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Adamus says the other realms are bustling with activity as we come closer to Heaven’s Cross on March 22. Angelic beings are making final preparations. Members of our celestial counterpart, the Crimson Council, are monitoring the consciousness and energies of our planet with intense interest. Shaumbra that have crossed over in the past few years are focused on the connections between the other realms and Shaumbra still on the planet. Adamus, Tobias, Kuthumi and thousands of ascended masters are working with us closer than ever, knowing the importance of the event and knowing that it presents special challenges for us right now.

At the end of the most recent Keahak session, Adamus addressed the issue of doubt, saying that we could not afford the luxury of doubt, but also acknowledging that it is going to be one of the biggest issues in our lives right about now. Doubt comes up now because we’ve been preparing for the Apocalypse for thousands of years. Part of us wonders if it’s now actually for real. There have been many carrots and promises and false starts in the past; many fallacious gurus with their claims of the Promised Times. No wonder we doubt that this is it. We’ve had our expectations inflated, only to be burst.

I’ve had some long and serious talks with Adamus about Heaven’s Cross. “You’ve laid it all on the line, Most Honorable Adamus. You’re even calling this the Apocalypse. You’re basically giving it biblical status.”

“And your point is…?” replied the self-appointed president of the Ascended Masters Club.

“What if nothing happens?” I asked innocently. In that moment I thought I heard loud thunder in the background and then realized it was Adamus laughing so loud that he was shaking up the heavens. I continued. “I’m glad you think it’s funny but based on everything you said in the Shouds and Keahak, and Heaven’s Cross Part 1 and Part 2, this is it.

I didn’t hear any words but I felt a huge, “Duh!”

(I cringe when the Ascended Masters mimic us with our own flippant human expressions.)

“So what’s a Realm Worker,” I inquired. Adamus had brought up the subject in the January 28 Keahak session and even suggested I write an article about it.

At this point Adamus took on a more serious demeanor. I’ll summarize what he shared with me:

Heaven’s Cross is unprecedented. In the other realms they actually call it the Apocalypse rather than Heaven’s Cross, but the term Apocalypse has some very scary human connotations based on misinterpretations of the biblical Book of Revelations. Adamus created the term Heaven’s (or Heavens) Cross to avoid mass anxiety and create the visual of the various dimensions (heavens) opening up and intersecting. It is the long-prophesized time of the Christos Consciousness on earth. It is happening now due to the appropriate level of light and consciousness in a small but significant number of humans that have chosen to be embodied on the planet at this time.

Adamus made it clear that this is not a “unicorn” event; it is not a woo-woo New Age dream. Instead, it is based on metaphysics and quantum mechanics related to consciousness>energy>light>gravity>reality. It is much more than spiritual phenomena. He cautions that many spiritual teachers and practitioners will miss the importance of the event if they don’t understand the underlying metaphysics. They will sell it as a tool for better health, abundance, relationships, healing, spirit communications, etc., which it is not.

It has been known for the past 25+ years that Heaven’s Cross was rapidly approaching but it wasn’t known until late in 2022 when the actual human date would be. Even when St. Germain announced Heaven’s Cross at the Time of the Merlin event in September 2022, he could only say it would be in early 2023. It was at least another month before the date of March 22 was announced.

It’s interesting to note that the spring equinox is March 20, two days prior to Heaven’s Cross. There are some noteworthy astrological events taking place on March 23, one day after Heaven’s Cross. Now that word about the event has gotten out to the spiritual community, there are some that claim the event is indeed on March 23 because of the alignment of the stars. Adamus makes it very clear that it is March 22, and that it is not the result of astrological alignments but rather intensifies the alignments that happen the next day. In other words, Heaven’s Cross is the result of consciousness, not astrology. Other spiritual organizations have hopped on the bandwagon and are talking about dates in April and May 2023, but Adamus and the Crimson Council have taken careful calculations and are solid on the March 22 date.

In order for the opening of the veil to occur, there must be enough humans on the planet holding a certain level of consciousness and light. This triggers a series of events that culminate in the opening. The actual opening starts slow (on March 22) and then continues to open at a very carefully calculated rate as to not throw our planet into complete imbalance and chaos. It requires an immense team of angelic beings in the other realms to help maintain this balance as some humans begin to access the other “heavens.”

A very important part of this multidimensional effort are humans that are currently embodied on the planet and are working in the other realms in preparation of Heaven’s Cross. Many of them (you) may not be aware of their other-worldly work, according to Adamus. They go about their everyday human lives, usually in relative obscurity, far away from the bright lights and egocentric activities of human life. Their (your) role is critical to the balance that is needed to insure the safety of those accessing the other realms, and to maintain a balance on the planet.

