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At the recent May 2021 Channeling Workshop in Kona, Hawaii, Adamus announced that this workshop would evolve into something new, more tailored to Shaumbra’s current needs. “The new workshop will be called Masters in Communication,” noted Adamus.

This is much more than about updating the Channeling Workshop curriculum, or changing the name. It’s about the start of a new era for Shaumbra. It’s where Adamus is going with his messages in Keahak and the Shouds. We’re transitioning from being the students to becoming the true Masters. Ultimately, it’s all about energy and communications. There’s no need to learn how to channel anymore. It’s about total communications, whether it’s with non-physical entities, nature, other people or yourself.

Let’s take a look at the big picture:

Last summer, Adamus announced that he would be backing away in about five years. That means sometime in late 2025. He didn’t specify what it means to “back away” but he did not say he’s flat-out leaving. I assume he’ll come in once in a while for a message or update, but essentially, he’ll be turning over the wheelhouse to us. I asked him recently if he’d still do the Keahak program after 2025. He said he’d let me know in a few years.

Some of the Crimson Circle staff members have asked how I feel about this news. Well, it is what it is. I went through a big transition when Tobias left in 2009. I missed him dearly, both on a personal and a channeling level, but after about six months with Adamus I realized the value in the change of entities. Tobias was here to gather Shaumbra and help us understand we weren’t crazy. Adamus is all about taking us into embodied mastery so we can radiate our consciousness at what he calls the Time of Machines. Adamus’ role will change after 2025, and I have no doubt the Crimson Circle and Shaumbra will be ready for whatever comes.

Back to the Channeling Workshop. We haven’t done a lot of these workshops, but I always enjoyed them because Linda and I were doing the teaching, not the channeling. We get to share our stories from the past 22 years, and talk about the physics, ethics and challenges of channeling. It is a nice break from channeling the intense classes like SES, Aspectology, the DreamWalker series, Master’s Life, etc. So why would Adamus call for the end of the Channeling Workshops, especially since he isn’t directly involved? Here’s a quote from his message to the audience at the recent (and final) Channeling Workshop:

“Channeling is somewhat old-energy. That’s why you’re going to see a lot of the entities backing away in the next few years. Gaia already has. Archangel Mikael – Michael – is backing away. Yeshua, Mary, and the whole litany of beings that are being channeled, they’re going to start backing away. And, therefore, the channelers that are channeling them will also stop channeling those entities, if they are in integrity.

“As far as Cauldre, you, and Crimson Circle, I’ll be here for another four years. After that, no need to be. No need to be. Everything will have been done and said. Then it’s about the library, the vast Crimson Circle library of content, and all the energy in that content. It’s about making the library a safe space for humans coming into their awakening and then into their Realization. It’s about making the materials accessible, affordable and understandable.

“The reason why there’s going to be no need for more channeling workshops is because Shaumbra, you, are going to be taking over. You’re going to be the Masters, the teachers. You’re going to be the ones helping to guide those who are coming after you. You’re going to be in your wisdom, in your body on this Earth, sharing your wisdom.

“They don’t need to hear from entities such as myself. They don’t need channelers channeling otherworldly beings. They need you on the planet. That makes the big difference, when they can see you and they can touch you and they can hear you, when they hear your stories, when they hear your struggles, and they know you made it through. That’s what the planet needs right now more than anything.”

Adamus then talked about how the Channeling Workshop would evolve. Instead of focusing on channeling disincarnate entities, the focus will be about understanding and using energy communication, reminding us that all energy is communication. It’s the lifeforce often called prana, but instead of defining it as the universal breath of life, Adamus calls it the song of your Soul. Everything, according to Adamus, begins as communication.

Adamus went on the say, “So, where we’re going with all this is perhaps calling it Masters of Communication, because that’s really what you are doing. That’s why we don’t need to be doing a Channeling Workshop anymore, but for those who want to master their energy/communication skills, this is something for them.

In his message for the workshop attendees in Kona he added, “What you were doing here – feel into it – is far beyond just channeling. You were mastering the art of energetic communications. The voice was a small part of it. So much of it was about your radiance.”

The underlying message hit me immediately. It wasn’t so much about evolving the Channeling Workshop into the Master of Communication program. Adamus was saying that it will soon be time for him to step down, while perhaps making some guest appearances now and then. And more important, he was saying that the next big step for Shaumbra is to become master communicators. We’ll need to know how to receive and transmit energy/communications as we sit on our park benches around the world. We’ll need to understand how energy flows, and how to command the energy flow to serve us as embodied Masters. We’ll need to have a keen understanding of how to transmit our energy communication without limitations like the spoken or written word, or even music for that matter.

He had a similar message in his statement about what to expect in Keahak XI:

In Keahak XI, we’re going to explore energy flow – energy flow – how it flows through you. You’re the constant, but how it flows through time, space, the past, and the future, all in the Now moment to go to work for you. And, as we also talk about energy flow, the graceful flow of energy, we’re going to be talking about energy friction – those things that get in your way, that divert, that cause confusion and chaos – to help you understand how to come to a place of energy flow in your life.

“We’re also going to be talking in depth about the message, the message that is in all energy, for truly energy is just communication and within it are layers and layers, the signal of the energy.

“Keahak XI, it’s going to be about Masters in communications; mastering the beautiful communications that are inherent in all energy, and then allowing it into your life to serve you, the true Master.

Adamus is guiding us into a new era. It’s all about energy and communications, which are essentially the same. It’s time to go beyond the physics and theories of energy, and now apply them in our lives. Fence sitting is replaced by park bench sitting. It’s time to be a communicator, with a deep remembering that we are natural transmitters and receivers of energy communications.

Let’s herald in the new era as we put COVID behind us. We are becoming Masters in Communication.

2 comments on "Masters in Communication"

  • Zoe xakousti on November 9, 2021 12:10 PM said:
    Hello The word turd is not Greek. The word “ellipsis is Greek
  • Despoina on November 4, 2021 1:22 PM said:
    I am so so touched by this message. in my core. I listened to the words in a different way. Familiar to me. Between the words. Now I understand and appreciate myself and my / our path. I'm moved . I am relieved. I am deeply grateful. thank you all !!!

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