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As the Summer of 2022 begins to wind down, I would characterize it as the time of questioning whether to stay or leave the planet. It’s been a hot topic on the Crimson Circle on Facebook page, Adamus has been talking about it, and we’ve had some dear Shaumbra friends cross over to the other side these past few months.

It all comes at a time when Adamus is pointing to the very reason we chose to be here on the planet right now. We’re here to bring light and consciousness at this epic time of birthing a new human species. Changes are happening at an unprecedented rate, humanity seems to be highly polarized, and some type of huge global shift seems imminent although it’s difficult to predict what and when it will come. Chaos is the order of the day, and although Shaumbra knows that chaos is not a negative, it still has a way of wreaking havoc on our everyday lives.

We had a local Shaumbra End-of-Summer Party at Jean Tinder’s lovely mountain home the other day. Some of us were talking about the crazy world. Everyone in the conversation was over 50, so our perspective certainly had a bias. We used to have a degree of trust in media outlets. Now, even the previously respected news organizations are tilting in the winds. In our early adult years, we worked hard, and believed that we could make a difference in the world. We had stars in our eyes and calluses on our hands. Today, many young people feel there is little or nothing they can do to contribute to humanity, hard work is considered old school, and living in mom’s basement is acceptable even at 35+ years old. The art of verbal conversation has been replaced by texting, even with each other while sitting together at the same table, using naive symbols rather than real words.

Someone in the group commented, “I’m sure glad I’m in my senior years. What’s the world going to be like in 2030 or 2040?” The conversation came to an abrupt halt as everyone quietly contemplated the future of the planet. I could almost hear a big “gulp” within the group. The silence and subject matter were finally broken when someone said, “It’s sure a beautiful late summer afternoon!” It was a much-needed distraction from the ominous subject at hand.

That night while drifting off to sleep, I longed to be 30 years old again. I had the energy and fire to do things I don’t have now at age 67. I could conquer new frontiers and jump over huge hurdles. I was invincible back then. My dreamy state of youthful glory was rudely interrupted by a big voice, “Really??? You would trade your wisdom and prudence for youthfulness?” I couldn’t see a face, just a huge question mark floating around in my mind’s eye. I recalled some of the crazy choices and reckless decisions I made back then. Looking back, I saw there was a huge Presence that must have been working overtime to keep me from going way off track, if not outright self-destruction. Laying there in bed, I realized that the Presence was myself from the future. It wasn’t Spirit Guides or Protector Angels, but rather the Master within me that is always present, just waiting to be acknowledged. It must have worked because I finally arrived at where I should be, right about the turn of the millennium, just in time for Tobias, the Crimson Circle and Shaumbra. It’s also where I wanted to be, working shoulder-to-shoulder with Shaumbra around the world.

There are days when leaving the planet seems almost desirable. I bet that the thought has crossed the minds of at least 90% of Shaumbra. There’s a lot of energy noise out there right now. Many Shaumbra are approaching, or are in, their senior years. They’ve gone through a lot of challenges in this lifetime and many of them are tired. Physical pain doesn’t help the situation, even if we know it’s largely due to the light body coming in. As we get more sensitive, we become more aware of the humanity’s “rough edges” (and realize those used to be our rough edges… ugh).

It’s very important to note here that there is a huge difference between just quietly leaving in the middle of the night with a sense of completion and peace, versus suicide. Suicide is filled with despair, anger, hopelessness, and/or finality. A suicidal person wants to go completely out of existence because they can’t cope any more. They want to terminate their consciousness, not just their human life.

When Shaumbra thinks about leaving, it’s about finalizing their lifetimes on the planet and ascending into non-physical realms, and perhaps spending time at the Ascended Masters Club. There’s no desire to go out of existence. As a matter of fact, there’s the desire to return back to their natural state of full conscious existence after a long series of lifetimes in the unnatural physical realms. In a way, it’s much more logical than desiring to come back to Earth for another lifetime in an environment that is foreign to their Beingness.

Adamus has a new term for this. He calls it libero. Whereas ahmyo means the good life while staying here on the planet, and makyo means spiritual distraction or delusion, libero means coming to peaceful completion in your last lifetime on the planet, and walking out on your own terms. After he dropped the new word on me, I looked it up online. It’s a Latin word meaning free.

There’s been a lot of conversations this summer about staying or leaving. At the end of the August Shoud, Adamus talked about Patti Severance. She was a long-time Shaumbra, and one of the best Crimson Circle teachers before core classes were offered online. She was a free-spirit who loved traveling and cherished her friendships with Shaumbra around the world. At age 75, she made a conscious choice to leave. She was realized and fulfilled. Patti spent about 6 months traveling around the country visiting friends but without ever hinting at her plans to walk out. According to Adamus, on her Last-Day-Ever on the planet, she walked into the water and before even half of her body got wet, her consciousness slipped away into the other realms, filled with total peace and completion. She was in the state of libero.

For many of us who knew Patti, it was a tough cookie to swallow. On one hand, I celebrate her conscious choice to leave. On the other hand, we’ve worked so hard to get here. Our passion was to stay on the planet to shine our consciousness during this Time of the Machines. I have to admit that I feel a little abandoned when a dear Shaumbra like Patti, Sart or FM (John Kuderka) leave, but I also appreciate their experience with libero. There comes a point when you just want to be free. I’ll nudge Gerhard and Einat to create a Libero song like they did with Ahmyo and Makyo.

More than once, Adamus told us that one of the most challenging things would be to stay on the planet after Realization. Ain’t that the truth. Spoiler alert: Wait to hear what Sam has to say about all of this during his channel at the Dream of the Merlin online event on September 10–11.

4 comments on "Libero"

  • Rosana on February 10, 2023 4:39 AM said:
    Obrigada Geoff, Linda , Adamus, Kuthumi, e a todos do Crimson Circle. Foi através das expansões de consciência que ocorreram comigo que posso afirmar que cheguei onde deveria estar. Encontrar vocês, foi o maior presente dado a mim pelo Mestre dentro de mim. Sou Realizada. EU SOU TUDO O QUE EU SOU!!
  • Adriana Matera on September 16, 2022 1:28 PM said:
    Thank you dear Geoff for sharing, and I still can't believe that Sam is leaving... Adamus never exaggerated about how hard it could be stay after the realization. Blessings for all CC at the AMC
  • Donna Weerstra on September 4, 2022 8:02 PM said:
    Time of the Sixth Sun introduced me to you and Tobias. I LOVE listening to the monthly Shouds. I take what resonates and fly. I so enjoy the sun rises and sets, I am staying - until it hurts - then I will leave. I am grateful for the choice. In' laketch - I am yourself Namaste ( as we all know) Blessings Be Geoffrey and Linda
  • Elizabeth on September 4, 2022 1:48 PM said:
    This was a very interesting read.Thank you for Crimson Circle,Adamus is so good,Brilliant,Naughty,and Funny. Lots of love Liz XXX💜💜💜💚💚💚⭐️⭐️⭐️🌝

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