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According to Adamus, Realization is inevitable in this lifetime. Now, he says, enjoy the experience of realizing Realization, no matter what it brings, because you’ll never go through this experience again. Let go of the Seeker aspect no matter how much the Seeker tells you it must continue trudging along the long and arduous path. There is nothing more to seek, nothing more to learn and nothing more to atone for.

“Everything that is happening in your life is about Realization,” he says. “Every breath you take, every sound you hear and every flicker of light you see is about your Realization. Every movement of energy is related to your coming to Realization.

“It’s not about lessons. Spirit isn’t trying to tell you anything,” he adds. “You might as well stop doubting and mistrusting because it’s going to happen, in spite of the old human tendency to foul it. Your Realization is incorruptible. Indeed, the human can resist. It can go kicking and screaming into Realization. It can do everything possible to suffer through its emergence, but you can no longer prevent, preclude or pervert Realization.

“You know too much, you’ve seen too much and you’ve allowed too much to turn back. You can pretend to turn back, but you’ll only wake up to realize that you’ve been going into Realization all along. You cannot ‘un-aware’ yourself. You can pretend to be asleep, but you cannot undo the fact that you are alive and awake.

“How long will it take to realize you are Realized? As long as you want to continue experiencing your coming to Realization. You can make this final chapter of the human continue as long as you want, and some do because they erroneously believe the book will end with this chapter. But as long as you are immersed in the experience, make sure to enjoy it. There is no dignity in suffering the experience, and it will not provide a worthy Standard for the ones who come after you. Do you want to leave them a path of dry thorns or a river of roses?”

The above words are a synthesis of some of Adamus’ statements to Shaumbra in recent Keahak sessions, workshops and Shouds. Realization is inevitable. The human has chosen it, and that opens the door for the wisdom of the Master and the consciousness of the I Am. Everything that happens in your life can be seen as a movement of energy to facilitate your Realization, and nothing can mess it up. Not even you. Can you and will you accept this gift? It is being presented to you on a golden platter by the divine parts of yourself, the very parts that you separated from eons of time ago.

That haunting, nagging and nauseous feeling that you get so often is simply reminding you that the separation is a lie. It’s a lie you falsely worshipped and believed, but now the lie comes to an end in the light of your even greater desire for Realization. The lie is shattered by the dragon. While the human is horrified at the destruction being perpetrated by the dragon, it is only there to kill the lie. It was you who called for the dragon and now the dragon is in the ultimate service to its Master. You.

There is no separation from yourself and there never was. It was a game of the human in its desire for the ultimate experience. The experience of separation was realized and lived out, and now separation only causes a deep craving like no other love or longing could possibly equal. Even love with another human is pushed aside so as not to take away the end of separation within Self.

Imagine that you are a Broadway musical play. There are actors, musicians, a conductor, stage hands, lights, props, sound equipment and seats. All of the elements are unique in their own way, but they are all part of one play. Thinking that you are only a ticket-holder, and that everything else is external, is separation. Knowing that you are all of the elements of the play, and that you can view the play from different perspectives, is truth. You can still be the audience, but you can also be the actor. Or both at the same time. You can enjoy the play from the perspective of separation (for instance, as the stage hand) but because you know you are also the make-up artist and lighting system, you no longer have absolute separation. Absolute separation is something you’ve been experiencing for most of your lifetimes on Earth, and it’s now time for selective and conscious separation. This is separation if and when you want it, but not as a constant.

Put the Seeker out of its misery. Cast aside the propaganda of the Liar. Cease trying to make the human better. The human cannot find its way out of its dream but it can allow the truth of the Free Self into the dream. With this truth, the old perspectives of absolute separation, and therefore the necessity of the Seeker, are annihilated. They are crushed by the dragon. The human watches the dramatic scene with a look of horror and shock. The human tries to scream out at the dragon to stop the reign of terror, but no sound comes from the human’s lips.

Then, when all is ravaged, the dragon shape-shifts into a gentle, graceful butterfly and lights upon the human’s head. It is the end of the lie.

14 comments on "The End of the Lie"

  • Waldemar B Luczak on August 3, 2019 8:27 AM said:
    That is very simple and truth , Amazing writing as always . Blessing all of you CC Team .
  • SUDHIR BHUSHAN on July 14, 2019 11:14 PM said:
    What an awesomely illuminating synopsis of our current consciousness evolutionary status & what masterful simplicity of delivering it to us in words, dear Geoffrey ! Feeling goosebumps of Truth emanating from this beauty of a write-up !! Blessings to you, Linda & all the CC staff for being our Lighthouse in this all important Life of Embodied Realisation !!!
  • Darshana varu on July 13, 2019 2:57 AM said:
    Thankyou Geoffrey nd Linda.
  • SUDHIR BHUSHAN on July 12, 2019 12:45 AM said:
    What an awesomely illuminating synopsis of our current consciousness evolutionary status & what masterful simplicity of delivering it to us in words, dear Geoffrey ! Feeling goosebumps of Truth emanating from this beauty of a write-up !! Blessings to you, Linda & all the CC staff for being our Lighthouse in this all important Life of Embodied Realisation !!!
  • Iranilda Maria De M. Barros on May 1, 2019 11:03 AM said:
    Gratidão! muita clareza!!!!
  • Giovanny on April 27, 2019 1:26 PM said:
    Thank you so much for all.
  • EFISIO LOI on April 27, 2019 10:32 AM said:
    Grazie,Grazie,Grazie 💜💜💜
  • ROSANA VEIGA GUIMARAES on April 25, 2019 4:06 PM said:
  • tiny hendrix on April 22, 2019 7:55 AM said:
    Wauw, thank you Geoff and Linda for all.
  • Marianne Fuerlinger on April 16, 2019 3:53 AM said:
    Thank you, Geoffrey, for the perfect summary of all the messages we received from beloved ASG in the last months. My mind went crazy and so followed all the rest of me so often. Your words keep it simple and bring the relaxation I crave for. Its you, a human who knows and experiences like we all do. For me, this makes the difference at my point of moment now. And of course Kuthumi is my hero as well 😉
  • Kathy Ness on April 15, 2019 11:16 PM said:
    Blessings...Blessings...Blessings...Dear Geoff and Linda for all that you have each and every one of us..
  • Sue Norman on April 15, 2019 10:10 PM said:
    Thank you. <3
  • Christine on April 15, 2019 8:03 PM said:
    The CC has been a lifeline to the truth. Our gratitude is infinite. Thank you.
  • Susan Young on April 15, 2019 7:30 PM said:
    WOW! Thank you, Geoffrey. I really, really mean this ... thank you!

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