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They’ve told us time and time again: You’re already enlightened. Now you’re just going through the experience of getting there.

Tobias said it back in the Ascension Series in 2001. I remember wondering and worrying when he told me the new series following the Creator Series would be called The Ascension Series. Are we really going to ascend? Tobias clarified for me: You have already ascended, now you’re just going through the process of getting there. That didn’t land in me at the time. I still wanted to know when and how we would ascend.

Kuthumi said it back in 2007. He was a guest at one of Tobias’ monthly Shouds when we were still at the Coal Creek Canyon community center. During the Q & A session someone asked him how much longer would it be before they became enlightened. His reply: “You are already enlightened! So now you can relax, have fun and enjoy the human experience of getting there!” He added that this knowingness would wash away tons of anxiety because we often wonder if we’re doing it right, and what will get in our way.

Adamus admonishes us to relax into your Realization. It’s already happened, he notes, and now you can choose how you got there. He says it’s a natural process so there’s no need to work on it. As a matter of fact, working on our Realization will only increase the level of makyo. And if that’s not enough, he points out that Realization is not the human’s responsibility, nor could they possibly do it if they tried. It’s all about allowing the Master into our human lives.

In spite of all this wisdom from the Ascended Masters, I think most of us are still certain we’ll figure out a way to screw it up. Some days I’m sure I’m a Master of Screw-Ups. Adamus says that we can’t do the wrong thing even if we tried, and invites us to try it just to see. Sounds nice, but like many of you I’m not sure I want to take a chance of things going really bad. Maybe others won’t mess it up but I’m inclined to think I would.

There’s a deeper implication to all of this, something Adamus is just starting to touch on in Keahak and Cloud Classes. We’ve been trapped in the gravity of Time for as long as we can remember. As we allow the Master in, one of the first things we’ll notice is that we integrate a degree of Timelessness into our everyday lives. We still operate within linear time and we go outside of time. We become bi-timal. (I made up that word.)

Recently I’ve become aware of one of the side-effects of this phenomena, and I’ve been noticing it with other Shaumbra as well. It relates to our creations, to our human lives and to our uncertainty about the future. It goes something like this:

The outcome of our creations is already done, but sometimes we go through mass consciousness to get there.

In other words, everything you need and desire in your daily life is there, but mass consciousness causes bumps and delays before you realize it.

Linda and I had a great experience with this recently. We had been in Tuscany for 12 days doing the Master’s Guide workshop. The weather was perfect the whole time, the workshop was one of the best ever, the channels and music were sublime, and nothing beats wine harvest time in Tuscany. We lived in this bubble for 12 days and finally had to take a day to travel to Bled, Slovenia. Back in mass consciousness, we nearly had two car accidents on the drive to Florence. I sat on a wad of used gum on the flight from Florence to Munich, getting gum all over the back of my pants and on the leather airline seat. Once in Munich we were told we were on stand-by for the next flight even though we had booked the reservations 8 months prior. We made it onto the flight, but once in Ljubljana it was dark, cold and rainy. We got to the hotel at 22:30h and discovered that we didn’t have a room that night. After checking into another hotel, we finally got to bed at midnight without dinner. In the middle of the night I smashed my toe on the metal threshold between the bathroom and sleeping room, basically ripping off my toenail. Blood was everywhere here in Bled!

The next day we moved back to our original hotel. The room was nice, with a great view of the lake. But while getting dressed for dinner Linda noticed a water leak in the ceiling above the toilet. It had destroyed a large area of the ceiling and water was dripping at a steady rate. She went down to the front desk about the problem and was told we could change rooms the next day. The thought of re-packing, hauling and unpacking 5 suitcases didn’t appeal to me whatsoever. In fact, it put me into a grumpy mood. Being the smart traveler Linda is, she got a key to the new room and checked it out before we started to move everything the next day. After inspecting the new room, she told me to pack the bags and stop whining. She assured me I’d like the new room. Walking in the door I realized it wasn’t just a special room, it was the Presidential Suite. A huge sleeping area. A dining room. A living room. A dressing room. Two bathrooms. And two huge balconies with incredible lake views. Ah! I took a deep breath and allowed my creation.

Here’s the point, and what I see happening for all of us in the days ahead: The Presidential Suite was already there, waiting for us. It’s just that it took some discomforts and bumps while slogging through mass consciousness to get there. Mass consciousness is a heavy gravity mixed with thick tar. It’s used to its old ways and doesn’t necessarily like when energies leap-frog out of its grasp. Mass consciousness is anchored in TimeSpace and demands compliance with its old, suffering, “just enough” ways. But as creators, Linda and I had already created the perfect hotel room. We knew we’d be super-busy the next 5 days with the 500-person Magic of the Masters event, and we needed a spacious place to get our rest and quiet. It’s not like we said, “We need the Presidential Suite” but more like an inner choosing for a good room in order to keep our energies balanced. We didn’t try to create the Presidential Suite with mantras or affirmations, but rather we created a space that served us as Masters and then ended up with, well, the best room in the hotel!

What you deserve as a Master is already there – abundance, health, people, resources, time, energy, everything – and why not? After all, energy is abundant and ready to serve you. Sometimes it takes an uncomfortable series of bumps through mass consciousness to get what you need, but you can take a deep breath and know it all works out. Yes, sometimes it’s a real pain in the butt, like our experience of going from Tuscany to Lake Bled, but in the end Linda and I found ourselves in a beautiful suite, paying just the rate for a regular room.

We’re still dealing with old energy patterns and still living in mass consciousness, so we’re still subject to a degree of bumps and bruises. We’ll go beyond that as we allow, and as we realize we can co-exist in a variety of realities simultaneously. We can be in mass consciousness and out of it. We can be in TimeSpace and out of it.

Adamus, Kuthumi, Blavatsky and the other members of the Ascended Masters Club are watching in fascination and awe as we, the Consciousness Pioneers, allow a whole new way of living. They realize we face many challenges in our day-to-day mass consciousness lives. They know that we are still suspicious about what’s around the next corner, and what the future holds. We still fear that our human Self might mess it all up in spite of the presence of the Master. But then, they open a bottle of fine vintage champagne and toast our new lives because they already see it. They can’t wait until we see it too.

Our future is not random or arbitrary. It holds all that we desire and deserve as embodied Masters living in the human reality. And beyond.

3 comments on "From Mass Consciousness to Master Suite"

  • mur ozyurt on November 24, 2018 2:12 PM said:
    dear master Geoffrey..tthis is a great share...amazing..thank you..thank you..thank you......
  • Adori Gonzalez Izarra on November 15, 2018 9:54 AM said:
    Estas experiencias también están en mi vida y constato lo de algunos gopes y demás cosas pero sobre todo el servicio de la energía y apoyo en situaciones inesperadas y favorablemente llamadas "mágicas". es todo un honor vivir esta experiencia junto a todos vosotros , un abrazo Adori
  • Mabel Russo on November 6, 2018 7:02 AM said:
    Muchas, muchas gracias por todo!

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