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I couldn’t image a more idyllic setting for the Magic of the Masters gathering than Lake Bled, Slovenia. Adamus had announced that we would be freeing ourselves from mass consciousness, so the location was important.

Slovenia, a small country of just 2 million people, is nestled between Italy, Hungary, Croatia and Austria. Bled is about an hour’s drive north of the capital city, Ljubljana. It’s perfect for our type of event because it’s surrounded by nature, the town is small, yet there are plenty of hotels and restaurants all within walking distance. What’s also unique is that Bled has a large festival hall that seats 500 people, complete with a large stage, tech booth, and professional lighting and sound equipment. Linda and I have traveled around the world and rarely see this type of ideal combination.

Although we’d previously been to Bled three times in the past, we’d always used hotel meeting rooms because the group size was limited to less than 100. We’d actually never been inside the Festival Hall until the day after we arrived. As luck would have it the hall had been remodeled the year before, replacing what we heard was a rather dreary space with one that felt warm and comfortable, with great upholstered seating and a feeling of freshness throughout.

The past few years we’d done larger European events in Munich and Sibiu, Romania, but we needed a bigger venue because we couldn’t accommodate all of the Shaumbra who wanted to attend in the past. Bled was perfect, being at the crossroads of Europe, having a venue for 500 people, reasonable prices, all surrounded by the stunning beauty of nature. Our only problem was that most of the hotels were already booked full, but Shaumbra were very resourceful in finding B&B’s, Airbnb’s, pensions and campgrounds.

Linda and I got to Bled a few days early, after two incredible weeks in Tuscany. We planned to go to Ikea in Ljubljana to get furnishings for the stage (chairs, tables, rug, etc.) but found out that it didn’t open until mid-2019! No problem. Instead we drove to Ikea in Austria. It was the perfect autumn day to take a drive through the Austrian countryside. Over the next few days we felt the energy of Bled change as Shaumbra arrived from 40 countries around the world. This set a record for countries represented, passing the Quantum Leap event in 2007 with 36 countries. The funny thing is that we could tell who was Shaumbra and who wasn’t as we walked along the streets of Bled and on the nearby walking paths. There’s just an unmistakable look about Shaumbra. They appear more aware and lighter than other people.

Set-up day is usually stressful. There’s a lot of equipment that needs to be wired, set up and tested. This year we also had several documentary films to test, plus the stage lighting, music equipment, registration and food areas, etc. This time, the set-up was nearly perfect and much, much less stressful than usual. Linda and I were actually able to leave the hall by 4 PM instead of the usual 8 or 9 PM.

I was disappointed that the weather forecast called for rain all weekend. It would make it more challenging for Shaumbra to get to the Festival Hall, plus diminish some of the natural beauty of the Bled area. Yes, as if by magic, the weather was good with the exception of rain on Saturday night, when it didn’t interfere with our day-time gathering.

We got to the hall about 8 AM Saturday morning for a 10 AM starting time. Shaumbra were already lining up to register and get good seats, and the energy and excitement levels were over the top! It was beautiful to watch as Shaumbra reunited with other Shaumbra they hadn’t seen in years. The number of hugs was off the charts that morning, and there was an enthusiastic stampede when the doors to the auditorium opened at 9:30 AM.

Back in our green room (prep room) Linda and I sat quietly and breathed. We were both happy-nervous, meaning that we were excited about the next two days but also nervous because standing in front of 500 amazing Masters will do that to you. At 10 AM sharp, Yoham & Friends took to the stage for the opening song after a thunderous round of applause from the excited audience. Wulfing von Rohr welcomed the attendees, and talked briefly about what makes Shaumbra different than any other spiritual group he has encountered over the years.

Next, Wulfing introduced Linda and me. I’ll never forget that moment of walking out on stage. There were 500 people in the audience yet everything felt so warm and intimate. It felt like being amongst dear friends rather than being in a large auditorium. Everything went into slow motion for me. My eyes searched the audience and I saw faces that I’ve known for years, faces of people that had gone through so many challenges in their lives but yet were now smiling and looking younger, and faces of true Masters. I keep playing that image over and over in my mind because the room was filled with so much love, spirit and joy, the likes of which I’ve never seen. The cheering and celebration seemed to last forever, until we finally had to motion to everyone to take their seats in order to start the program.

The day went by in a blur. Wulfing von Rohr gave an excellent talk about the journey of Shaumbra over the years, from his perspective as someone who does a lot of work with spiritual groups all around Europe, as well as being a publisher’s agent for a long list of spiritual authors. Next came the team of Jonathan Kray, Sandra Roggerman and Jorge Andrade to present the trailer for their upcoming film, Rude Awakening. The film is about the rough side of spiritual awakening as well as the fulfillment of mastery. The trailer was insightful, humorous, fast-paced and extremely well produced. This was the world-premiere of the documentary trailer, and Jonathan, Sandra and Jorge stood off screen as the audience watched, not knowing what kind of reaction they would get. Their concerns were soon washed away as the audience gave a huge standing ovation even before the preview ended.

(Rude Awakening is scheduled for release in late 2019.)

Next on the schedule: The Beloved St. Germain. I was a little surprised and unsettled when it was actually Adamus who started speaking. He explained that he just couldn’t help himself because Adamus is all of us, a facet of St. Germain created specifically to work with Shaumbra from awakening to mastery. After a while he turned over the stage to St. Germain, who led us on a deep and touching DreamWalk to the temples of Tien in Atlantis to collect our aspects that were still holding the dream for the time of Realization. Yoham accompanied the DreamWalk with music that enhanced the energy and the experience.

