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In just a few days we’ll have the final Shoud of the Merlin I Am series. That makes for 22 series since 1999, and a total of 270 monthly Shouds. That’s a whole lot of messages and wisdom from Tobias and Adamus over the years.

After compiling those numbers, I sat back for a moment to feel into the distilled energies of all the Shouds, and all the people who’ve ever read or watched them. The feeling is overwhelming, including a lot of tears and laughter, insights and resistance, magic and challenges. It’s a profound library that covers the journey of Shaumbra, from post-awakening into mastery and the Time of Machines. It’s your story, my story and our story.

Adamus has already given us the name for the new series that starts on October 2, 2021: The Art of Benching. The title indicates where things are going in this next series. We’re ready to fulfill our passion and purpose for this lifetime. We came here at this most-significant time on the planet to radiate our consciousness, without agenda. This in turn illuminates new potentials for humanity that could affect everything from technology, human rights, race relations, politics and finances to farming, hunger, the environment, etc. It’s not just about the major global issues. Your light also touches relationships, music, sports, movies, education, entertainment, jobs and more. When consciousness shines without agenda, it affects every big and little thing.

The Art of Benching series signifies that we’re ready to do this. We could have had our Realization long before now, but many Shaumbra waited until this specific time to finally allow it. Like Adamus says, you actually don’t have to “work” on your Realization. Working on it is the biggest distraction of all, and can easily become a mind-f#@& game. You just allow it. Your Soul does whatever work needs to be done. You just need to take a deep breath and Allow.

We waited because now is when the planet most needs it and desires it. One of the fall-outs of the coronavirus pandemic is that humans have a huge desire for new leadership and new answers. They don’t necessarily trust their governments, nor do they take much comfort in their clergy or teachers or police or medical institutions. This became all too apparent during the pandemic. Today’s “leaders” – the ones people look up to – are generally pop-stars, celebrities and sports figures. Do you think any advertising agency would select a politician or pope to endorse their products? Instead, they go to someone that the masses admire, like a popular entertainer. The point is, people are looking for new answers and leaders right now. Pure consciousness will help bring out the new leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.

We’ve turned the corner. Your Realization is either here or it’s imminent. Don’t give it a second thought unless the Dragon has a few more things to clear out, and then it’s just a matter of releasing whatever is the issue. We’re here to sit on the park bench as embodied Masters and let our consciousness shine forth. The park bench is a metaphor for relaxing, taking it easy, not carrying the world on your shoulders, not taking up arms or getting caught up in the commotion of mass consciousness. We can take a clue from Mark Twain, the gifted American writer and one of Adamus’ lifetimes, by telling stories, letting our inner humor come out, and observing the world around us. Mark Twain was known to be a great observer of people, and he certainly had plenty of wit and humor.

The park bench is a symbol for taking a load off your feet, sitting back out of the noise of mass consciousness, taking a deep breath and shining on. You don’t need a park bench per se; you can do it sitting on the grass alongside a river, while taking an afternoon walk, sitting in a café, or just about any place where you can relax for a short while. I’m sure Adamus will take us through a few group merabhs and explain a little more about the Art of Benching.

We’ve turned the corner, meaning that you don’t have to struggle with your personal issues any more. Any remaining old personal issues will resolve themselves. Please don’t tinker, fret, worry or doubt. Just allow whatever may come. You already know this, but now is the time to experience it. No. More. Suffering. Just stop it.

Adamus knows that we’ll have some new challenges because we’ve chosen to stay here on the planet in the human condition AND as embodied Masters. The challenges won’t be anything like what we’ve dealt with in the past, like ancestral karma, past life karma, lack of abundance, and self-worth. (The self-worth thing fades away when you’re finally in your real passion and purpose for this lifetime.) Those issues were very old and very stuck, and seemingly took forever to resolve because for some strange reason we chose to hold onto them. The new “issues” are going to be easier to release, and quicker to distill into wisdom.

There will still be some physical issues, although we’ve released the emotional component, because the old energies got stuck in our physical bodies. Adamus, along with FM (John Kuderka), will definitely address this in upcoming sessions. Most of the issues we’ll face will be related to mass consciousness. Things like annoying people, energy feeders, loud noises, watching-but-not-reacting as humanity goes down dead-end streets from time to time, crowds, bullies, agendas, conspiracies and other issues related to being around people. I think one of the things that will happen, after going through the People are So Frickin’ Annoying stage, is that we’ll come to a whole new understanding and compassion for humans. This phase comes when we realize they can’t really do anything to us. They can’t impinge or infringe on our energy, so the annoying or fearful qualities will fade away.

Tobias was with us for the first 10 years to gather Shaumbra once again, and to remind us that we’re not crazy. He helped us to be aware of our issues, but not obsess over them. Adamus came in 12 years ago to start the final process of Realization. He went from kicking our butts to introducing us to our dragon, all while explaining the physics of reality. Now, we’re turning the corner. It’s time to do what we came here to do: Relax into our Realization, and illuminate our crystal-clear, agenda-free consciousness to the planet. Then it’s up to them what they want to do with it. Be the observer and watch what happens next. You’ll see why you waited until now.

3 comments on "Turning the Corner"

  • Beatrix Topp-Lauterbach on September 10, 2021 2:00 PM said:
    ...von ganzem Herzen danke....
  • Denise Crispino on August 13, 2021 2:55 PM said:
    Thank you!
  • Rosana Veiga Guimarães on August 8, 2021 7:27 AM said:
    Gostei muito do artigo. Clareza é a palavra que escolhi para esse mês de agosto. "Você só permite. Sua Alma faz todo o trabalho que precisa ser feito. Você só precisa respirar fundo e Permitir." Respiro e permito! Obrigado!

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