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Linda and I are on our way home after a remarkable 5-week whirlwind tour in Europe. As a matter of fact, I’m writing this article at 36,000 feet (11,000 meters) altitude on our flight from Munich to Denver. I know that the editor, Jean Tinder, is anxiously awaiting my article because the October Shaumbra Magazine needs to get out before the Shoud later in the week.

Adamus and the Shaumbra audiences never cease to amaze me. When the Crimson Circle staff asked about the recent events in Europe my answer was, “The best ever!” They probably expected that answer because it’s what I usually say after every event. But they do get better each time. At the Threshold Reunion in Tuscany last week, Adamus once again reminded the attendees that the channels are a reflection of the audience. He’s simply mirroring us, and putting into words what everyone in the audience is already beginning to realize. He takes the essence of the group and puts it into words while adding his enhancements of theatrics, distractions, and merabhs. I assume the gatherings keep getting better because we keep becoming more masterly.

As a channeler, my job is to take the energy transmissions from Adamus and translate them into words. Contrary to what many people think, Adamus doesn’t give me words to repeat like a puppet. Rather, he streams an energy delivery that I quickly translate into words. I use American English words because that is the only language in which I am proficient. Once in a while someone asks why Adamus doesn’t speak in French, his language-of-choice in his lifetime of St. Germain. It’s simply because I don’t speak French. The stream from Adamus includes the cadence, body movements, facial expressions, voice pitch and many other layers of non-verbal communications. It’s a symphony of sounds, movements and energy all for the sake of playing back to Shaumbra what is already blossoming within them.

Hundreds of elements come together at the same time in a channel. Through Adamus’ eyes (his awareness), I can feel the audience members, especially when he’s talking one-on-one with a particular Shaumbra. I see not only the human in the moment, but also some of the aspects and past lives as well. It’s like watching a TV screen with dozens of difference channels all playing at the same time, or looking into a kaleidoscope and seeing a myriad of images. At first it was confusing but now I find it to be a fascinating “And.”

At times I’m aware of other entities in the room. Sometimes they’re part of Adamus’ celestial team, ranging from a handful to a few hundred. They come to observe Shaumbra, to help balance the energies, and to watch a Grand Ascended Master at work with dedicated humans. I sense Kuthumi in the room at nearly every Shoud and at many of the workshops. Perhaps this accounts for the humor that is such an important part of our gatherings. For instance, an attendee recently asked why her dog shakes and tremors every time the canine is in the car with her. Without missing a beat, the answer was “because YOU are driving.” In that moment I felt more of Kuthumi coming through than Adamus. (BTW, Adamus later suggested that the group refrain from asking dog and dead grandmother questions.) Sometimes the entities aren’t part of Adamus’ team. They are energy-feeding spooks, annoying wisps and shadowy aliens attracted by the light of our gatherings. I’ve learned not to pay any attention to them, but once in a while I chuckle under my breath when I watch Adamus shoo them away like pesky flies. Occasionally Metatron stops by for a visit. Adamus acts a little different when Metatron shows up, knocking off the antics and turning more serious. It reminds me of when the school principle would come into the classroom to audit the teacher. Suddenly the teacher got more “professional.” No other entity has quite this effect on Adamus.

One of the most fascinating things to observe is when Linda hands someone the microphone to answer an Adamus question. BTW, this form of Q & A – when Himself asks the questions and Shaumbra is expected to answer – is part of the unique mix of the workshops and Shouds. I’m not aware of any other channeled entity doing this, especially the way Adamus does it by turning their answers into even greater insights. The moment someone takes the microphone I can feel the whole situation play out. For example, at the recent Threshold Reunion in Tuscany Adamus asked the audience, “What is your good-ness?”, meaning what are your talents and passions. Even before she spoke a word I could feel the answer through Adamus: The ability to listen to others. She hawed and hemmed for minute or so, and gave a slightly makyo answer. Adamus kept pushing her by asking what kind of work she did. It turns out she was a business consultant. He repeated the question again; she still wasn’t able to articulate her good-ness. Finally Adamus asked permission to answer it for her: The ability to listen to others. She lit up like a lightbulb and said “Yes, yes, yes!” like he hit the nail on the head. It was intriguing to watch the whole set-up and revelation of the exchange, seeing the answer in advance and watching it unfold. BTW, many people report that they don’t even remember what they said to Adamus because the energies are so intense. They have to go back and read the transcript to find out what was said.

