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The cover graphic on the month’s Shaumbra Magazine is very appropriate as we enter into 2022. It can also be interpreted in many ways. For some, it’s the Master commanding their energy to serve them. It could also be the Master holding the chaos of mass consciousness at bay. Or it could be the Master facing life within a natural protective bubble. It could be all of the above… the And. It’s all a matter of perspective.

For me, the image represents the last few days of 2021. All in all, 2021 was an excellent year. Like you, I had to contend with the worldwide COVID situation but other than wearing a face mask in public and having smaller live workshops, the personal impact was just a minor annoyance. COVID is like a story I hear and read about, but I’m not part of the story. It’s happening all around me, but it’s not mine. It’s caused divisiveness in the world but not within me.

2021 was a good year for Crimson Circle. We brought our Technical Services in-house, after years of frustration dealing with outside vendors. With the help of what we lovingly call the Tech-Quila team because most of the tech staff is located in the area of Puebla, Mexico, we’ve cleaned up years of “Tech Debt,” launched our new e-commerce store, and we’re now embarking on new projects that will serve Shaumbra for many years to come.

In spite of (or perhaps because of) COVID, our video production capabilities keep improving. We built the Crimson Circle Connection Center six years before COVID, and the Kona studio a year before COVID, so we were well-poised to connect with Shaumbra without having to travel around the world. We’ve honed our production and webcast skills over the years, and now it’s paying off in many ways.

Back to the cover image, and why I wanted it for this month’s issue: We had a huge fire here in Louisville, Colorado on Thursday, December 30. It was the most devastating fire in Colorado history, in terms of costs. The Crimson Circle Connection Center was in the heart of the fire zone. To make things more interesting, Linda and I were in town running separate errands when the fire broke out. The winds were blowing 50 – 60 mph (80 – 95 km/h), with gusts up to 110 mph (175 km/h), not exactly an ideal day to be out and about. A grass fire broke out a few miles from the studio. With the high winds, it spread, well, like wildfire. I was at the pharmacy next door to the studio when I noticed smoke out the window. Less than 5 minutes later I was engulfed in heavy smoke while trying to get into the CC Studio. I knew it was time to flee, immediately. I called Linda and told her to evacuate right away. She was at the Apple store just a few miles away and didn’t understand my urgency at the moment, telling me that she had a few more errands. Once she stepped outside, she understood the stress in my voice and why I said, “Get out, immediately.” We were just ahead of the massive traffic jams caused by the evacuation of 30,000 people.

Once safely at home, we sat glued to the TV late into the night. News crews were not able to get into the immediate area of the fire but they showed the overall fire zone. The Crimson Circle Connection Center was in the zone. Our hearts went out to everyone who would lose everything – the number would eventually reach 1000 homes – and we wondered about the CC studio. Neither one of us wanted to talk about the “what-if” scenarios other than to say we might have to go back to Hawaii early to do recordings, if needed. Adamus’ words rang in my head: “Masters have a natural protection in the midst of mass consciousness chaos” but that didn’t seem to calm my frayed human nerves in the moment.

I got up the next morning at 4 AM to check the news. My gut tightened when I saw that the devastation was worse than what we had seen the night before. Businesses in our neighborhood were listed as have been damaged or totally destroyed. The feeling of dread started to suffocate me, wondering if we had a studio to go back to. I checked in with Adamus. “You have nothing to worry about,” he said matter-of-factly. It helped to a degree, but I needed tangible proof.

About 6:30 am, I sent an email to our building property manager. “Do you have any news about Centennial Pavilion?” I asked. A few minutes later Jessica replied and said she’d get back to me as soon as she knew something. Her answer came about an hour later. I almost dreaded opening her email because it might contain a message I didn’t want to hear. Her reply was short and simple: “Good morning – Well, some good news, we know the property never caught on fire. It seems Centennial Pavilion was very lucky.”

The empty field adjacent to our building burned, and the flames got with 25 feet of the studio. Buildings up and down McCaslin Boulevard burned down, but our beloved studio, and the center of Shaumbra energy on Earth, was intact. A day later, Jean Tinder was able to go invisible and make her way into the fire zone to check on the studio. There was a lot of debris under each doorway, pushed there by the howling winds. Everything in the studio was covered in dust, and according to Jean there was a strong smell of smoke. The following day, Peter Orlando was able to get in and while he was there the electricity was restored. As I’m writing this article, we’ve learned that the gas for heating is being turned back on. Our next step is to do a thorough dusting and cleaning, and bring in an ozone machine to knock down the smell of smoke before we do the January 8 webcast and Shoud.

Jessica, the property manager, said we were pretty lucky. Adamus has a different take on it. He says that a Master has a natural protection, like our energy is protecting us as we stay here in this last lifetime on the planet.

When you get to this point,” said Adamus in a Keahak session a few weeks ago, “there’s a type of natural protection that occurs. A natural protection, you see, because the Master knows things still happen in life, particularly any time you’re dealing with mass consciousness, with the effects of other people. They’re not in your energy, but their shadow oftentimes has an influence on your energy.

“Yes, things come up, you know, bad traffic or a variety of things could happen around you. But there is always a natural protection when you’re in your flow, and I really need all of you now to understand that.

“The natural protection means that it’s never going to throw you or blow you off course. The natural protection is that you might be right in the middle of a very potentially dangerous situation, but ultimately it doesn’t truly affect you. It doesn’t harm you or take anything away.

“Now, it’s not something that you want to test, but you will start to experience it. A storm rolls through and you’re barely affected by it, while others are deeply affected. There might be an incident – I don’t even want to go into the specifics – but something happens. But you have that natural protection. You might be in the middle of a situation, but you’re going to be naturally protected.”

It’s interesting that Adamus talks about natural protection right now, in light of the fire. Not only that, but we had a huge 50-foot (15 meter) tree fall on Villa Ahmyo last month in the middle of a storm. The tree fell into the courtyard with barely inches to spare on each side. The damage to the roof overhang was minor, although Linda and I were pretty rattled by the event that night. We were inside watching a movie when it sounded like a train hit the house.

I’m not going to test this natural protection thing, but I know it’s for real based on both the fire and tree incidents. Stuff is going to happen all around us. That’s life on Planet Earth. We’re here in the midst of mass consciousness, and people are still choosing to go through their experiences. But it doesn’t have to affect us. We are Masters, aware of and allowing of our own energy. There will be fires and windstorms, viruses and economic issues, politicians and power-mongers. These are not yours or mine. We will be aware of the chaos, of course, and it might remind us when that was part of our old reality. But now it’s time to take position on our parks benches and do a little no-agenda shining. Even if the fires and chaos rage around us. You have a natural protection called Your Energy.

Now let it work for you.

3 comments on "Safe in Chaos"

  • Miriam Fernandes on April 6, 2022 8:10 PM said:
    ... so wonderful to feel protected to continue the journey in light, peace and joy
  • Sonia on January 19, 2022 9:31 PM said:
    I Was too in the dangerous situation and i perceived that i was in my natural protection. It is wonderful. And then all was very good for me!!!
  • Guilherme Amoroso Romão on January 19, 2022 12:00 PM said:
    Really appreciated this article. And may 2022 be even greater! Abraços from Portugal! Gui

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