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Let’s coin a term that can be used by generations of awakening humans to come: Post-Spiritual Stress Disorder (PSSD). I first saw the term “Post Spiritual” in Joachim Wolffram’s Althar book series and realized that it can also lead to a disorder. To explain PSSD, I drafted an article for the New Physics for Modern Ascended Masters magazine but wanted to share it with you first before I send it up to the Editor’s desk. I happen to know the editor, Mark Twain, because I worked for him at the Territorial News in Virginia City, Nevada during the Gold Rush days in my last lifetime. I think there’s a pretty good chance we can get this published:

Post-Spiritual Stress Disorder is a mental, physical and reality disorder that occurs long after a person is exposed to Awakening, and shortly before their natural Realization. According to PSSD expert Dr. Agone, Transylvania, Romania, the disorder is a challenging but necessary part of Mastery.

In the early stages of awakening the individual clings to spiritual rhetoric and beliefs, usually associated with New Age and New Thought movements. As the Awakening process matures, the person encounters something called makyo, derived from an ancient Zen term meaning “frivolous and distracting spiritual practices.” Adamus Saint-Germain*, a well-known authority on the subject of makyo, candidly calls it “spiritual bullshit” because it causes dependency on external stimuli rather than fostering an authentic relationship within one’s Self.

Post-Spiritual Stress Disorder generally comes about in a subtle manner. It is not believed to be triggered by a single traumatic event as is the well-known, pre-spiritual crisis known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). However, Post-Spiritual Stress Disorder is known to cause various degrees of depression and anxiety because the person’s fundamental spiritual beliefs are shattered by what sufferers describe as a dragon-like creature. The disillusion of old beliefs is not replaced with a new set of beliefs, causing the person to feel empty and helpless. According to Dr. Agone, the person desperately tries to fill the void of their previous spiritual beliefs with new rhetoric, including sayings from experts like Kuthumi lal Singh and Tobias, but to no avail. Recent observations of a small international group known as Shaumbra indicates that even if the person wanted to fill the void with new beliefs, there is a dynamic that literally prevents it from happening.

“We’ve seen people try everything to fill the great discomfort of the post-spiritual void,” notes Saint-Germain. “Some go the alien/mothership route, some try to resurrect their Lemurian roots, and some literally hop on an airplane and go to Sedona. But, no matter how hard they try, the new distractive beliefs simply won’t be meaningful because a deep, innate part of the person exposes the false nature of the replacement beliefs.”

PSSD symptoms may include disturbing thoughts, feelings, or dreams related to the person’s sense of well-being. Instead of the traditional “fight or flight” response it has been observed that Shaumbra generally opt for “flight.” According to a recent study by Dr. Agone, there is very little “fight” left in the human by the time they get PSSD. “They are battle-weary and exhausted,” he said during a recent speech at the Ascended Masters Club. “The last thing they want is another fight, whether it is with their children, their boss, or their God. They are strong – surprisingly stronger than one might expect – but they have no taste for blood or battle any more. They would rather frolic naked along the seashore than engage in conflict. We presume this is because they’ve seen the useless nature of battles in past lives, and probably more so because their battlefields are now within. This is a natural but unsettling part of coming to Mastery.”

The Post Spiritual experience occurs when a person stops searching for answers outside themselves. The human tires of the Seeker aspect’s constant wanderings and dreariness, going down one dead-end spiritual path to another while operating under the delusion that the answer is right around the next corner. “They know it’s time to stop playing the spiritual seeker game,” lamented Saint-Germain, “But tell them that and they’ll take whatever bit of fight that remains and hurl it at you. It’s like a mother protecting a child, but in this case the child is an illusion.”

One of the odd side effects of PSSD is a new sense of humor. “Laugh or die,” chuckled Kuthumi lal Singh. “PSSD fosters a new sense of humor that may have been suppressed for lifetimes. Fart jokes usually come to the surface – no pun intended – when a person gets PSSD. You know, farts are like success. It only bothers people when it’s not their own. There is so much dreariness during the Spiritual Seeking phase that a fart joke is a welcome relief…. In many ways! Just don’t dare tell people my joke about Enlightenment: A funny thing happened on the way to Enlightenment. I lost everything. Nobody thinks it’s funny. Just tell a fart joke instead… that will bring smiles and tears.”