Adamus offered this analogy in Keahak: Imagine a new parkway or boulevard is being built through a beautiful area with forests and lakes. Only certain vehicles with special headlights will be allowed to travel the roadway; those without the special headlights won’t even know it’s there. When the roadway is opened, it will be lined with angelic beings from one end to the other, to greet the multidimensional travelers and insure their safe passage. The parkway leads to a place called the Elysian Fields. It is here that the traveler gets out of their vehicle and takes in the magnificence of the promised land, and where they exclaim, “I am in heaven.” It is the land of the soul, of crystalline energies and of grace. They breathe in and absorb their surroundings, all while feeling the harmonic resonance of the Master within. The Master is, of course, the wisdom of all their lifetimes on Earth.

Here is where the Realm Workers come in: Many who travel here will not want to leave. The energies are unlike anything they have experienced as humans on Earth. There is no sense of density and compression. No body aches and pains. No negative memories, only wisdom. No feelings of fear or being unsafe. This is heaven. The traveler will wander about this heaven still able to observe and experience with the human senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, as well as high dimensions senses that now begin to open.

The Realm Workers, who have helped build this parkway to the Elysian Fields, are there to remind the traveler that they can come here any time now, but it is also important to return to human life on Earth. The traveler is reluctant to leave this heaven, but the Realm Worker reminds them that their intent was to come here in human and angelic awareness, and then take the experience and essence with them to Earth. They are reminded by the Realm Workers that they did not come here for their human body to die back on the planet, but to now return to their very-much-alive human body. As they do, they will bring back a taste of their essence as well as a new form of light and crystalline energy. The Realm Workers will help assure that the traveler hops back in their vehicle and returns to Earth, and subsequently brings back a light that has never been present on Earth. They don’t need to do anything with this light when they return other than to let it shine upon humanity. It will augment the light and consciousness that is already here.

The Realm Workers have been busy helping to design and build the parkway for the past 25+ years, and then working with the angelic beings to greet those making their early journeys to the Elysian Fields. Most have been unaware of their multidimensional activities other than the feeling that “something” has been going on.

Adamus says the Realms Workers have been an essential part of architecting and then opening Heaven’s Cross. It cannot be done with just non-physical beings on the other side of the veil. There has to be the active participation of spiritually-mature humans in order to keep a proper balance. After all, Heaven’s Cross is about being both human and divine. The participation of the wise human helping to build the parkway and greet the travelers is a key component to the Apocalypse. It only becomes the Apocalypse when the travelers reach the Elysian Fields and then return back to their life on earth as an embodied human.

I’ve asked Adamus many questions about the Realm Workers including these:

Cauldre: Are they aware of the work they are doing in the other realms, the work of Heaven’s Cross?

Adamus: Generally not, other than perhaps in their dream state. Even then, their mind does not properly translate their work in the other realms. They wake up thinking they are dreaming of hard manual work, or toiling with meaningless tasks, or oftentimes trying to break through some type of barrier or wall. This is because they are dealing closely with the effects of the veil – closer than most other humans – and this causes them to forget what they are doing as Realm Workers.

Cauldre: Did they consciously choose to do this, and if so, when?

Adamus: The decision was not made at a human level, rather at a Master level. It was made before their birth in this lifetime, assuming the Apocalypse would occur within their upcoming lifetime. They put their name on a sacred list and said, “Let me know if and when it’s happening so I can go to work.” Most of them had uneventful childhoods, and when they were finally called to service they stayed anonymous and quiet in their human lives because their passion was working in the other realms. They didn’t want to get distracted by heavy or intense human lives.

Cauldre: Much of their work is in the other realms. Will they get a chance as humans to travel between the realms or are they just meant to focus on the other side?

Adamus: They helped build the parkway, so to speak, and they will also be the first to test it before Heaven’s Cross. Most of them will have consciously traversed the realms before March 22. Their human self will suddenly be aware of their work in the Elysian Fields, the 6th Heaven.

Cauldre: What are the attributes of the Realm Workers? How does someone know if this is what they committed a big part of their life to?

Adamus: Generally speaking, they live their human lives in the background. They don’t immerse deeply into careers, family, lovers, or big projects. They tend to be very intelligent and aware of everything around them, but they don’t dive into life. They tend to neglect their bodies, they sleep a lot, and they are incredibly sensitive to the harshness of human living. They read a lot, stay away from social activities, and tend to have anxiety. In the end none of this really matters to them because they have an inner knowingness of the work they are doing. Ever since we announced Heaven’s Cross they have felt their world spinning round and round, like everything is going to change. They will be traversing the “parkway” beginning in the early weeks of March in preparation for the opening on March 22. The human will feel that something important has been completed in their life without knowing exactly what it is, and may feel their “time” has come and begin preparing to leave. However, myself and other Ascended Masters will be working with them closer than ever to help them understand this is just a beginning for their human self.

Cauldre: Am I a Realm Worker? (the sound of thunderous laughter came once again)

Adamus: You’ve got to be kidding! Your work has been here on the planet, being a communicator of the messages from Tobias, Kuthumi and me. We come through the veil to you, rather than you crossing the veil to us. Your life is anything but in the background, even though you probably prefer that it was. You can be assured that the Realm Workers will be there for you when you begin taking your journeys to the Elysian Fields.

