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I chuckle to myself when I think about how the Master’s Life Cloud Class series came about. We were planning to film an update of DreamWalker Birth Transitions™ at the Crimson Circle studio. The production team had come in early to set up the stage, lighting, cameras and microphones. Kathleen Haws, an expert and mentor teach on the DreamWalker Birth materials, had flown in from Salt Lake City to be part of the Q & A session with Adamus. Linda and I were in the Green Room getting ready for filming. I always close my eyes and do some breathing for about 15 minutes before any event, but this time Adamus popped in and abruptly announced that we were not going to be filming the Birth update. Instead, we were going to start a new series called The Master’s Life.

I don’t like surprises. I’m a Virgo. I like things in nice, neat and orderly packages. You can imagine my consternation when Adamus dropped this bomb on me. I started shooting questions at him – what’s the subject matter? How many sessions? What should the stage look like? Should we wait to film this until another day? – but he was already gone. Dang! Sometimes these entities really annoy the bejeezus out of me.

I couldn’t do any more breathing, not in this state of mind. By now Linda was out in the studio. She could see the pale, aghast look on my face when I walked in. I asked her if I could have a moment, and we excused ourselves from the staff to find a private corner.

“What’s going on?” she questioned me. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“More like a spook,” I replied. I told her about Adamus’ directive. She was so nonchalant about it that I could only assume Adamus had placed a spell on her. “Sure,” she said. “Let’s do it.” How could she be so calm and cool in a time of crisis? We walked back into the studio and told the production crew about the change of plans. Like Linda, they were nonchalant. The only question came from Jean Tinder. “What time should we have lunch brought in?”

“What wrong with these people,” I wondered to myself. “They’re acting like this is an everyday occurrence!” Later they reminded me that this is an everyday occurrence when working with Adamus.

The Master’s Life has turned into a profound and deeply insightful series. I think about all of the materials that have been channeled over the past 19 years and realize that The Master’s Life series is a living documentary about our journey into Realization. There’s no other material like it on the planet today. We’re documenting our own story on this path-less-traveled, and leaving a recording for those who come this way after us. I think the subtitle for the Master’s Life series should be something like “This is how we did it.” The Master’s Life isn’t filled with rules and guidelines, do’s and don’ts, but rather insights into what we experienced along the path.

On September 14 we’ll release the latest in the series: Master’s Life 8: Nova Vita. This follows two monumental Master’s Life episodes that are pivotal on our journey – Master’s Life 6: No More! and Master’s Life 7: I Am Creation. I feel like I’ve only touched on I Am Creation in my personal life, yet I’ve seen what a difference it makes when it comes to allowing energy to serve me. Master’s Life 8: Nova Vita is about our New Life (Nova Vita). It’s about that point when the caterpillar starts emerging from the cocoon, spreading it’s wings for the very first time and realizing that some BIG happened in the chrysalis. We are emerging from the chrysalis of the human condition and spiritual adolescence. We are coming into our new life, nova vita.

The Master’s Life series is not for everyone. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone just coming into their awakening because they simply couldn’t integrate the concepts, at least not now. Maybe 10 or 20 years down the road, but right now the profundity would be lost on them. I also wouldn’t recommend it to anyone going through the Dark Night of the Soul. As much as I would like to give them hope, I feel they would use it as a distraction to circumvent the oh-so-important-yet-traumatic experience of the Dark Night. This experience is like descending into the cocoon, something that sets the stage for everything that happens afterward. I’ve come to understand the importance of the Dark Night, and although I would never want to repeat it I realize what I would have missed if I had tried going directly from the caterpillar to the butterfly without the transformational experience in the cocoon.

I wouldn’t recommend the Master’s Life series to what I call the Sedona crowd. Their spiritual interest centers on aliens, Lemuria, past lives, psychic readings, crystals and Egyptian healing rods. No offense meant, but I’ve walked a few blocks on Sedona Avenue (metaphorically speaking), New Age Boulevard and Alien Way, and it’s certainly not the road Shaumbra is traveling. Our road isn’t found on any maps and doesn’t even have a street sign. There aren’t any shops or tours, and it’s rare that you’ll even encounter another person on this route. What you do encounter is yourself, and that’s not always so pretty.

I would recommend The Master’s Life Series to anyone who has gone through the Dark Night and survived. They’ve drowned in Pupa Lake and learned they could breathe underwater, so to speak. They start to emerge from the cocoon and the inner voice asks, “What next?” This is what the Master’s Life series is about: What comes next? What’s next is the story we’ve created in Master’s Life including:

Reading the above titles is like looking at the experience of the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, starting with the epic transformation from one form into another, then into the realization that I Am Here, then into feeling the new body, then a new form of sensuality, followed by ease and grace. When the caterpillar (old self) tries to come back it’s a matter of saying No More! And from there we go into true creation, not just trying to survive. And next, we’re in our new life (nova vita). It never dawned on me before that the sequence of The Master’s Life series is similar to a butterfly emerging from the cocoon.

By the way, the most popular Master’s Life episode is I Am Creation (#7). The title is seductive and I’m sure some Shaumbra decided to jump into I Am Creation so they could start creating things like abundance. However, in order to understand true creation I feel it’s important to have a good understanding of all of the other Master’s Life episodes that lead up to it. There’s no requirement to view the other episodes first, but the fundamentals laid out in the previous episodes will add tremendous value to I Am Creation.

A staff member recently asked how many Master’s Life episodes we plan to do. I have no idea other than Adamus has given me hints about the next two. What I do know is that the series is a living documentary about our journey from the Dark Night of the Soul into Realization. What we have yet to realize is the impact it will have on emerging humans in the decades to follow. They’ll see how the first group of humans did it, and that will give them the assurance they can do it also. I feel it’s the most significant library of work we’ve created in the past 19 years. It’s the new sacred material for ones who make it through the Dark Night. It’s the story of how we did it.

6 comments on "Our Story of Realization"

  • Karine on October 15, 2018 7:52 AM said:
    Thank you for this article which made me realize that I am in this dark night and that the series Master's life will be for me later ... Very inspiring!
  • Ambaya on September 28, 2018 10:54 PM said:
    Yes!!!indeed a journey. Thank you for the amazingly beautiful roadmap!!! Love and appreciation abound!!!!
  • Adori Gonzalez Izarra on September 12, 2018 12:02 PM said:
    "Hola Geoff, como diría Adamus, "yo no lo diría mejor".Una gran aportación, nuestro viaje y experiencia a través de "La Vida del Maestro". Gracias Adamus y a tí, hermoso artículo. como siempre
  • Rei on September 5, 2018 11:09 AM said:
    Hahahah, Geoff, what would you recommend to the ones who went through the Dark Night and did NOT survive?! Jokes aside, great insights! And thank you!
  • Kathy Ness on September 4, 2018 12:57 PM said:
    So beautiiful.... so well said... I am in awe of our creations.... blessings my friend 💖
  • Mabel Russo on September 4, 2018 10:22 AM said:
    Todos son geniales, me siento tan agradecida...!!! Y es verdad, La serie del Maestro es la vida de shaumbra!

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