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Knock knock.

Who’s there?

The Dragon.

Dragon who?

You can’t keep dragon your guilt.

I was surprised when Adamus said it was time to film the Threshold for an online Cloud Class. The Threshold has been the premier Crimson Circle live workshop starting with the first one in 2014. Since then, Linda and I have taught it in-person 17 times. We’ve always limited the class size to about 25 attendees, which means only 439 Shaumbra have participated in the Threshold.

Adamus came to me about this in early June, just as we were preparing to return to Colorado after 4 months at Villa Ahmyo in Kona. During that time, we were able to conduct two regular workshops, but then the COVID-19 pandemic swooped in. We had to cancel the next three Kona workshops, including one Threshold event. Eventually, we had to cancel all workshops and in-person gatherings through the end of October. Adamus simply said, “It’s time to film the Threshold and offer it online.”

His request took me by surprise. A big part of the workshop was always the one-on-one interaction with Adamus. He’d have every attendee up to the front of the room at least twice during the 4-day event. He was in true Adamus form, poking and prodding and sometimes disassembling the attendees. How were we going to film Threshold without a live audience? Even if we wanted an audience, local regulations prohibit gatherings of more than 10 people due to COVID-19.

We scheduled the video shoot for late July, with hopes of making it available by late September. That didn’t suit Adamus. He wanted it available by mid-to-late August. So, with some palm-sweating and teeth-gnashing, we moved up the production date. The Threshold ended up being filmed last week at the Crimson Circle studio in Colorado, without an audience. Five days later, I’m still in recovery mode.

According to Adamus, what one experiences in Threshold is the last thing they do before Realization. Every Ascended Master has gone through the experience, and in most cases it has been brutal. It’s basically the encounter with the inner dragon that stands at the doorway to Realization. The dragon will not allow anyone into Realization if they still hold any vestiges of guilt and shame. Adamus says these are deep-seated human emotions and they simply cannot be carried into Realization. The problem is that many humans are not even aware of some of the biggest guilts and shames, such as coming to Earth, taking on a physical body and getting lost. The list could fill pages, and it’s not things like stealing, lying or drinking too much. The deepest issues relate to our innate and existential feelings of weakness, failure to save the world, being insignificant, not fulfilling our commitment to our angelic families, getting caught in our ancestral lineage, biological disease and death, etc.

In class after class, I saw how attendees initially felt they didn’t have many guilt issues when they came up to the front of the room with Adamus. During the encounter he helped open the door to show them their real shame, and nearly every time the tears of release flowed. What often draws someone to Threshold is the big question, “Why am I stuck?” and during the sessions they discover these huge hidden issues.

Nobody goes into Realization with guilt and shame. Period.

The dragon goes in and finds deeply buried judgments that cause guilt. Adamus says it is the “unforgiving forgiveness,” meaning that no stone is left unturned by the dragon. It finds everything, including issues that we don’t want to look at, much less have put in our faces. No wonder the dragon can appear to be brutal. Who really wants to take a look at all their crap? We became highly skilled at hiding these nasty morsels of regret, hoping they’d go away over time. The dragon finds them so we can finally release them, but it isn’t always pretty.

In Threshold, Adamus tells the story of Margo. It’s a true story of a modern-day Ascended Master who, like so many of us, chose a “challenging” family in order to be here at this time of global change. In her early 20’s, Margo encounters a horrific trauma that eventually gets her on the path to Realization. After 15 years, she finally gets to the end of the path, but turns back because she doesn’t understand the last step. She spends another 2 years in a futile effort to make amends, and finally heads back down Rue de la Réalisation. It’s not only the end of the road for her, but she has nothing left in her bag of tricks. Now she’s ready for the dragon, and the last thing she’ll do before Realization. Margo’s story sounds hauntingly familiar to what so many of us have experienced in terms of struggle, trauma, searching for answers, getting more stuck than ever, and eventually allowing our dragon to clear the last of our guilt and shame. Knock knock, the dragon is at the door.

