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My column this month is about what it was like to channel ProGnost 2018, but it’s about much more. It’s about turning the corner, points of separation, clarity and Realizations. This isn’t a review of ProGnost 2018; the Product Review team has done a great job of sharing their personal experiences. Instead, I’d like to share what it was like to be the channeler, and what I felt in the aftermath.

Adamus started talking to me about ProGnost 2018 back in November when Linda and I were in Australia. We had a long 16.5-hour flight from LA to Oz so it was a good time for Adamus to have my ear. He told me he would continue with his line of discussion about technology and artificial intelligence, but would bring in a missing element: How this directly applies to Shaumbra, and why he is pushing hard right now. He said this was the point of no return for Shaumbra, no turning back, no more processing and no more fence-sitting. I wasn’t surprised that he wanted to continue talking about technology, but he seemed very adamant about his “No More” statements. (A month later we filmed Master’s Life 6 – No More! Adamus had actually planned to talk about another topic but felt it was important to interrupt the Master’s Life Series with the No More! episode.)

For the next two months Adamus would drop by in the middle of the night, while I was driving to town, in the shower or while reading, to chat about ProGnost. I can’t tell you how many times I woke up Linda in the middle of the night because I was typing notes on my iPad following a nocturnal meeting with Adamus. Several times he took me on astral journeys to show me what the future brings for the planet. One night he took me to the point where TimeSpace is shattered. I couldn’t capture these journeys in words on my iPad so my notes were rather cryptic scrawlings like “barriers broken… TimeSpace cracks” and “On the edge of reality tonight.”

Another night Adamus took me on a journey to show me what the next 3-5 years will be like for Shaumbra and the Crimson Circle organization. The experience wasn’t like the ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come showing Scrooge the future in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. That was quite literal, with Scrooge looking down on actual scenes. In my journey with Adamus, I experienced sensations and feelings, along with varying degrees of light, color and expansion. In the journey, I knew how to interpret this into everyday human terms, with words like clarity, focus, momentum, and realization. And… FINALLY! It was very obvious that many, many Shaumbra will allow their realization during this time, and start living as integrated Masters on Earth. It was also obvious not to waver or get distracted in our work as an organization, or as individuals. Embodied enlightenment is here; there’s almost no stopping it even if the human wanted to.

The day before ProGnost I secluded myself behind my desk to review 18 pages of notes I had taken. But I could hardly read the words! My brain was numb and my eyeballs couldn’t focus. I finally resorted to making some slides based on the extensive notes. I should have gone out for a long drive instead, but my human Self felt a compulsion to “think” about the upcoming event. Linda was kind, offering to make lunch and bring me coffee, but she knew to keep her distance that day. I get totally absorbed in the energies, but my human Self was like a cranky bear.

We went to bed early the night before ProGnost. Surprisingly, I fell asleep right away. But then in the middle of the night came some of the strangest and most bizarre dreams I’d had in a long time. It seemed as though my dream movie was going back and forth in time, one moment to what felt like ancient Atlantean times, then to a weird future, then to biblical times, then to now. It ended with me floating through space, sweating and breathing heavy. I woke up with a jolt and could not tell what was more real, the dream or my waking state. I laid awake for about an hour before drifting back to sleep.

I woke up on ProGnost day and felt rather incredible. Something had been cleared the night before. I had a strange sense that a barrier had been broken and a heavy burden lifted. I would come to realize later that this was because I was able to go past the nagging grip of limitation, and grant myself an expanded level of truth. An old and tired shadow within me left that night, not because I threw it out but because there was simply no place for it any more. No more doubting. No more holding back. That nonsense had to stop. It was time to openly follow my knowingness.

Linda and I got to the studio at about 8:00 that morning. Joe and Sandra had already been there for more than an hour, getting everything ready for the day. The Master’s Club had a rich smell of fresh-brewed coffee. Within moments Sandra was handing me a steaming latte, which I used to wash down a cheese Danish and vanilla yogurt. Life is good! Pretty soon the other production team members arrived; Peter, Jean, Vili, Marc, Gaelon, Michelle, Bonnie, Kerri and JoAnne. I remember how we all hung around the Masters Club for a few precious moments that morning, knowing something big was about to happen yet exchanging quips and enjoying the calm before the intensity of ProGnost.

Back in the Green Room a while later I heard the bell ring to summon everyone to the studio. I looked at the countdown clock. Five minutes to airtime. Linda was already on stage. Normally I would do one last check in the mirror to make sure my hair was in place and that I hadn’t spilled coffee on my shirt, but instead I stood in total silence. I had felt Adamus around since the night before but now it was just me. I noted how calm I felt; everything seemed so “right” and I had no idea why. The bell rang again… two minutes to air time. A few deep breaths and I made my way to the stage. Showtime!

Adamus was already within me – we were deeply connected on many levels – as Linda started the breathing. I didn’t need the music to prepare myself so as it played Adamus talked to me about the audience that was tuned in on the Internet. He showed me a picture of a network of light from Shaumbra in 60 countries around the world. I felt dizzy, like I was going to pass out, but in a good way. I don’t ever remember the energies feeling so rich and real, other than during Tobias’ last channel in 2009.

