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The Master headed towards the classroom to teach one of his favorite but most challenging subjects. Today he would talk to the students about “Rules That Aren’t Yours – How to Live as a Free Master in a Highly Regulated Society.” About 40 students were gathered in the open-air pavilion on the school campus. The pavilion was surrounded by the beauty of nature, complete with tall trees, colorful foliage, lush grass, and an abundance of local wildlife. The birds and squirrels and rabbits were all busy foraging for food, paying no attention to the Master and humans gathered in the pavilion.

The students were unusually quiet this morning as the Master entered. He approached the lectern and gave a hand signal to indicate it was time to turn off their mobile phones. Nobody had to do anything; they already knew the Master had zero tolerance for phone interruptions during his lectures. Offenders were quickly asked to leave, and rid themselves of their smart phones for the duration of their enrollment at the Mystery School. Some rebelled against this rule, but most didn’t want to take on the confrontation because it wasn’t all that important. No sense in wasting emotional ammunition on something as comparatively insignificant as a mobile phone.

The first rule of the day was set into motion without commotion.

“Imagine a world filled with sovereign beings,” the Master started. “Would there be a need for any rules?” Not a student replied, either knowing that it was a rhetorical question, or fearing the humiliation of giving the wrong answer.

After a long pause with no answers, the Master asked, “What are the Prime Directives of Spirit?” A few new students eagerly raised their hands. The veterans kept quiet. The Master nodded to Dennis for an answer. “Love is the solution for the planet?” It was more of a question than an answer. The Master rolled his eyeballs and took a sip of his cappuccino. He ignored Dennis’ answer and went on to the next eager student.

“We all come from the Great Oneness,” replied Silvia with an air of authority. “We are One,” she added as if reciting a New Age mantra. The Master paused for a moment as if to contemplate her answer.

“Silvia,” he inquired, “How does that sound to you? Do you want to come from Oneness, and return to Oneness?”

“Yes, Great Master. I am One with the Feminine Goddess, Birth Mother of our Sacred Universe. My Destiny is to return to the Comfort of Her Abundant Bosom.” The Master could actually hear the Capital Letters of Certain Words as She Talked, as if these words coming from her mouth were Designated as Holy. She was obviously a new student, probably having come from a New Age group like The Divine Sisterhood of Infinite Dogma.

A young male student chimed in from the back of the room. “Just how abundant is her bosom?” The room filled with snickers and chuckles from most of the students. Silvia herself was lacking in this area of physical abundance, so the humor of her wishful thinking was not lost on the group. The Master ignored the distraction and continued.

Mark was the next one to attempt an answer to the Master’s question. Mark had been at the Mystery School for four months, coming to the school after quitting his studies toward a Ph.D. in Philosophy. “Master, the Prime Directive of Spirit is to abide by the Prime Directive of Spirit.” The Master nearly spit out his cappuccino at that answer. Only a student of philosophy could make things even more confusing than they already were. He knew not to pursue the discussion any further because Mark would take the entire class down an esoteric rabbit hole without a bottom.

The Master called on Amy at the back of the room. She had not raised her hand, but the Master knew she was his “go-to” person this morning. She was young, and a natural innocent. Her one weakness was a lack of confidence, brought on by excessive ridicule from her family and husband. “Um, I don’t think there is a Prime Directive of Spirit, but I could be wrong,” she replied in a small voice.

The Master smiled. “Feel into that. Amy thinks that Spirit does not have a Prime Directive. How does that feel?”

After a few moments of silence some of the students called out their answers:








“Then what’s the point of Spirit if there is no Prime Directive?” asked Mark the Philosopher.

The Master used Mark’s question to launch into his lecture. Passion filled his voice and beamed from his eyes. “Exactly,” said the Master, “what is the point if Spirit has no Prime Directive? Humans need to believe that God has laws and rules. They not only need it, they demand it. Three of the major religious books of this world are the Holy Bible, the Quran and the Tanakh. Each of these books, while having some historic value, are filled with the Rules of God, and stories of what happens when the rules aren’t followed. These books are the basis for some of the most heinous acts humans could possibly perpetrate on each other, all under the banner of Heaven. Does that even make sense? Yet humans insist on these books of rules, supposedly from a higher source.”

The Master took another sip of cappuccino and continued. “Spirit has no rules whatsoever. Never had any, never will, doesn’t need them. Most people would find this very unsettling, especially when they are addicted to prayer and devotional ceremonies. They need to think that Spirit has an agenda, filled with rules. And you – you hear the words I’m speaking, but more than half of you still have an inner desire to believe that Spirit has some sort of Prime Directive – a purpose – backed up with expectations. But hear my words again: There are none. Spirit is free, and therefore you are free – when you’re ready – because you are Spirit.”