When a man on the other side of the room got the microphone I could immediately feel the answer from Adamus, like it was written in big letters on his forehead: The ability to inspire others. The man fumbled as he mentally searched for the answer. He said a few things but Adamus kept on pushing him for a clearer answer. Adamus distracted him for a moment to get him out of his head, and suddenly the man cried out, “I inspire others!” Bingo! It was truly fascinating to watch how Himself gets people to realize their own answers. It’s as if I have a front-row seat at the theatre.

Sometimes the job of channeling is so smooth and easy that I actually feel invigorated at the end of a long session. This especially happens when Adamus is doing his Act of Distraction…. When he’s telling stories, horsing around, writing on the board and making provocative statements. There are times I have to refrain from bursting out in laughter along with the audience because some of it is so damn funny! Adamus is getting us to laugh at ourselves, and when we do, more and more of our Master and And slips into our human lives.

There are other times when the energy in the room is so dense and murky that I am exhausted to the bone afterwards. It happened at the recent Simple Master event in Tuscany. Adamus was talking about human psychology, asking the audience about their experiences as professional counselors, or as clients of counselors. Suddenly the room felt very warm and I started to get dizzy. I wondered if it was something I ate for breakfast. I could barely breathe, my hands were shaking, and I was afraid I was going to pass out. I even looked for an open place on the floor so I didn’t end up in an attendee’s lap. Instead of feeling Adamus within me it felt like he was just a distant echo. I started sweating and asked for a fan (ventilator). My vision got murky and everything in the room turned a brownish color, and then I saw a yellowish-brown cloud lingering above the audience. I could hear Adamus telling me to keep going and pay no attention to what was going on, but now I was truly panicked. My human aspect wondered if I was having a heart attack or some sort of melt-down. Somehow I made it through the next 15 minutes but had no idea what I channeled during that time.

I went back to my hotel room at the break and splashed a lot of cold water on my face, then sat down and did some deep breathing. My hands stopped shaking and I felt a calmness slowly return. “What the hell was that about!?,” I asked Adamus. “A huge release,” he replied. “When we started talking about psychology, Shaumbra felt into their personal experiences with their psychological issues, but instead of dwelling on them – processing them – they released them. The energy cloud lingered in the room for a while. You can’t let little things like that bother you while channeling.” (So much for sympathy.) He went on to explain that I became overwhelmed with the sudden and huge release because I took it on as my own rather than remembering that it wasn’t mine. I was worn out most of the rest of the day, until Linda insisted that we go for a long walk late that afternoon. The one-hour walk in the Tuscany countryside cleared my head and got me back to balance.

It’s fascinating to observe Adamus during a merabh. The slower pace of the merabh affords me the opportunity to feel into the breadth of the experience. He tunes into the nuances of the music, using it to set an energy river upon which to flow the experience. He knows just when to exaggerate a word or phrase depending on the music, and when to say no words at all. He watches the energy in the room like an eagle, keenly aware of the personal experiences taking place. He knows when the audience gets mental, or when they are allowing a profound shift of conscious. During a merabh I am channeling at about 50% because Adamus takes over with his presence in the room, not necessarily using my body or words to transmit his message or create the safe space. I’m usually very disoriented after a merabh; it takes a while to shake off the spacey-ness.

Linda peeked over my shoulder while I was writing my article and said, “You should write a book about your experiences channeling Tobias and Adamus.” I could probably fill a lot of pages about the amazing, funny and profound experiences with channeling, but as soon as the words came out of Linda’s mouth I heard Adamus say, “After you write my ‘The Time of Machines’ book! I found you a place to write, now let’s start typing.” Ah, never a dull moment with an Ascended Master hanging around!

1 comments on "Through Adamus’ Eyes"

  • Suzanne Henry on December 21, 2017 2:32 PM said:
    Most interesting! I definitly will buy the book about Geoff's experiences when channeling! Thanks for sharing this with us!

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