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Once upon a time, we, the angels, did what every scientist is bound to do: we asked a question. It was an innocent question, filled with curiosity and the potential for expansion: What will happen to me when I forget who I am? The hypothesis was that by forgetting our true selves, we would eventually have the chance to remember who we really are, and thus become even more of what we already were. By diving into what we could become, what we have been would gain more depth. By becoming what we most definitely are not, what we are would be highlighted. To ensure that we wouldn’t get distracted from our experiment, we locked ourselves into the density and gravity of a three-dimensional reality with no escape from the illusion until we had found the answers that we sought. We called this grand experiment ‘the human’ and set out to design the ingredients of this alternate reality.

First, we ingeniously designed the ego (also called identity) to act as the container of the illusion necessary for the experiment. Integral to the ego was the mind that would be responsible for the survival of the human, so that we had the opportunity to stay alive long enough to gain insights and experiences. Emotions would act as the driving force for relationships – a very essential element of the design that would help us understand our sovereignty, uniqueness and free will. Relationships would also be a kind of measuring device, always mirroring the relationship the human has to themselves.

We then gave the human a collection of senses that would allow us to perceive our experiences. The physical senses allowed the human to perceive the three-dimensional reality, but we also gifted the human with angelic senses, such as focus and imagination. Focus, a tool for consciously playing with the Law of Attraction, would help the human remember their true nature of creatorship. Imagination would allow the human to perceive non-physical dimensions, although unfortunately most humans came to ignore the significance and versatility of this sense.

Before the experiment could begin, we had to condense energy so as to create time-space and gravity, which would allow the energy to slow down enough to observe it in detail. Similar to a scientist using a microscope to zoom in to particles not visible to the bare eye, we zoomed in to energy. Time-space and gravity allowed the perception of polarity, of cause and effect, and of limitation. Instead of being aware of All That Is, we could focus on perceiving experiences from one very specific perspective, another perspective in the next lifetime and so on. Instead of just sitting on our Angel’s Peak and seeing the grand picture, we could zoom in to one particular identity and study it in depth. We could continue like this until we had the chance to perceive our experiences from every possible angle. This also allowed us to see ourselves from every possible angle, from within and from without. The experiment gave us the opportunity to make sense of our experiences from different perspectives.

In many ways, humans are artificial intelligences – it’s not like this is our natural state. However, unlike the robots created by technology, the biological intelligences called humans are instilled with a drop of consciousness. And because consciousness is unquantifiable, a drop of consciousness really means an eternal connection to the unlimited vastness of who we really are. The assumption was that, after an adequate amount of experience, this hidden star within each human would be reactivated, or rather remembered, at which point the human would awaken. In other words, the human would transcend beyond being a programmed human robot into a being aware of its freedom and creativity. From this perspective we are both the researcher and the researched, the creator and the creation. Of course, if you are reading this, you know the story because you are one of those awakened experiments.

The tricky part is that even though we know that time and space are temporary illusions, we still feel caged by them. The power of gravity is not only physical; we also experience psychic, mental and emotional gravity. It’s a constant, magnetic pull to the old. It has been said that at this time of Samhain (Halloween), the veil between dimensions is the easiest to crack; now is the time when the illusion of the rigidity of time and space is the easiest to puncture. What better time to become conscious of other dimensions – in other words, to realize our AND?

Recently Adamus explained that being multidimensional is really the same as being multi-sensory. As we step into our mastery, the way our senses function is also changing. So here we are, somewhere between full multi-dimensional awareness and the state of nothing-makes-sense. It is the very best moment to expand the senses.

So how does one shift from being aware that other dimensions exist to actually sensing them? I am not someone who usually sees energies or has extrasensory abilities in the classical sense of the word, but I still explore other dimensions. For me, multidimensionality is accessible through feeling. Being multisensory goes hand in hand with being sensual, for both require going beyond the mind. In practical terms this means that I can feel into a specific dimension. I can even feel a new dimension into existence. When I meet a person, I sometimes feel into the various dimensions of him / her. As I feel into those dimensions, I use imagination as a tool to formulate my intuitions and feelings into something more concrete. It seems that the more I trust my intuition, the clearer it becomes.

Another way to expand my senses is by dropping into a state of stillness. In every experience there are many layers, and it’s my choice where to place my focus. Usually the surface layer is excitement, adrenaline, noise, drama or emotion, and this layer is very seductive because it keeps the mind busy. Below the surface there are other layers, such as stillness, which at first glance can appear empty or boring. Yet, when I feel into these deeper layers, I often discover how sensual and full they really are. It’s the difference between glancing at a rainbow, and diving into one of the bands of the rainbow to swim in all the different shades of blue. This is when excitement no longer feels exciting, because depth is so much more interesting.

As we shift from one dimension to another, the experience of the self transforms, rather than our surroundings. In other words, what shifts is the sense that we use to perceive reality. Dimensions are like spaces all folded within each other, in the here and now, and we shift our focus from one layer to another. Moreover, we exist in all dimensions at the same time. We can simultaneously see with our eyes, sense with our energetic senses and feel with our hearts. Living multi-dimensionally means sitting at Angel’s Peak and, at the same time, experiencing all the human troubles and treats in full color and high definition.

I never considered myself interested in physics or mathematics, but add some New Energy attributes to science and it becomes fascinating! According to Adamus-mathematics, the linear dimension of math (positive and negative numbers) is just one of many dimensions of math. Apparently there are also fluid dimensions of math that respond to non-linear laws. What connects all these dimensions to one another is the zero point. Zero is not just a number; it’s the nothingness and everything at the same time. It’s the now moment that contains the past and future potentials. The zero point is like that drop of consciousness within the human experiment, the doorway to all potentials and all dimensions of the human. We, the guinea pigs of our own research, are now becoming aware of the zero point within us. We don’t need to learn how to be multidimensional; we just need to become aware of how multidimensional we’ve always been. And with that we are coming to the end of our experiment.

So, while human scientists are making groundbreaking discoveries as they experiment with technology that is infused with intelligence, we, the new energy scientists, have been experimenting with energy that is infused with consciousness. But just because we’ve finally found answers to this grand experiment, our journey of discovery doesn’t end here. We could, for example, start a new experiment called ‘the embodied master.’ What does multidimensional embodiment look like? Will we create a new dimension on Earth, or will the old Earth change to adapt the new consciousness? My hypothesis is that there is no guarantee for what will happen once a group of embodied Masters walks this Earth, but I bet it will be worth exploring!

Kim can be contacted through her website or her blog

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