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It’s here. The Ahmyo life. It’s one of the first practical applications of all the work, all of the releasing, and all of the worrying we’ve done in this lifetime.

Ahmyo is the good life, the Master’s life. Adamus heralded in the new era with the recent Master’s Life 5: Ahmyo. The Crimson Circle glossary defines Ahmyo as “Absolute, unconditional trust in self; understanding that everything is for your highest good and that you are the creator of your reality; accepting full responsibility for yourself and going beyond such things as fate, destiny, karma, angels and guides.

Adamus defines it in several ways. He says it’s when you allow energies to serve you, rather than being at the mercy of energy, people and situations. He says it’s the life of ease and grace, when you realize you don’t have to struggle or effort for what should come naturally to support your human life, and coming to Realization. It’s a state of grace, he says, that is available right now without cost or effort.

I say Ahmyo is when you allow your dreams to come true, without feeling uncomfortable about it.

And… Ahmyo brings up so many questions and issues. Adamus anticipated this when he requested a special Question & Answer session for everyone that subscribed to Master’s Life 5. Viewers sent in over 60 questions, and Linda and I just finished recording a one-hour session with Adamus’ answers. Some of the questions were convoluted and confusing, some were clear and concise, and some were actually a little sad. It’s very indicative of how we perceive and allow Ahmyo.

Many years ago, Tobias said, “It comes to you.” Not through positive thoughts or affirmations, not through prayer or negotiation, and not through mental manipulation. It comes because you’re ready, because you Allow, and perhaps because you’re sick and tired of the old way. “It” means that we’re done with hard work and struggle in what Adamus says is the “just barely enough” consciousness. “It” means having trust in Self and letting go of old limited beliefs. “It” means we don’t feel guilty about having an easier and more abundant life than others, because Ahmyo is also available to them when they’re ready for it.

I’ve probably worked harder in my life than I should have, because I thought I had to. My Midwest-US, Catholic upbringing instilled this work ethic deep into me. I don’t even want to think about all of the late nights and weekends at the office throughout most of my professional career. I actually learned to like working hard, but now I realize it was just a dysfunctional aspect. One of the questions submitted to Adamus for the Q & A session asked, “Why did I feel so depressed and sad after watching Master’s Life 5?” I can answer that because I had the same feelings after channeling the Cloud Class. I thought I had to work hard and struggle, and then I realized it deprived me of years of ease, grace and joy. That’s pretty depressing.

I’m certainly no expert at the Ahmyo life at this point, but I’ve been experiencing it in many ways in my life. The first thing I learned was that if something smells like struggle and conflict, drop it right away because it’s not going to get any better. That applies to people, opportunities and projects. For instance, if I sense that a contractor we need to hire is not in service, I drop them right away even if they had the best price. If a hotel we’re trying to book is a hassle, we find another hotel that is compatible with Ahmyo energies. If I don’t feel ease and grace from a customer service agent on the phone, I immediately hang up (without saying goodbye) and call another agent.

I also learned to get the hell out of my way. Tobias told me/us that years ago but it took me a while to actually do it. “Being in my way” looks like thinking about things too much, putting my limitations into the reality landscape, worrying about the outcome, wondering about what other’s will think…. Blah, blah, blah. Damn, it’s almost depressing to think about how often I got in my own way, and didn’t allow in energies that were here to serve me in a much more graceful way. I see my human aspect as the little bully in the neighborhood, trying to control everything but actually quite fearful underneath the façade.

About those questions regarding Master’s Life 5 and Ahmyo:

One Shaumbra asked if the Amhyo life meant she could learn French (sucking up to Adamus I suppose) without studying. Adamus’ answer: Don’t learn it by studying the old tedious way. Instead, feel into the essence of the language and the people who speak it. Absorb the energy from the books without reading all of the words. Then get out of your way and start speaking it without worrying about how it sounds. It will start coming to you intuitively rather than mentally, but it is important to speak it out loud rather than just think about it. Ils ont ri quand j’ai essayé de parler français.

