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A funny thing happened on the way to Realization: I got distracted.* I thought I had a healthy level of clarity and determination. After all, it’s my last lifetime on the planet, and Adamus told us that he knows the approximate date of our Realization. Perhaps he knew I was going to get distracted and added that into the date calculation?

I don’t believe that I asked for the distractions but they’re there, knocking at the door, nipping at my heels and filling my head with noise pollution. I get easily distracted by the Internet. It seems that Amazon is always calling on me to order something. I can get very lost going down the Amazon rabbit hole. I login to order a printer cartridge and the next thing I know the clock has moved three hours, and my cart is filled with solar lights, a fancy new electric wine bottle opener, stainless-steel thermal coffee mugs, an infrared heat panel, and a new virtual reality headset. I justified the VR headset by telling myself I have to keep up with the latest technology as part of channeling things like ProGnost 2020. I cannot justify anything else in my cart other than it looked cool. I am easily distracted.

Adamus opened the January 25 Keahak session with this admonishment for listeners:

“Right now, avoid distractions in your life. Distractions. There’s a lot going on in your body and mind, a lot going on with a changing of perspectives within you, changing the way you see things, changing how you relate to things and changing your relationship with energy. It’s so important to avoid distractions right now.

“Distractions come in many different ways. Sometimes they’re deliberate distractions so you’re not so focused on all the things going on in your life. Sometimes the distractions appear to come from the outside, including other people’s dramas, the world’s drama, the environmental drama, whatever it happens to be. Now is not a good time to get involved in all these causes or distractions. You have plenty, plenty, plenty to do in your own life here in the year 2020. Avoid distractions. You have enough going on within you just with the energy changes that you are experiencing.”

Adamus is talking about the big stuff that can easily distract us right now. If you live in the U.S. and catch even a small glimpse of the news, you might feel a sucking energy surrounding politics and the impeachment of D.J. Trump. There are days when I have to knock myself on the head as a reminder not to get caught up in the slimy clutches of politics. I’m certainly not naïve about what’s going on in the political arena, but I know I need to steer clear of taking sides because the moment I do it will consume part of me. Politics and religion are like that.

The environmental cause is another Great Distracter. Hey, I love this planet and consider nature to be one of the finest things about being embodied. I fume when I see people litter, and I’m overcome with sadness when I read about the rain forests being cleared for cattle. And the plastic in the ocean? Who throws plastic junk in the waterways other than unconscious beings? But I’m going to leave the green fight to Greta Thunberg and others like her. I don’t have the bandwidth to take on that battle AND allow all of the changes going on within my being as part of coming to Realization.

The environmental cause can be a huge distraction because it’s so righteous. They can argue with you about God and religion, but who can argue with you about doing the right thing for our planet? The green cause can suck you right in, cloaked in do-gooder righteousness, but as Adamus so clearly points out, that’s not why you’re here in this lifetime. Others will take up the cause. Your appointment with your I-Am-destiny is about embodied Realization. There are millions and millions who will work to keep our planet’s environment healthy, but there are very few who have made a commitment to Realization, while staying on the planet and radiating their consciousness. That would be you and a very small group of other humans around the planet.

As I’m sitting here trying to write this article, my family is having a drama over on Facebook. They set up a private Facebook group just for our family members, and ultimately just for drama. It’s taking everything I have not to get caught in the fray of today’s latest drama episode. Families are probably the biggest of all distractions. For many Shaumbra, it’s about their kids. I think some of it has to do with feeling guilty about not being a better parent, so the children learn to manipulate this and ultimately drama ensues. I can’t begin to tell you how many Shaumbra have told me (or Adamus) that they have to wait for their kids to leave the house before they can allow their Realization. That’s a big distraction indeed! And what if the kids never leave your house??

Oh, it’s so easy to get caught up in causes, and it feels good as well. I think a lot of us are programmed to be Causers because we care for the planet and other people. It becomes part of our identity and gives us a sense of passion. Plus, there’s a long list of causes to choose from, ranging from feeding the hungry to preventing child abuse, anti-oil and gas, anti-big corporations, saving the indigenous, women’s rights, gay rights, poverty, GMO food, dangerous technologies, addictions… the list goes on and on. In the end, they all become distractions to what you’re really here for. Your personal Realization will do more to inspire the planet and humanity than getting involved in 1,000 causes. Putting causes and distractions aside in favor of your Realization is not selfish. It is critical and essential.

