drama that has mostly been taken care of already – think makyo, convictions, aspects, viruses – communication as a result becomes very clean, clear, direct, and pure.


That’s what happens within me. While conversing with another person – for example one who still has to deal with their own stuff – what I say may trigger them, since to them, the word I use may carry a painful load. This is partly why communicating with someone who hasn’t dealt with it yet or isn’t ready to take responsibility for themselves concerning the topic, can be challenging.

I, on my turn, may still feel triggered by what the other person is ‘throwing’ at me as a response. But, first, as I integrate, realize, and become more aware of myself, this becomes less. And second, the Master, the I Am, my consciousness and my knowingness are there. It helps me to stay put in the moment and at the same time take responsibility for whatever comes to the surface within myself. Since the other person is also me.

Thanks to clean-ups, integration, and expansion of my consciousness, I’m no longer caught in the middle and therefore overwhelmed by it. Which to me – as a very perceptive and sensitive being – is a blessing.


The realization of words reuniting with senses also helps me to deal with strong emotions. It’s partly the reason why Helena showed up in the first place. For example, it sometimes can take me up to two weeks to realize that what I feel is plain and simple anger. Or, that the restlessness in my belly is actually bottled up tears. “Ah! So this is why I can’t breathe right now and become all mental about stuff.” As the human I’m now trying to feel, allow, and then express the emotions.

At first it felt silly to me that something so basic as the expression of human emotions can be so challenging to me. Then I realized that this is happening simultaneously with the realization of the embodied communication. Ha! It’s the exact same ‘process,’ but taking place on a different level. The emotions represent the senses in this case. It’s as if two instruments are playing the same beautiful song using two different octaves.

Knowing this helps both processes, as they are now perceived as one song instead of two instruments playing. And with that, the resistance towards feeling and allowing my emotions fades away along with the judgement (silliness) within the human towards the human. Plus, the integration of All that I Am is able to come forth even more, in the here and now, which is basically the only thing I want, from head to toe.


With this realization and the insights that came available, communication now makes sense to me (pun intended), and I hope to you too. It’s making my life here on the planet a lot easier as it helps me tremendously with my connection to the outside world (yep, that’s me too) and the full expression of who I am. I needed some help with that, reached out, and received it. Awesome!

A Disclaimer

The above is my current truth and experience as I perceive this within myself, with added information from Madame Helena Blavatsky as the Ascended Master who collaborated with me on the topic.

I sense that in this instance she represents the Master – even though she used to be a human being too – using the original, soul language.

I represent the human – even though I’m a Master too – in the experience of using non-integrated words. Plus, the experience of staying on the planet, fully embodied.

We both carry the knowledge of these different experiences, now bringing it together, which provides us with pieces of the puzzle, waking it up, and integrating this into both of us. And thus, into consciousness.

(*) Article on, June 24th, 2018: “… there are an estimated 171,146 words currently in use in the English language, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, not to mention 47,156 obsolete words.”

Frieda is a Dutch entrepreneur and pioneer with a green thumb and a travel bug. She may be best described as ‘and,’ not only because of her versatile fields of interest, experience, and talents. Even before she heard of the Crimson Circle and realization, she wanted to reunite so-called opposites, including those within herself, knowing that it creates magic. She did this in business, agriculture, the building industry, and now in her work as an intuitive reader, which is merely the manifestation and reflection of her own integration and embodiment. Her true passion. Frieda can be reached through her website.

1 comments on "Words & Angelic Senses Reunite"

  • Eun Jung Kim on October 2, 2022 8:44 PM said:
    Thank you It's beautiful The angelic sense is coming back I've had similar inspirations recently

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