After lunch came the channel I was most anxious and nervous about. Sam. I had never channeled Sam and wasn’t sure what to expect. Would it sound and feel like Tobias? Linda did the breathing into the channel, followed by the music of Yoham. The auditorium was absolutely silent in anticipation as the music came to an end. I always tell people who want to channel that the first words out of your mouth are the hardest, but in this case a gentle and loving presence swept over me as Sam came in. I didn’t need to “find” him or his voice. He was right there. I was a little surprised that it wasn’t at all like Tobias… not the energy and not the voice. Sam’s energy was silky, golden, “round” and clear. I felt more compassion coming from him to the audience than I’ve felt in a long time. I think it’s because he’s walking in our shoes, in our current era, and therefore he has a deep understanding of our day-to-day lives.

At one point I thought Sam felt “monotone,” meaning there was very little expression or variance in his voice, but then I realized that he didn’t need to be a showman because so much more was coming from his energy. I felt him wrapping up his message and thinking that only 30 minutes had passed, but realized later that he talked for nearly an hour. After the channel I could barely function; Gerhard Fankhauser had to escort me back to my hotel a few blocks away, which is kind of like the blind leading the blind because he was also dazed from doing the musical accompaniment.

The Divine Joy Theatre topped off the first day with their original production of “To Be or Not to Be – In A Relationship.” They had the audience laughing and contemplating as the nine Shaumbra cast members entertained everyone after an amazing first day of the conference.

The next day started with a well-received presentation from Birgit Junker, the German Shaumbra website host. She talked about going beyond our comfort levels, a subject that rang a bell with everyone in the audience. She offered insightful examples from her own life, ranging from humorous to nearly-frightening stories. In the end she reminded us that this is what we came here for, to go beyond the limits and comforts of mass consciousness. No matter what, she noted, we simply can’t go back now, so might as well take a dive into the New.

Then it was time to preview the second film that was being premiered at the Bled event. Nikki Williams has been working on Time of the Sixth Sun for nearly 10 years. The film is finally finished and will be released in just a few months. Our dear Tobias narrates the film, based on a private channel he did for Nikki just one week before his departure in 2009. The film’s visuals are stunning, the message is incredibly appropriate for those coming into awakening, and Shaumbra could feel how their journey had been captured in a documentary that is sure to be viewed by hundreds of thousands – or perhaps millions – of people around the world.

Kuthumi – dear sweet Kuthumi – was next to take the stage. He started with his traditional “Namaste, NAAAAMASTEEEE” greeting as the entire audience erupted in their loud “Namaste!” reply. After a few opening jokes and humorous comments, he launched into a poignant story about another of his encounters with his higher Self, Ah-Ki-Rah. At the end of his beautiful and wise message, he starting singing, “Ha ha ha, Ah-Ki-Rah” and soon the entire audience joined in, along with the music from Yoham. It was one of those “I’ll always remember this” moments.

After lunch, Adamus came back to the stage for our final experience of the event. It was time to go beyond mass consciousness. He said this event was a milestone, right up there with the Quantum Leap (2007) and Tobias’ Departure (2009) in terms of shifting consciousness. He talked about what we were really doing on the planet in this lifetime, and reminded us to “allow” rather than to effort or struggle. Then, with the music of Yoham, we started to release mass consciousness. Time and space became distorted. The auditorium felt like it was swirling. I was channeling Adamus and Shaumbra, but I was also getting images from my own life, past and future. One moment I felt like I was covered with heavy weights, and the next moment I felt like I was free of everything. It was hard to tell how long this lasted, and I don’t even remember the words, but something happened in that room that day. I dare not to even try to describe it because it is too precious, even three weeks after the event. I only remember Adamus inviting the audience to tone our way out of mass consciousness. The tones of Shaumbra were everywhere; in the air, in my heart, in the past and future, in the 3D and other realms all at the same time. The entire experience of being the channeler and being an observer was surreal, other-worldly and sublime.

After Adamus thanked the audience – those there in person and those present energetically – Yoham played upbeat and dynamic music for the next 30 minutes while the audience danced on stage, in the aisles, even standing on their chairs. It was time for celebration, and time to acknowledge what we’ve done on earth in this lifetime.

Three weeks later I’m still floating in the energy. I hope it doesn’t ever fade away because the Magic of the Masters gathering was one of the most memorable and moving of all of Shaumbra events to date. I struggled to even write the words of this article because they simply don’t do justice to the beauty of the event. I invite you to simply feel into the energies of what happened in Bled, Slovenia in early October 2018 with 500 Shaumbra from 40 countries. It was the magic of the Masters.

To see many wonderful photos of this event, please visit the Crimson Circle Photo Album.

4 comments on "Memories of Bled "

  • Anni Pretorius on April 11, 2019 4:33 AM said:
    Thank you Geof....Just love reading and going there with you.... such amazing energies... I feel so special been part of each moment with Shaumbra
  • Shirley Greenwood on November 15, 2018 2:33 PM said:
    while I was reading I could feel you and the masters, thank you for sharing your amazing gathering to those who where not there in body.
  • Joe on November 15, 2018 2:04 PM said:
    Beautiful! 👏🏼
  • Maria Grigoraki on November 15, 2018 1:53 PM said:
    I am still in this energy of Bled, love, freedom, awarness and so much magic !! Thank you dear Geoff for everything we felt and experienced there!! Love !!

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