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What’s trending with Shaumbra these days (and nights)? Crazy dreams. Really crazy dreams.

The other night I had a bizarre and intense dream that seemed to last eight hours. Like other dreams these past few months, it had unusual clarity and depth. The colors were deeper, the characters more real, and the subtleties not so subtle. It was a “journey” dream, meaning that I was trying to get from one place to another to another. It was filled with obstacles and challenges, good people and bad people, and even a few sinister spooks. Before I said anything to Linda the next morning, she told me that she had a long and intense dream the night before. A few hours later on the phone with Alain Bolea, our astute Advisor, he told me about a long and intense dream he had that same night.

I make a mental note of what Shaumbra share with me, and what I read on Facebook and other Shaumbra social media. There are definite trends with what Shaumbra around the world are experiencing. A while back the #1 comment from Shaumbra was about body aches and pains. Then there was the time when Shaumbra went through forgetfulness, but I don’t remember when that was. Back in the Tobias era, Shaumbra were going through a long period of inexplicable sadness; wanting to cry for no apparent reason. And there was the time when Shaumbra wanted so desperately to be alone, but yet so afraid to be lonely.

I find all of this to be an amazing sociological and ontological study of our coming into Realization. We’re located in many different parts of the planet, and not in much contact with each other save for once or twice a month on the Internet, yet we are going through so many of the same general experiences. How does that happen? Some would call it group consciousness. I think it’s because we are on this journey together, and therefore are going through very similar experiences in the same general timeframes.

I’m fairly good at interpreting dreams, but these recent dreams are of different nature. They don’t fall into the same categories as Freudian dreams. We passed the mother-father-sexual obsession thing a long, long time ago. I’m a fan of Jungian dream symbology, but much of it just doesn’t seem to apply to my dreams these days. My recent dreams feel like they’re scripted by Lewis Carroll, and directed by Hollywood bizzaros like Tim Burton or David Lynch.

The other day, after yet another night of peculiar dreams that kept me rattled for hours after waking, I yelled out to Adamus. “What’s going on with these dreams?! They come every night now… what are they trying to tell me?”

“Dreams, what dreams?” answered the Professor.

“You know, those things that play out in my mind while I’m trying to sleep at night,” I replied with impatience.

“Oh, those aren’t just ‘dreams,’ per se,” said Adamus matter-of-factly. “They’re stories from your past that continue to play out in the other dimensions. They’re not just dreams, they’re real.” Then he disappeared in a flash to leave me pondering my ‘dreams.’

That night I had another intense journey dream, and I began to understand what he was talking about. We have many experiences in our lifetimes. Each is like a story. Just because the literal 3D experience ended doesn’t mean the story ended. It continues to play out in the other realms. For example, before my time with the Crimson Circle, I was in an aviation start-up company. We worked day and night to develop our technology, raise money, battle America’s Top 7 telephone companies who had filed numerous lawsuits against us (we won on all counts), hire our staff and enter the market.

But the story didn’t end when I left the company in 2001. The many close personal relationships, as well as the challenges of the start-up business, continue to live on. It’s almost like a never-ending story. I dream about this company every few months or so, even though I’ve been gone for 16 years. In my waking state I don’t think about this company, but in my dreamstate the story lives on.

Now take that and multiply it by the hundreds and thousands of experiences you’ve had, ranging from love relationships to old school friends to injuries and accidents in your life, and you begin to get an idea of how many stories are being acted out in the other realms. We are living story generators. Every time we have a significant experience it creates a story that lives on. The story doesn’t follow a linear path; it becomes much more fluid and flexible in the other realms.

We tend to remember just one dream at a time, but Adamus says that we’re dreaming on numerous levels all at the same time. He says we’re even dreaming during our waking state but our senses block it in order to focus on THIS story.

I stopped trying to interpret my dreams of late using the old symbols and archetypes, and have found this explanation to be much more satisfactory. Now I’m standing back and simply observing the dreams as stories… stories that continue to play out. While I used to think that my dreams were trying to tell me something – that there was a message for me in the dreams – I’ve stopped doing that also. That’s a good thing, because if there was a message for me in my dreams I certainly haven’t gotten it after all of this time.