Next thing I knew I was on my feet. Adamus was talking to the audience, filled with energy and connecting in ways far beyond his words. I felt a pressure in my chest and eyes as he connected with every viewer, present and future. I also felt like I was hovering about a meter or two behind my body, watching the slides whisk by and hearing Adamus deliver his lecture about technology. About half way through the first session I could feel a change in the energy. The room got very, very heavy and dense, like a thick fog had snuck into the room. People in the audience looked blurry. I got very warm and found it difficult to breath. After this many years of channeling I’ve learned not to panic, but the feeling wasn’t comfortable. Not a moment too soon, Adamus announced that it was time for a break.

These are not my favorite times, when everything is still up in the air, unresolved, in suspense. After a quick smoke, I went back to the green room to check in with Linda. She gave me that look, like “what the hell is happening in there??” I shrugged and suggested she talk to Adamus about it, not me. I think I said, “Don’t shoot the messenger.” She smiled and said, “Looks like Adamus is just getting warmed up, eh?”

Now we were back into the second session. Adamus seemed more animated than ever, although I was starting to feel a little weary. I don’t remember much about what he said in that session, but I clearly remember the feelings. “Something is changing,” I heard a voice from within me. “There’s no going back. There’s no hiding our heads in the sand. This is what Shaumbra came here for.” The room got warm again and the air was incredibly dense. Adamus must have sensed this because he asked for the door to be opened. A rush of frigid outside air came in. It cooled things off but the air remained very heavy and dense. Within a few minutes the staff was closing the door because people were turning blue with cold.

Adamus was giving us a view of the future on a platter. Technology, mankind’s greatest creation to date, is also potentially the most lethal. We’re in the last era of the mind, even as our brains get augmented by machines more efficient than even the most brilliant biological mind. One line from Adamus stood out: Humanity is beyond deciding whether to embrace technology. Rather, how can it be symbiotic with it? The reality was clear. Even for humanity, there’s no turning back the momentum of technology. Now, what are we going to do with it? Throughout this whole second session I could feel Adamus’ clarity and excitement. His book, Time of the Machines, was coming to life over 200 years later.

After the lunch break, the live audience and staff was quiet and contemplative. After two long and tough sessions we were all wondering “What next??” Adamus was as clear as ever: At some point in the next 3-4 decades, TimeSpace will be shattered as a result of what others call Singularity. This will create multiple levels of realities, or New Earths. But what was even more important was the Call to Consciousness for Shaumbra. This, explained Adamus, is why we came to Earth at this time. We came here to realize the Atlantean dream of embodied consciousness. While mass consciousness pursues technology as the next step of evolution, our saga comes to convergence with the allowing of consciousness, or bringing heaven and earth together. We are not here to battle technology, but rather to provide the missing elements of consciousness, spirit and divinity. Adamus capped off the day with one of the most beautiful merabhs ever. I have never experienced such energy shifts in all of my years of channeling. Something happened in the room and online that went far beyond definition. The feelings were about release, clarity, knowingness, passion and a huge relief. Nothing would ever be the same again. I felt like this was the long-awaited turning point for Shaumbra.

In my pre-Prognost journey, Adamus had showed me the next 3-5 years with Shaumbra. I had a hard time defining it before ProGnost but now it makes sense. It will be a time of realization for many Shaumbra, and a time for the Crimson Circle organization to stay focused on being in service to Shaumbra who are ready for their “singularity.” (In the technical world, singularity is defined as the point where you can no longer see into or predict the future because everything totally changes.) The next 3-5 years will be a time of amazing clarity, if we allow it. There won’t be any place for processing, makyo, or fearing the human self. These are huge distractions that ultimately won’t keep us from Realization, but will make for a turbulent journey.

The post-ProGnost shifts have been huge. I’ve had to do a lot of allowing, and getting out of my mind. Funny thing is that allowing is bringing a new level of clarity, but not the kind that comes from the mind. It’s on the level of Knowingness, my dear old friend that I haven’t been able to sense because of my Shadow. After ProGnost, the Shadow is fading away, not because I’m forcing it out but because there’s just no room for it any more. It’s leaving on its own.

I hear Adamus calling. What’s that Adamus? You say it’s time for me to start writing the updated version of your book, Time of the Machines? Let’s do it. I have a whole new understanding after ProGnost 2018.

For more information on ProGnost 2018, CLICK HERE

6 comments on "Behind The Scenes"

  • johanne Laflamme on March 3, 2018 9:50 AM said:
    Thank you.Blessings, love,and Gratutide.💞💞💞
  • johanne Laflamme on March 3, 2018 9:44 AM said:
    Thank you.Blessings, love,and Gratutide.💞💞💞
  • Elena on February 17, 2018 7:17 AM said:
    Geoffrey....huge inhuman thank you!!! because of what you shared here, I got more clarity, I opened up more. and, of course, thanks so much to Adamus 💞
  • Donna on February 9, 2018 7:04 PM said:
    I’ve watched Pronost twice and each time I get more from it but sharing your own experiences with the channel really helped to put many of the pieces together. Yes, this event seemed to lift a weight from me, a realization that I could finally exhale and allow. All is well~in all of creation~truly 💓
  • LULU on February 8, 2018 3:20 PM said:
    Thank you for sharing! It was an amazing message, very profound. Always ready to allow the flow of the embodiment. But when it was actually expressed by you! Geoffrey. A human just like us ! Saying that you felt into our enlightenment is very touching and expanded the belief we have about actually become that. My gratitude 🙏🏼 to you and all the ones the brings this into reality.
  • Jeanine Schmitt on February 7, 2018 3:22 PM said:
    Thank you so much for sharing your point of view Geoffrey. It’s very interesting and helpful. You are appreciated.

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