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A blast to the past: I was 18 years old when I first heard the word “semi-conductor.” I was living in Mountain View, California, the year was 1974, and I was working at the NASA Ames Research Center. Steve Jobs, who was about my age, lived 5 miles from my apartment. The term “Silicon Valley” was at least a decade away from being popularized.

Fast forward to today: In the recent ProGnost 2016, Adamus talked about a new world coming. It’s a world where technology changes the very fabric of humanity. He talked about sensors and robots, the Internet-of-Things, 3D printers that can make everything from food to human body parts, nanotechnology that can make just about anything out of thin air, and virtual reality helmets that radically alter the interpretation of reality. From my naiveté about semi-conductors in 1974 to a view of a coming world filled with mind-boggling and life-altering technology, ProGnost 2016 was a jolt to my consciousness. It paints the map for what comes next. The big change-factors aren’t politics or religion or the economy or even terrorism. It’s technology.

According to Adamus, all of the examples he talked about are already here, either in advanced R&D stages or currently available. The speed of computing is doubling every two years or less, and the cost is being halved (Moore’s Law). That means we’ll be able to create new technologies and products, and find answers to challenging scientific and medical questions, at a pace previously unknown to humankind. Think about it: The Apple iPhone was introduced in June 2007 (three months prior to our Quantum Leap Celebration in Taos, New Mexico). Less than 10 years later there are over 2 billion smart phones in use worldwide, not to mention another 2.5 billion regular mobile phones.

Ever since ProGnost 2016 I’ve been reading piles of articles about the techno-evolution. They validate and even go beyond what Adamus talked about. We created a section on the Crimson Circle blog called ProGnost Watch where we’re posting news articles related to this subject. Articles are coming in from Shaumbra faster than we can review and post them. This is hot. This is essential. And this is in the true spirit of ProGnost. We all want to know what’s in the crystal ball, and Adamus offers a pretty clear picture. Adamus presented a diagram showing the growth of the Mind, Consciousness and Technology since the 16th century. All of the lines were pretty flat until about 50 years ago. Since then, technology and consciousness have grown exponentially, while the mind has experienced very little growth. His diagram showed a critical point where technological capabilities exceed mental capabilities. He drew a big arrow showing the critical point – the year 2015. His question: When technology exceeds the mind, what comes next? Will we have the consciousness to use technology in a way that serves all humanity? Will we use it to supply clean water and nutritious food to the 25% of the world’s population that is not currently served? Will we use technology to create a world of abundance and health, or will consciousness actually decline as robots and computers do our thinking and work, and sensors monitor our every move?

A Different World


I like technology as much as the next person. I’ve been an avid Mac user since 1989. I have an iMac desktop computer, a Mac laptop, an iPhone, and two iPads. Our home thermostats and security cameras are run from our iPhones no matter were in the world we are, and we even have a little pet robot (our first) that vacuums and cleans the floors. Technology has made my life easier, faster, less expensive and more fun. But – and this is a big but – when is it too much technology? (While writing this article someone just sent me a link to a refrigerator that wirelessly orders from the grocery store when you’re low on milk, bread or any other supplies.)

In ProGnost 2016, Adamus said that “the movement (speed) of TimeSpace increases as consciousness expands.” No wonder everything seems to be moving so fast these days, and it’s likely to get even faster and crazier in the next few years. A workshop we did one week ago seems like it was 3-4 weeks ago because so much activity and expansion is getting packed into a very short time. I guess that’s the net effect of everything moving faster: We’re now putting 2 or 3 times the amount of consciousness into a given timeframe. What I did last summer seems like two summers ago. It’s getting harder and harder to remember when something happened because the past is moving further away, if that makes sense.

As much as Adamus talks about the effect of technology on the world in the decades ahead, ProGnost 2016 isn’t aimed at geeks and sci-fi fans. One viewer posted on Facebook that she didn’t like all of this tech talk, but what Adamus presented was a look at the world in the coming years, and the significance of what we’re doing right now as Shaumbra. There were three main Shaumbra-centric points:

The Importance of Consciousness – When technology overtakes mental capabilities, there needs to be a strong presence of consciousness in order to prevent a huge imbalance and potential unraveling. What Adamus was telling us in ProGnost is that now is the time, more than ever, to allow the I Am presence into our lives. We do it by allowing, because anything else is just a mental exercise and will get us even more tangled than before. Allowing takes trust in Self, and it’s done without effort. It’s just…. Allowing.

Master’s Sense – When confronted with information like we were in ProGnost 2016, one of the first questions we have is, “What should I do?” The answer is pretty simple. Don’t worry about saving the world or trying to figure out if technology will work for us or against us. Allow your Master’s Sense to come forth. Adamus points out that we perceive reality through our five basic senses as well as our mind/brain. But those senses are locked into our 3D reality. The Master’s Sense transcends these and will ultimately provide us with a divine level of perception, solutions and guidance.

New Earth and Old Earth – With the rapid acceleration in technology, Adamus noted that the implications of the melding or separation of New Earth and Old Earth come to the forefront more than ever before. Will technology serve the planet in a conscious way, or will we allow technology to become the new form of terrorism? This is a huge question, one that he addressed in detail in a recent Keahak session (without giving the answer, of course).

ProGnost 2016 was unlike any other ProGnost to date. We didn’t have other presenters as in years past. The stage was all Adamus’, and he made full use of it. I always enjoy working with other presenters, especially the likes of Jim Self, Dr. Douglas Davies and Patricia Aburdene, but this year it was so important to have the focus and clarity of Adamus’ One Master Show.

Who knew, back in 1974 when I first heard the word “semi-conductor” while living in Silicon Valley, that I was in the geographic and energetic center of what would become the biggest influence in modern history. At the time, I didn’t realize that I was a cosmic hitchhiker making my way to a new world where technology would exceed the mind. And now we’re here.

2 comments on "A Different World"

  • andy glass on February 14, 2016 4:18 PM said:
    Great article, I can really relate. Thanks.
  • Gerd Frivold on February 14, 2016 6:52 AM said:
    Dear Geoffrey, Thank you very much for ALL YOU are doing, AND also keeping my hand through all challenges. With blessings and much love, Gerd Ghelia

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