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Part 3 in the Master and Human Series

Dear Human Self: It seems that we’ve been using this magazine over the past few months to communicate with each other. Yes, I’ve been trying to get your attention lately. But so often, you’re waiting for an Archangel to appear above the altar in your Sacred Healing Room. So I’ve resorted to communicating with you on these pages, starting with my article in the September issue. In doing so, perhaps you’ll finally hear what I’ve been trying to tell you, and perhaps the other readers will derive some benefit as well, or at least have a few laughs.

By the way, I saw your article in last month’s issue. Sweet Shakespeare! I didn’t know you could write with such clarity, and poke a little fun at yourself as well. You were poking fun at yourself, right? All of that stuff about Egyptian healing wands and Pleiadian Activation Oils? You saw those as your makyo, right? Well, one way or the other, you had me laughing all of the way to the Ascended Master’s Club. I told my colleagues about your article, and now some of them are going to write to their Human Self. It seems that humans have a hard time hearing the ever-present Inner Voice.

I loved our bowling date, the one you talked about in your article. Just you, me and all those strikes. Now that’s what I’m talking about when I say it’s time to live! Wasn’t it more fun than doing your regular evening prayers and rituals? I know you felt a little uncomfortable because nobody else could see me. They probably thought you were talking to yourself. Ha! If only they knew you were talking to an ascended Master… an ascended Master who bowled three perfect games in a row.

That was a few years ago, and in between now and then, you’ve had a tendency to forget about me. You get back into the singularity of the human self when things are going okay for you, and then call out to me in desperation when you’re going through a tough patch. Have you ever considered just staying in the “And”? The human AND the Master? The masculine AND the feminine? The Serious One AND the Jester? It’s actually more of a natural state of being rather than being in just the human mode. I hate to see you bouncing back and forth, slamming into the walls of life, one minute in the state of grace and the next minute in the state of chaos. It really doesn’t need to be so challenging.

I’m using this technique of swapping articles with you to get across my point. You’ve heard it before, from both me and my fellow Ascended Master Adamus Saint-Germain. He’s been very agreeable to channeling me – which is really you – in order to cut to the chase regarding this last lifetime of yours. He’s just saying what I’ve been saying, but you probably already knew that.

I’ll state my basic points here, and you might want to post these on your bathroom mirror so you don’t keep forgetting. Oh, and feel free to pass this on to your fellow searchers-and-seekers. Tell them their Master Self asked you to forward it to them.

Enjoy being the Human. You forget that enlightenment isn’t your responsibility. That’s my job. I’m already enlightened, so there is nothing to do other than to realize it. Take a deep breath and repeat after me: “I Am Enlightened.” That’s right… “I Am Enlightened.” I already am, which means you are as well. But when you’re trying so hard to become enlightened, you’re not going to realize that you already are. You’ll continue to chase the dream rather than live the dream. But sometimes I wonder… perhaps you like dreaming more than living?

Like Adamus says, this is dumb-ass enlightenment. You just assume. You just know. You stop questioning every move and every thought. It took me 1,152 incarnations on Earth for the human Me’s to get this simple point. Every one of them struggled through their lifetimes, trying to make themselves better humans in order to be worthy of heavenly salvation. Now I’m going around to every single one of my lifetimes to tell them that, 1) They’ll never reach perfection, nor should they even try; and 2) They are free to just experience life in whatever way they choose; and 3) Relax into enlightenment. I already have it, therefore, they can too.

Release the spiritual quest thing. That’s for amateurs and hobbyists. You tell me that there is nothing more important than your enlightenment, so just let yourself experience it. Like my friend Tobias said years ago, you’ll never know God through studying, but you can experience the Theo within any time you want. Sweet Buddha, humans have been writing about and studying spirituality for eons of time, but where has it gotten them? More books, more rules, and more lifetimes of searching. Do you realize that there are over 100,000 gods and deities in the Hindu tradition? Who can keep track of all that? The Catholics have over 10,000 saints, with more being added every day. There are over 300,000 letters in both the Torah and Quran. And there are 31,102 verses in the Bible. The shortest verse is, “Jesus wept.” I think he wept because it all got so confusing.