I have to admit that I feel a tremendous sense of urgency from Adamus and the Crimson Council. At least 2-3 times a week Adamus wakes me in the middle of the night to remind me of the importance of what’s going on right now. He’s been a task-master when it comes to getting Crimson Circle’s internal systems operating at the highest levels. I think the CC staff is getting a little tired of the Noah’s Ark Syndrome: Get that boat built because the storm is coming. Adamus constantly reminds me not to get distracted, and trust me, there are days when I’d really like to have a massive infusion of distraction because this work is getting extremely intense. There are times when I want to stop to help Shaumbra who have fallen along the wayside, but Adamus admonishes me to keep moving forward. Shaumbra, he says, are being “pulled” from the front rather being pushed from the rear. The ones who fall behind will eventually catch up because of the gravity of the leading edge of Shaumbra. In other words, focus on the leading edge because nobody truly falls behind.

Some of this sounds pretty rough. No distractions. No causes. Let Shaumbra on the back end fall behind? It’s really tough stuff and I fully expect to get push-back on this article. But then I just read the first draft of Jean Tinder’s article and it gave me a sense of relief. The caterpillar has gone through the cocoon and is about to emerge as the butterfly. It’s a challenging moment for the soon-to-be butterfly, and definitely NOT the time to get involved in caterpillar causes. It’s not time to get distracted by your caterpillar family and children back on the green ground. Nor is it the time to try to help the other soon-to-be-butterflies out of their cocoons. No, this moment requires that you give everything to yourself. It’s ALL about you right now. You’ll look back at this time and realize it’s the least selfish thing you’ve ever done.

*With apologies to Kuthumi for the adaptation of his classic line, “A funny thing happened on the way to Enlightenment: I lost everything.


9 comments on "Caution: Distractions Ahead"

  • Mehtap on November 15, 2020 12:00 AM said:
    Thank you for this article! It made me aware that I have been quite a bit distracted by family drama here and there.
  • Steven Green on April 18, 2020 7:06 AM said:
    I bumped into a stranger in a bar he told me he lived in Cambodia, I literally moved there a month later (January) it turned out to be perfect, like living in a little bubble. While the worlds having a melt down I'm fine!! No lock down, no corona , very few rules hey no one even has a mail box. the perfect place for me to forget the world. Just got to look out for the subtle distractions now I guess
  • Saikal on March 23, 2020 3:18 PM said:
    Thank you ❤️🙏🏻 for your great job. I come to myself with Shaumbra everytime I when watch it , read your article . Thank you my master who guides me and who told to me about you. I exist. I’m that I’m.
  • Bogusława on February 9, 2020 5:13 AM said:
    Dear Geoff, thank you for the wonderful ending of the last shoud that honors us all, Shaumbra ❤️ Your article is wonderful. Clear not to get distracted. Sometimes it's difficult, but I know and feel that this is the only and right approach. Thank you for your work for us ❤️ Best regards.
  • Angela on February 7, 2020 8:31 PM said:
    wow! If in the world they are a small group really committed to realization, I imagine by the super distractions of my country Chile, I must be the only one ... hahaha ... :-( Anyway, when everything and everyone got lost along the way, I took the gift of freedom to wait for myself calmly. Waiting was easier knowing that once a month I would know about the Shaumbra family. Big hugs and thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. (I'm not going to get distracted by arguing with google translator ;-D!)
  • Mª Luisa Laveda on February 7, 2020 2:22 AM said:
    Thank you very much for your article. It is truly inspiring for me. My distractions are very similar to those you describe in him. Thank you for reminding me how critical and essential it is now to avoid distractions.  Love and blessings to you for all the work you do for the Shaumbra, and for Linda, and all the CC Staff. Have a good day. Mª Luisa
  • Pablo on February 5, 2020 10:18 AM said:
    This article clearly resounds in me. It is exactly what many of us are going through. Releasing more and more. Allowing more and more.
  • Renato Jardim on February 4, 2020 5:54 PM said:
    Thank You Geoff. I don't know how you manage to writte articles like this in between the Adamus' challenging channelings and CC's agenda, with its mental responsabilities. Congrats bro, and keep that flame burning bright!
  • Gisela Rosa on February 3, 2020 2:23 PM said:
    What brave and inspiring words, I really needed them Geoff, tks so much for sharing this sharp and clear wisdom!

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