Interesting side note: A few days before filming Threshold, a package arrived at Linda’s and my doorstep. It had a hand-written label, so obviously not from Amazon. The box was large and heavy, and I didn’t recognize the name of the sender. I cautiously opened the package – with the work we do, you never know if someone is going to send a live snake or whatever – and to my delight it was an 18-inch (45 cm) cast bronze sculpture of a dragon. The note from the sender said they saw the dragon at a shop and knew we should have it. It was from a Shaumbra we’ve never met or heard from before. Talk about synchronicity! I felt a wink and smile from Adamus. We used the bronze dragon as the centerpiece on the stage.

During the filming, Adamus noted that every Ascended Master has gone through the dragon encounter. He takes pride in pointing out that Threshold marks the first time, anywhere in all of creation, that this final step before Realization is being taught to groups of humans. All of the other Masters had to face it on their own, without the benefit of knowing what was ripping them apart. By understanding what it is and why it’s there, one can handle the encounters with the dragon much more gracefully. Indeed, the dragon goes from being a dreaded experience to being your best friend. In the opening session, Adamus says the Threshold is why he’s here with us. He loves the Shouds and workshops and Master’s Life classes, but Threshold is his true passion.

During the workshop, Adamus tells the story of his own encounters with the dragon in his last lifetime. Actually, he tells his entire life story. Linda and I have heard it 18 times now, and it’s still fascinating. He shares how, in his final years on the planet, the dragon comes to him numerous times in the most brutal way. He feels like he is already a true Master, and can’t understand why he is haunted by this demonic being. But alas, the dragon shows him all of his hidden and buried issues. In the end, he comes to full Realization, then his final death on this planet, and goes on to create the Ascended Masters Club in the other realms. Of course.

I shouldn’t be surprised that Adamus wanted us to film the Threshold. Attendees of the previous 17 live workshops helped ground and balance the energies. He talked extensively about the Dragon in ProGnost 2019 – The Dragon Enters. He’s talked about it in Shouds and workshops for the past few years. But nothing compares to the actual class. It is deep, profound and personal. Adamus feels that now is the time to make it available to all Shaumbra who choose to experience it, and that the live-hosted Cloud Class format is safe and effective. It all ties in to our Summer of Realization, and the inevitable coming to Realization for Shaumbra all across the planet.

Attendees of the live Threshold workshops in the past paid $2,500 for the 4-day class, with a total of 11 sessions. Adamus wants us to offer Threshold Online for $595, the same as other core Crimson Circle classes like the Sexual Energies School® and Aspectology®. It will be a three-day class with a total of 9 sessions. One of the sessions will include a live Question & Answer segment, where viewers can send in their questions for Adamus to answer real-time. The only pre-requisite is to have taken the Sexual Energies School. We feel that one needs to understand personal energy management in order to take something so impactful as Threshold without blowing apart. Every attendee will also be asked to sign an Integrity Agreement, basically stating that this is for your own personal use, that you haven’t taken any mind or mood altering medications in the past 18 months, and that you won’t teach or share the contents with others.

I’ve filmed a lot of classes and workshops over the years. The Sexual Energies School, Aspectology, Ancestral Freedom and DreamWalker Death classes have been the best-of-the-best, in my opinion. They’ll now have another incredible offering in their midst. Threshold is the culmination of all the work we’ve been doing together these past 20 years. And it comes to Shaumbra right now, in the Summer of Realization. I applaud Adamus for knowing this was the right time, and for insisting that we turn on the lights and cameras. It will help explain so much to so many current Shaumbra, and hopefully take out some of the mystery and brutality of coming to Realization for many generations to come.

More information about Threshold available July 15, 2020 HERE

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  • Peter Suedkamp on July 6, 2020 2:28 PM said:
    And in the ProGnost 2019 The Dragon enters Adamus also said that now that the Dragon is here that we don’t need to attend Threshold because it’s there now for everyone.

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