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I am certain that Shaumbra chose the right time and place to come back in this lifetime. We followed the Atlantean Code to be here on Earth around the year 2000 A.D., give or take a few years. We didn’t come in decades too early, and thankfully we didn’t land on the wrong planet.

I used to wonder about Adamus’ statements that many Shaumbra delayed their Realization and eventual hold-over on this planet until this lifetime and era. Given a choice, who would want to delay their Realization just to be here in this crazy time? Why not just get your Realization diploma, then get the hell out of Dodge (an old cowboy term) before all hell breaks loose? However, our ancient agreement as well as our gritty nature delivered us here and now.

We came in for the Quantum Leap of Humanity. The past few years, and especially the past few weeks, have shown how spot-on we were. The planet needs pure, unadulterated consciousness more than ever. Everything we’ve been doing since the beginning of Crimson Circle in August 1999 has been preparing us for this. We landed in the hot spot of global transformation. Boom!

The whole issue of energy and power are being played out now as evidenced by the invasion of Ukraine. If you recall from Tobias’ Journey of the Angels, Earth was created by the angelic beings to understand the relationship between consciousness and energy. Power is a human aberration of our divine energy. When one does not yet understand what energy is, they tend to resort to power to gain more energy, be it from money, control or ego. We’re seeing this played out on the world stage right now. It’s a very dangerous game given the capabilities of modern weaponry and technology.

Technology is the other main reason we’re here right now. Technology has disrupted and transformed the planet at blinding speeds in just the last four decades. Less than 15 years after the iPhone was introduced, 84% of the world’s population has a smart phone with all of its amazing capabilities. Autonomous vehicles will be commonplace in the next 5 years, robots are making pizzas and serving salads all around the world, artificial skin and organs are being grown in laboratories, houses are being printed rather than constructed, and General Artificial Intelligence with human-level capabilities is within reach of becoming reality. It’s fascinating and frightening, creating anticipation and anxiety.

We’re here because we knew it was time for evolution of the new human species, right before our eyes. It was time to harvest the seeds of divinity that we planted thousands of years ago, meaning that it was finally time to bring the light of consciousness in from the other realms…. into our everyday lives.

In recent months, Adamus has been talking about global events more than ever. Not just in ProGnost, but in the workshops, special messages and Keahak. It marks a definitive change from Tobias’ messages that helped heal our wounds and let us know we weren’t crazy, and from Adamus’ messages since 2009 about our relationship with consciousness and energy. We’ve arrived at the time to do what we came here to do, and now the real work is here. We are here to let our light (consciousness) radiate to the world.

In order to stay in this physical realm with some semblance of sanity and grace, it’s imperative to understand the underlying energies of personal and global situations. You won’t generally get this from the news headlines or Internet media sources. They’re focused on the facts (and oftentimes skewed opinions) about the unfolding of events. Adamus has been challenging us to sense into the situations and feel the real energy forces driving the events.

The first two days of the recent Kasama Reunion in Kona, Hawai’i, were grueling. We talked about the major issues facing the world. Everyone was worn down at the end of those days because it’s not a fun topic. They’d rather have talked about TimeSpace, the light body or even Allowing, rather than the problems of the world. Adamus was making an important point with this group: If you’re going to stay as a Realized Master and shine your light from a park bench, you’d better understand what is really happening, and have a grasp of the underlying energies that are affecting the planet so as to not get sucked into the duality and drama.

After two days, and Linda writing four pages of notes based on audience input, Adamus distilled the underlying energies of everything happening on the planet to four main driving forces: Humanity’s desire for Sovereignty (freedom); Truth; Energy; and Power. One of the attendees noted the acronym: STEP. Everything we had talked about for the previous two days could be distilled into these categories. Humanity is taking a HUGE STEP right now, but if the step is taken in darkness it could lead to a disastrous stumble. That’s why we arrived when we did. We’re here to provide a light so at least humanity can see what they’re doing.

During the February 26, 2022 Keahak session, Adamus took an unusual turn by talking about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I don’t recall him ever talking about world events in Keahak. The sessions are always focused on the personal development of the Master. I have to admit that I was thrown off by his discussion, both while I was channeling the message, and for days afterwards. Nearly everyone is aware of the eastern European situation, but Adamus wanted the Keahakers to understand the underlying energies that are creating the situation.

He talked at length about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s past life as Saint Vladimir of Kyiv, and the Russian Orthodox Christian church. President Putin, he noted, has strong but private religious convictions. His world view is largely influenced by his conservative spiritual beliefs. Combined with his past life desire for Kyiv to become the Third Rome, he sees it as his destiny to control the holy city of Kyiv, and return the name of the city to Киев (Kiev).

According to Adamus, President Putin is combining the strong powers of government with the commanding powers of religion to reach his end game. He’ll draw upon the ancient energies of Kyiv and the controlling energies of Moscow in hopes of bringing about the Third Rome, while the West continues to wither away with their liberal, permissive and weak religious and political values.

In the Keahak session, Adamus didn’t make out President Putin to be the bad guy, nor Ukraine the victim. He just talked about the underlying energies. It is the Master’s perspective of a very potent global situation. Personally speaking, it shifted my thinking about the whole conflict. It’s still not a situation that any of us want to see, but with the Master’s Perspective I can radiate my light with wisdom.

Adamus is pushing every Shaumbra to sense into the underlying energies because nothing is as it appears to be on the surface. Even our nocturnal dreams are like that. In order to understand your dreams, don’t look at what your mind interprets as the dream, but rather the underlying energies. On a personal level, don’t focus on what you did, but rather at the underlying energies of what caused you to do what you did. On a global scale, check out the news headlines but then feel deeply into the situation for the underlying energies. This is the way of the Master, and it will also help prevent you from getting caught up in the ugly duality.

A few years ago, Adamus said that our soul wisdom was finally becoming available to us. As Shaumbra, we have an enormous amount of wisdom garnered from past and present lifetimes, and also from our experiences as the Head Banders in Atlantis. Those experiences, and the eventual downfall of Atlantis, have been hanging over our heads for eons of time (pun intended). It’s one of the reasons we kept our heads low for so many lifetimes, and yet it’s the very reason we are inspired and well-equipped to be here on the planet right now as shining Masters. The world needs it, and they want it. They desperately want it because their other leaders have let them down.

This is our time and our place, Shaumbra.

Related media articles, both published after the recent Keahak session about President Putin’s spiritual perspective was recorded on February 24:

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3 comments on "Right Time, Right Place"

  • Rosana on June 19, 2022 10:13 AM said:
    “Em um nível pessoal, não se concentre no que você fez, mas sim nas energias subjacentes do que o levou a fazer o que fez. “ Incrível essa afirmação! Quando li esse artigo e Senti essa Clareza, não foi uma página virada ,mas sim um novo livro! Obrigada !
  • Guilherme Amoroso Romão on March 8, 2022 11:37 AM said:
    Thank you, Geoffrey! Enlightening article. Abraços from Portugal!
  • Juan Carlos Reyes on March 4, 2022 4:32 AM said:
    It is in Catalan. You can read it with Google translate. Very much in line with what Jeoffrey Hoppe comments on in his latest article. Perhaps the key is this. "the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, in 2019 became independent from the Moscow Patriarchate"

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