Another Shaumbra asked about the light body, and if they should stop taking supplements and seeing alternative health practitioners. Adamus said he prefers to call it our “energy body” rather than the light body because of the common misperceptions about the light body. He added that we’ll still have a biological body to take care of, but there will be less pain and maintenance, and the bio-body will become much more efficient. He said to do a test: Drop the supplements and alternative therapies for 30 days in order to give the energy body the chance to integrate with the physical body, and see what affect it has after 30 days. I guess I’ll have to hide my vitamins for a month, or just tell Adamus it’s candy.

Someone else asked, “Beloved St. Germain, Beloved St. Germain - Remind me again why it sucks so bad before realization occurs....” Hmmm, I can relate to that. Adamus’ answer: Because everything about you is changing rapidly, old systems breaking down while new non-systems are emerging. He added that we knew it could be a challenge when we came into this lifetime. Well Adamus, I appreciate the answer but your bedside manner has something to be desired.

Another Shaumbra asked, “What is the difference between Ahmyo and Theos?” Adamus answered that the Ahmyo applies to life on earth in the physical body, whereas there are no permanent physical bodies in Theos. Earth has more limitations than Theos due to mass consciousness, but not enough to deprive us of a life of ease and grace. Theos, on the other hand, provides truly unlimited creativity and does not require energy, although energy is available if we choose to play with it. How can I book the next flight to Theos?

Several of the questions asked the same thing: “I took the Master’s Life 5 class but why am I not experiencing ease and grace yet.” Adamus: “You’ve had over 1000 lifetimes to learn the old energy ways. It will take a few years to unlearn it before allowing the Ahmyo life.” So can you give me an exact date, Adamus?

The Ahmyo life is here, but it doesn’t happen overnight. It comes with Allowing and patience. The old ways of struggle and effort start dropping off layer by layer, and you’ll notice that your problem-solution process – the way you handle situations and people in your life – has a new clarity and creativity. You’ll notice that things just start coming to you without the stress and energy previously required. And, as Adamus says, when it comes to you, don’t question it and don’t analyze it.

Just allow it.

About Master’s Life 5 – Ahmyo

St. Germain opens this chapter of The Master’s Life Series by stating that “Ahmyo is the state of the relationship between the human and the divine. In other words, we’ve come to that time now for the integration of the human and the divine, the Master and the student.” He then proceeds to explain what Ahmyo is, why it’s now coming into your life and what it means to live the Ahmyo life – a life of ease and grace.

Master’s Life 5 – Ahmyo is all St. Germain. Although it’s still channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe, there’s a different demeanor and energy than previous Master’s Life Cloud Classes with Adamus. In this very comforting and inspiring presentation, St. Germain makes it clear that the Ahmyo life is not something to hope for in the future. It is happening now for those who are choosing their embodied enlightenment. In fact, as he points out several times, the Ascended Masters who have come before are also quite interested in this topic, for it is something they never truly experienced.

• Five segments, including a beautiful merabh for integrating all of the energy

• Includes text transcript (e-reader format) and bonus Question & Answer session with Adamus

• Ninety days unlimited access on the Crimson Circle Cloud Class

• Now available with e-readers in these languages: Brazilian Portuguese • Čeština • Deutsch • 日本語 • Latvijas • Norsk • Português • Polski • Pyccкий • Română • Svenska

• 5-star rating based on subscriber reviews

• Price: $125




3 comments on "The Ahmyo Life"

  • Mari on July 10, 2021 9:08 AM said:
    Thank you. I did ML5 last spring and remember feeling very happy to be. It is very nice to be able to revisit some aspects here, after long time and many other ML experiences ( including ML14), I find a lot deeper meaning to the state of Ahmyo now. Sincere gratitude.
  • ROSANA VEIGA GUIMARÂES on December 13, 2017 4:39 AM said:
    Obrigada !
  • Marzia on December 5, 2017 11:51 AM said:
    Thank you

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