Look at you, dear human. You’ve tried nearly every New Age gimmick, from spirit guides to guided healing, from essential oils to oily gurus. Where did it get you? You turned into a boring, righteous, unhealthy, unhappy and un-abundant human. Blah! There were times when I got nauseous being around you.

I’ve seen the “popcorn popping,” as Adamus calls it. The humans who are realizing their enlightenment aren’t the ones going to the churches and mosques and ashrams. They’re the quiet ones who have cut out all of the makyo and made a direct connection within themselves. They’re not the priests and gurus and spiritual teachers, but rather the lady who makes your espresso or the man who fixes your car. They are in life, living life, rather than studying life.

Allow. You might wonder why nobody else is talking about this? Perhaps because it’s so simple. Just one word… Allow. It doesn’t get any easier than this. It’s the key to enlightenment. YOU JUST ALLOW IT! Duh! I’ve seen you try “allowing” a few times now, but you have to take off your tight underwear when you’re Allowing. It’s not a ritual, my friend. It’s not another gimmick. You just Allow. It’s like opening the hatch door of a submarine and letting the fresh air in. I know, you worry about letting water in as well. So… just allow it! The human will suddenly realize that it can let both water AND air in. “Allowing” means that you’re going to get out of your human way and open yourself up to the I Am. It’s so simple because there aren’t any tricks or gimmicks… just allowing. Sure, you might go through some mental and physical changes as a result. It’s no wonder, because you’ve been storing tons of old, unnecessary energies. Now they’ll loosen up and move on.

If I could use just one word to teach you and other humans how to realize their enlightenment it would be Allow. That’s it. Think about it for a moment: The one thing you haven’t done in all of these years on Earth is to Allow. What is the antithesis of Allow? Forbid! You’ve forbidden yourself to be you, to enjoy life, to let energies serve you. You’ve become a tangled mess of thoughts and emotions, beliefs and rules. Let it all go my friend. Allow.

How about getting together tomorrow night for another round of bowling? Between now and then, maybe you could trade in that old Volkswagen flower-power van for a nice sports car or BMW? It’s not that I don’t want to be seen with you and that van, but the other Ascended Masters are still laughing about it…

9 comments on "Dear Human"

  • Master Joy - Hima Wood on November 30, 2016 2:47 PM said:
    Love the article - great reminder for me. With Gratitude.
  • carine on November 5, 2016 4:54 PM said:
    Thank you for rminding me and warming my heart through inspiring my soul..
  • Claire on November 4, 2016 2:44 AM said:
    I was talking to my friend about how strange it is when the battle is done and at last we can just have some fun. We can enjoy everything now because it doesn't matter! No it isn't a lesson, no it isn't karma: it is just life and it's ups and downs. Nothing can take away what we now have. Ain't it great?
  • Kumiko on November 3, 2016 8:26 PM said:
    Wonderful remainder. I enjoyed it so much as well as the other two previous articles. Thanks a lot, very inspiring. ❤️
  • Adoracion on November 3, 2016 5:30 AM said:
    Eso es todo. Nuestro Maestro así lo dice. ¡¡¡Tan bonito y justo expresado!!! Gracias Geoof
  • Nazife on November 3, 2016 4:18 AM said:
    You always make me laugh Geoff and I love it :)) Thank you for your articles. Warm hugs from cold Istanbul Nazife
  • George Gold on November 3, 2016 2:01 AM said:
    Thank you very much Geoffrey AND Master :)
  • sheeelllaaaggghhhh on November 2, 2016 9:35 PM said:
    couldn'a hear much of yer message, there's alot o' loud popcorn popping sounds inside me hed . ef et's impo-tent ahm sho yer'll tap me on t' noggin. off ter pub, then fer a pint o' wee-heavy
  • Still laughing on November 2, 2016 3:56 PM said:
    Still laughing AND inwardly smiling

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