The Post-Spiritual human comes to realize they have been immersed in the Separation Game for as long as they’ve been on Planet Earth, and perhaps longer. Separation from soul, self and their own energy became a way of life that few questioned. Those who challenged it were labeled bi-polar, dysfunctional or plain outright weird. “I help them see that separation is a great illusion,” said Dr. Agone with a slight frown. “But it’s not easy. Some view me as something outside them, like I was Dr. Sigmund Freud and they were my client. Others see me as a cuddly, fluffy stuffed animal and start to sing ‘Puff the Magic Dragon.’ The fact is, I have no form, no agenda and no timeline. I’m here to provide much-needed clarity, and in doing so I expose their final imbalances before coming to Realization.”

Dr. Agone admitted to us that he’s very busy these days. “Up until January 2019 I had steady work, especially with those that experienced Adamus’ Threshold workshop. But now it’s just non-stop crazy, ever since ProGnost in January. I’m still a little irritated with Adamus for not giving me advance notice that he was going to let the dragon loose on Shaumbra. I’ve been trying to hire a few assistants, but I haven’t been able to find anyone with my clarity.”

It is currently not known how long PSSD lasts because very few Ascended Masters lived to experience it. Former Shaumbra coach/counselor Tobias of the Crimson Council said his lasted a very short time. “I suffered the burdens of Excessive Religious Beliefs Disorder (ERBD) for most of my last life, then the moment I let them all go in a flurry of anger, I was enlightened… and dead. My Post-Spiritual phase lasted only a few hours, because back in the good old days one would have never thought about staying around as an embodied Master. But now everyone wants to stay! I had to create a new lifetime called Sam just to see what everyone was talking about with this Realized living human stuff. Sam is a bit ‘out in the woods’ if you know what I mean. He spends his whole day communing, whatever that is. Next thing you know he’ll be hugging trees, eating granola and talking to old dead Jews.”

Adamus admitted that the acronym for Post-Spiritual Stress Disorder (PSSD) looks and sounds very much like the English human word pissed, meaning very annoyed, angry. “There are no coincidences, anywhere,” said the current president of the Ascended Masters Club. For Shaumbra, everything, everything, everything right now is about their coming to Realization, including being PSSD, or pissed. It’s all part of the magical experience of coming to Realization. Just take a deep breath and allow.”

*There is speculation that Dr. Agone (aka DrAgon or Dr Agony) and Adamus Saint-Germain are the same person, but any similarities are purely coincidental.

6 comments on "Post-Spiritual Stress Disorder"

  • Mary on July 12, 2021 10:33 PM said:
    Wow, unsure if this has been triggered by being in Keahak for the first time or ML13 or both but this has never been truer, my poor human is clutching at straws it knows are no longer even there, not a very fun place to be I must admit but deep down I understand it’s also time. Sheesshhh, pissed is very accurate 😂
  • ROSANA VEIGA GUIMARAES on June 30, 2019 8:10 AM said:
    Obrigada Geoff!
  • Suzanne Henry on May 21, 2019 12:34 PM said:
    What a great writer you are Geoff! I have read this several times and still cant stop laughing every time I read it again! It hits all the spots so perfectly! I can recognize my journey in all of this in such a humorous way, which makes the wohle thing so much lighter and easier. Thank you!
  • Carmen on May 16, 2019 10:40 AM said:
    Realmente este trastorno es incomodo. Todo es llenado con el vacio y el aburrimiento. Nada me falta y todo me estorba. La libertad no me libera. Si estar en el vacio me acerca a mi verdadero SER, entonces... ven a mi y hagamos juntos el camino, será lo más divertido que haya experimentado en todas mis vidas. Estoy segura Gracias familia por estar aqui para nosotros.
  • Kalah on May 13, 2019 7:03 AM said:
    Love it, so hilarious and real, made me laugh and feel I am not that crazy after all and most of all I am not alone. Thank you so much dear Cauldre, you are so special as well as Linda, Adamus and the crew. Love you all
  • Shana on May 11, 2019 8:19 AM said:
    My experience in the holistic re-membering field suggests that the underlying cause of PSSD is CG - the Cosmic Giggle. It's main symptom is irrepressible delight in the entire color spectrum of the Human Experience, splashed irreverently across the canvas of Existence. Once exposed, this condition is irreversible, evading any well intended attempts to "heal" back into the conventional blah of mass consciousness. One simply has to learn to live with a constant twinkle in ones eyes.

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