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That’s us — we are the Beyonders. Not the Avengers or the Transformers, but the Beyonders. (Disclaimer: I honestly thought I invented that word until I googled it and found out that Marvel beat me to it. In this article, I’m not referring to Marvel’s most dangerous villains but to the soulful consciousness explorers, some of whom identify as Shaumbra.)

‘Beyond’ is a word created for explorers. If you feel into the frequency of the word, you’ll notice how it carries pure concentrated potential. Beyond holds the promise of expansion and new worlds waiting to be discovered. When I wrote my book* a few years ago, I dedicated it to those who go beyond. And now, inspired by Adamus’ latest Keahak session, I wanted to share my own thoughts about the Beyond. No, not that beyond. Not the afterlife, but the beyond-life.

Beyond what, you might ask. Well, beyond everything or anything that has limited us in the past. Here are some examples of going beyond:


Emotions and the thoughts that are linked to emotions (most thoughts) exist in duality. Scientists and psychologists are still debating which comes first, emotions or thoughts, but I say duality comes first. So I have found that the easiest way to go beyond emotions and thoughts is to go beyond duality. Without duality, emotions and beliefs turn into pure sensations and feelings — leaving the mind free to explore more expanded states of consciousness.

All it takes to go beyond is one step, but it’s an all-or-nothing kind of step. Like when you step off a cliff. Just one tiny step and you’re over the edge, but you need conviction to do it. Taking that one step beyond duality doesn’t have the drastic consequences that stepping off a cliff does, yet it can feel crazy.

For example, recently I was dealing with some emotions of regret. I felt shame and self-judgment about having made a particular decision in the past that I now felt was the ‘wrong decision’. I knew that ignoring or resisting the emotions wouldn’t do anything for me, so I allowed all of the regret, but let go of the duality wrapped around the emotions. I felt into what it would be like if there was no right or wrong about anything, including my experience. What if I just hopped over there, into another perspective, where no experience is good or bad, but simply experience. From here in the beyond, it doesn’t matter what choice I made because all paths lead back to me, to my self-realization.

At first it feels strange, like is it really safe to be this detached from judgment; is it okay to be this neutral? And will I ever have fun again if I’m so beyond human emotions? But soon enough, these wonderings are replaced by the sublime experience of freedom and expansiveness. The subtle layers of the experience become more important than the dramatic overtones; the intricate nuances become more sensual than the obvious contrast of duality. It’s like a shift in preference from Caravaggio paintings to Monet. Where light is not depicted in stark contrast to darkness but rather portrayed as a fleeting dance and shifting colors. What if my experience was just a transient moment of color and light, sensation and experience… A dance rather than a friction.

And just like that, I’m beyond duality. I might still slip into the mass consciousness of duality, but now I know that the state of beyond is always just one consciousness hop away. One twist of perspective, and et voilà, all of reality looks different.

As a side note, I see a difference between bypassing and beyonding. Bypassing emotions, for example, is something that most humans do frequently and fluently. Bypassing can sometimes look like beyonding. I would distill the difference between the two thus: Bypassing is done, often unconsciously, to escape the discomfort of something, usually an emotion. Beyonding is done in clarity, without fear or the need to escape anything. In my experience, to go beyond any limitation you first need to allow/accept the limitation or at the very least drop any judgments you might have about it. (There’s a reason why bypassing is more popular than beyonding.)


This one was a big Aha for me. First time I understood the significance of energy feeding was through Tobias’ Sexual Energy School. I will always be grateful for this teaching. It’s Shaumbra 101, but nearly a decade later, I’m still unfolding all the wisdom contained in that class. The idea that I don’t need to feed on other people or seek energy outside of me because everything is reachable within me, within my consciousness, was groundbreaking. Just with that one teaching, you can go beyond most limitations.

The more integrated I become, the more aware I am of the thousands of ways in which humans feed off of each other. For example, in my birth family, there is a culture of complaining. I still slip into that habit occasionally. Then I look at the energy dynamics; why do I complain about something? Oh, that’s right, it’s an unconscious energy transaction. It goes like this: I complain to another person and feed some energy off them (if they react), and then they can complain about me and get some energy back. That’s how most people interact with each other, transactionally.

However, when I take ownership of my energy and all of my creations, I don’t need to seek energy outside of myself. I can still “exchange energy” consciously when I choose to, like when I buy a product that I like, but it’s no longer a desperation to fill the void within. And then there’s space for joy when I interact with others.

I’ve noticed that when I’m in the Beyond, people will continue to play energy feeding games with me, but I’m always free to stay half a dimension away.


To go beyond time, one must first go beyond the mind and emotions. In fact, emotions are like gravity to time, keeping it stuck in karmic loops. Time in turn keeps unresolved emotions stuck in the past. In my experience, going beyond time is a natural result of going beyond the mind. It’s like time loses its purpose and its rigidity once you go beyond emotions and beyond survival mode.

Think of any well-written play or movie: timing is essential to the plot, it builds momentum and dramatic tension. Without proper timing, there’s no drama. Then again, timing is also essential to comedy — so perhaps one way to let time serve you is to see the humor in your experiences. In the beyond, time is not a prison but an ingredient of physical experience. (For inspiring insights about time-hopping, I recommend Jean Tinder’s articles in previous issues of this magazine).


There are these exquisite moments, usually when I’m alone, when I forget thinking about who I was or who I want to be or who I should be and instead I just am. In a previous workshop, Adamus asked us to feel how other people perceive us. He then asked us to sense ourselves from within, imagining that there were no other people around us. In that state, I felt no separation between human self, soul and pure consciousness. Babies are naturally in that state of Oneness, since their brains haven’t yet developed the capacity to separate human, soul and the I am. In other words, if you’re finding it hard to go beyond, you might just be too intelligent!

There are many other beyonds that I still want to explore: Going beyond verbal communication, going beyond space, going beyond the physical body (i.e. integrating the light body) and more. I’m not a born beyonder; it sometimes feels like it doesn’t come naturally to me, even though it is my natural state. Sometimes it takes time to go beyond time. It takes mindfulness to go beyond the mind. It takes deep breaths and boldness. Yet the beauty of the beyond is worth it, worth even the eons of time spent in limitation. After all, beyond is just another word for freedom.

*Getting real about Enlightenment

Kim is a psychologist, writer and consciousness explorer. For her master’s dissertation, she studied how dramatic techniques can be applied to facilitate the process of integration after trauma (think of Aspectology and Act of Consciousness combined). Kim can be reached through her website:

1 comments on "To the Beyonders"

  • Claire on August 22, 2021 2:07 AM said:
    Crikey! That was sensational. I'm in awe of your insights but I heard some things falling into place as I read. Thank you and although emojis don't work very well on here I'm sending you a flower 🌹

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