I actually started referring to my nocturnal experiences as “story-ing” rather than “dream-ing.” As my body relaxes and rejuvenates during my sleep, I’m watching my stories continue to express and expand. Sometimes the story (dream) continues one night after the other, like I never left it. Other times a story will pick up where it left off six months ago. The stories (dreams) are alive, filled with expression, expansion and life.

It has occurred to me (and confirmed by Adamus) that the dream stories are not necessarily trying to seek resolution. They’re not trying to find a happy ending, because then it would be the end of their story. They’re not trying to send us a secret message. They are just stories.

I followed up with Adamus a few days ago. “Professor, are all dreams just stories?”

“Not at all, but generally the ones you remember are the stories,” noted Adamus. “There are many other levels of dreams where you go to the New Earth to teach a class, or lately where you go to the sanctuary of Theos, or where you feel into the potentials of projects you are working on in your human life. But you don’t tend to remember these experiences when you wake up because the mind is focused on the drama and intrigue of the ‘stories.’”

He continued: “Many people think that dreams are simply the wonderings and wanderings of their mind while sleeping, but as you’ve discovered, your human mind couldn’t come up with the content and activities of what you are experiencing in your dreams. The mind would insist on linearity… that things make sense. But in a dream you can be soaring through the air like an eagle and the next moment swimming underwater without needing to breathe. If dreams were simply musings of the mind, or you trying to work through everyday life problems, they would be much more logical than what you are experiencing. Dreams are the living stories of a multi-dimensional creator.”

I started to look at my dreams in a different light. Instead of trying to figure out what the dreams mean, or what they’re trying to tell me, I’ve been looking at them as the observer. Then I realized something quite amazing: Dreams are not trying to shape us, rather we are shaping the dreams. The stories of our dreams are not trying to change or improve our human life. Instead, our consciousness is creating and shaping the stories in our dreams.

“Adamus, will these dream stories go on endlessly?” I inquired.

“What do you think, grasshopper?” replied The Sovereign One.

Hmmm. And then it hit me. As we come into our Realization, the dream stories come into their Realization. And our aspects come into THEIR Realization. And our past and future lives come into THEIR Realization. Dreams, past lives, aspects and our human reality are ALL just stories, and in a way all just dreams. Within my Great Book of Dream Stories is a chapter I’m just now getting to, called The Master. It’s the grandest of all of my stories because it’s written by the creator of all of the stories, the I Am That I Am. In this sacred chapter I come to realize that The Master is creating and living all of the stories in joy.

6 comments on "Crazy Dreams"

  • ROSANA VEIGA GUIMARAES on February 15, 2017 5:45 AM said:
    Geoffrey, é muito bom ler suas anotações. Mas eu muito raramente lembro dos meus sonhos e quando isso acontece ,eu logo esqueço. Me esforço para lembra, já que é tão raro,mas realmente ,nada fica gravado! Antes isso me preocupava, ou melhor me intrigava,mas hoje eu simplesmente permito que seja assim, sem questionamento, sem ficar intrigada, simplesmente é. Sinto que estou tendo experiencias , só não me preocupo em saber quais são!
  • Hima on February 14, 2017 8:46 PM said:
    Thank you so much for this article Geoffrey.. My dreams have been intense and vivid, not like the dreams of the past. I really appreciate the article because it has answered all my questions. With Blessings. Master Joy
  • Micheline Vallee Turp on February 14, 2017 10:00 AM said:
    As a fan of "The Never Ending Story" I always knew I was the author of my stories but that they continue on in other realities is a discovery. Your last paragraph is a true gem. Thank you.
  • Roland Juli on February 14, 2017 12:41 AM said:
    Last night I had a dream story unlike any dream I have ever had. It was unique, in a category completely by itself. It was also probably the longest dream story I have ever had. So I am experiencing exactly what you said: last night's dream story cannot be used as a teaching tool, and it does not have a message that I can use to gain understanding about my life, at least not yet. Strange.
  • Annemarie Boegli on February 4, 2017 11:11 AM said:
    BTW I am looking forward to be meeting Freddie and David on Theos ;-)
  • Annemarie Boegli on February 4, 2017 10:25 AM said:
    Thank you Geoffrey – I totally relate to what you and Adamus are saying – I do "remember" some Theos "dream" snippets here and there – my experiences of pure love (for lack of better words) there are sublime...

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