The Master paced across the front of the room while the students contemplated this radical concept that Spirit has no agenda, rules, directives or requirements. The Master knew it was heavy stuff, especially for the new students. He felt into Silvia’s energy to sense where she was with all of this. Part of her was trying to feel this divine freedom, but it kept getting overridden by the sugar-coated makyo she was sprinkling on her thoughts. The Master wondered if she would make it through her first year in the Mystery School. One year seemed to be the point of separation for most new students.

The Master continued. “Rules are a human creation. Moses was feeling into the community energy, not a God energy, when he conjured up the Ten Commandments. Human laws and rules are designed to assist individuals and groups to live in cooperation with each other.

“Let’s go back to the basics. What is energy? Energy is simply communication. Period. It has no force or power. It’s just communication, the song of the soul. What happens when two or more souled beings get together? They commune! The songs of their souls harmonize, or at least attempt to harmonize. Each ‘owns’ their own song, which can never be another souled being’s song, nor can they drag another souled being into their song, but they can harmonize. Harmonizing of souls eventually led to the sense of Love, something first experienced by humans on this planet. Feel into that!”

The Master took a long pause. He noticed that many students had their eyes closed, with big smiles on their faces as they felt into harmonizing energy and love.

“Now,” the Master continued, “let’s bring this to the human level. There are some 7 billion souled beings on this planet. That’s a lot of communing and harmonizing. It gets pretty noisy, as all of you know. When humans began developing the spoken languages, one of the first things they did was to create community guidelines. ‘Don’t hit each other over the head with a rock.’ ‘Don’t steal someone else’s pig.’ We now call these laws. These guidelines were eventually put into writing, and this gave birth to politicians and lawyers. And the devil.

“When I say, ‘the devil,’ what I mean is control. Rules beget more rules, and therefore more control. Control is a form of energy-feeding. It sucks the freedom out of energy, and the passion out of life. What should be the beautiful harmonizing of many souled beings living together in commune-ity is now just…. Harm. From harmonizing to harm.”

The Master paused to let it all soak in with the students. He could feel the lights going on within many of them as they had their “ah-ha” moments. Rules can be a way for healthy communing with others, but they can also be used to harm others by imposing unnecessary control.

After 20 minutes of good discussion and questions, the Master brought everything together with this:

“We live together on a crowded planet, with about 52.5 times the laws and rules that are actually needed. Governments, businesses, religions and lawyers are deeply invested in these laws, so they aren’t going to go away any time soon. As a matter of fact, more laws will be written as the population increases, and as technology changes our everyday life. So, what can you do? It’s not possible to ignore the laws because surely you’ll go to jail. Trying to rebel against the laws is futile. There are too many of them, and that’s not why you’re here on the planet right now. So what to do?”

The Master allowed a long pause. It was Amy who broke the silence. This time her voice was steady and firm. She stood up, talking slowly and deliberately. “I might live in an ocean of human laws, but I don’t need to have any rules within myself. The real ‘harm’ of rules is when I create rules instead of harmony for myself. Then the song of my precious soul becomes dissonant energy. It eventually effects my physical and psychological well-being.

“I’ve spent the past 31 years of my life,” she continued, “taking abuse and ridicule from others, and turning this into my internal rules and laws. This is what has imprisoned me, not the rules of governments or other humans. No more! I release every single rule I have made for myself. I Am a Free Being no matter how many manmade rules exist in the world around me.”

Amy slowly sat back down in her chair. The room was totally silent. Without saying a word, the Master stepped outside where he couldn’t be seen by the students. Tears rolled down his face. It was moments like this when he knew why he had chosen to stay on the planet, as filled as it is with harm instead of harmony. One more star just lit up in the universe.

8 comments on "No Place for Rules"

  • Nur ozyurt on November 13, 2020 6:46 AM said:
    Sevgili geofrey makalenin her satırından inanılmaz keyif aldım ,,, içindeki mizaha ve bilgeliğe hayran kaldım. .onu tekrar okuyacağım 😆 teşekkür ederim 😍
  • Elita on November 10, 2020 5:57 AM said:
    One more star just lit up in the Universe...
  • Eden on November 9, 2020 7:36 PM said:
    Wow. How liberating is this idea?? Maybe humans are lost without bounderies...but if you just live your life being true to your soul you and me can!!
  • Peter on November 9, 2020 1:49 PM said:
    Beautiful Story. Love the Wisdom within.
  • Rohit on November 9, 2020 10:49 AM said:
    Beautiful !
  • Adriana on November 9, 2020 9:47 AM said:
    Awesome article! ❤️ Thank you, simple yet powerful. 😊
  • Adori Gonzalez Izarra on November 9, 2020 6:00 AM said:
    ¡¡¡Qué hermoso artículo||| , podría decir que para mí, es el mejor que has escrito. He sentido escribir no tanto a Geoof, como sí al Merlin-Maestro, en él. Tanta Sabiduría destilada, con un aroma profundo y grande , digno del Merlín que hay inmerso en él. Gracias Geoof, muy emocionante
  • Mari on November 9, 2020 12:43 AM said:
    Wonderful, truly...!!!

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