Cauldre: When will their work be done?

Adamus: For most, it will be within 4-5 months after the Apocalypse begins. The trail will be blazed by then and they can now have awareness of their human and divine selves. They can now begin living their dreams as divine humans on earth, and know their work in the other realms is a success. They will embrace human life in a way few other humans have been able to do so. They will be true living Masters, now with a special badge of honor in their energy field. They will be known as The Graceful Ones.

I end my article in deep gratitude to those of you who have been Realm Workers in this lifetime. I am obviously not one, but I know the commitment it has taken to do the work you’ve done and still try to stay here on this planet. May you be blessed with awareness of your contributions to Heaven’s Cross, and may you traverse the realms with ease and grace.

16 comments on "Realm Workers"

  • Cinara on March 21, 2023 3:41 AM said:
    Em mim As palavras na música são: Ooohhhh Finalmente Estamos Juntos Uuuuhhhh .... Cristalinas Gracias e Graças ....
  • Rev. Patricia Johnston on March 6, 2023 5:32 PM said:
    Beautiful! I can see and feel it already.
  • Ursula Shana on March 3, 2023 12:43 PM said:
    The description of the Realm Worker fits and explains why I am still here, and why I have been waking up in the morning after a full night‘s sleep as if I‘d been working on the railroad all the liv‘ long night. It all makes sense now. I have envied my friends who recently left the physical dimension. But I will stick around to find out just what it’s like to be on earth when the veil is open. Thank you so much for the clarification!
  • Ursula Shana on March 2, 2023 1:59 PM said:
    The description of the Realm Worker fits and explains why I am still here, and why I have been waking up in the morning after a full night‘s sleep as if I‘d been working on the railroad all the liv‘ long night. It all makes sense now. I have envied my friends who recently left the physical dimension. But I will stick around to find out just what it’s like to be on earth when the veil is open. Thank you so much for the clarification!
  • Danuse Mitchell on February 18, 2023 11:09 AM said:
    Thanks thousand times for your article dear Jeff…. It is an clear and beautiful explanation of it…. I have a dear friend who is a Realmworker and now I know at least what a great work she is doing …. 👍🧙‍♂️❤️
  • Mary on February 17, 2023 3:24 AM said:
  • Maridanie on February 15, 2023 7:52 AM said:
    Thank you so much dear and precious Geoff! :)
  • Kathy A. Ness on February 13, 2023 11:28 PM said:
    Blessings dear Geoff for all you have given to support this journey.
  • Herbert Domnick on February 13, 2023 9:07 AM said:
    Thank you Geoff for this artikel, a pleasure to read so much clarity for the human love you adamus
  • Мунира on February 11, 2023 9:53 PM said:
    Благодарю всех нас!!! Благодарю Калдре и команду Алого круга!!! За то, что мы это сделали!!!
  • Choi Jung il on February 7, 2023 5:56 AM said:
    Ok I love you Thank Your message!!
  • Brenda Barrett on February 5, 2023 6:17 PM said:
    This is a very interesting article. I have never heard of Realm Workers until I watched the shoud today and then read this article. I lam grateful for the information. It reminds me of what light workers do here on earth, unseen and often unaware of their energetic work. Heaven only knows what one does at night in their deep deep sleep.
  • Valérie Michaud on February 5, 2023 12:56 AM said:
    Thank you so much for this article! As a realm worker, it defines and explain very well a big part of my life, and what i'm up to for the years to come....even though i don't have the pretension to say that i understand exactly what it's all about! One day at a time! There much more to come i guess! But it clarifies and helps me be at peace with what i've been -being and doing- on earth all those years... :) Gracefully yours, Valérie (Québec, Canada)
  • مانا نور on February 4, 2023 11:01 AM said:
    I love you Adamus
  • Sandovânio Ferreira de Lima on February 3, 2023 4:00 AM said:
    Irmãos, aos 21 anos, quando me vi sozinho e fiquei muito angustiado por isso. Meu Eu Sou veio até mim e com seu amor, fez o tempo e o espaço sumir, e em uma tela vi o planeta na minha mão. hoje tenho 46, e depois de ter passado nos últimos dias por um Caos de emoções e pensamentos. Afirmei para a fonte criadora que Sou o Amor Incondicional e a Luz branco cristalina da fonte no planeta. Amo todos vocês e um abraça especial ao meu grande irmão Adamus
  • Assjanuary on February 2, 2023 3:47 PM said:
    El otro día tuve un sueño en el cual estaba trabajando dentro de un armario, simplemente hacia tareas como ordenando objetos en cajas. Dentro del armario había otros trábajdores haciendo lo mismo. Cuando me desperté estaba enfadado. - trabajando en un sueño ? De verdad! - ayudando a otros en vez de ocuparte de tus cosas.!!! Me dije enfadado.

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