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Working with Tobias many years ago, I remember finishing a channel and thinking to myself, “Well, Tobias has said everything that can ever be said. There’s nothing left to talk about…. I guess my channeling career will be ending soon.” To my surprise and delight, Tobias was just warming up. He talked for another nine years before reincarnating back to Earth.

Then Adamus Saint-Germain came in. He’s been with us “every step of the way” for the past 7-1/2 years. If last Saturday’s Keahak session was any indication, he’s not going to run out of lecture material in the foreseeable future. He talked for 90 minutes straight, without a break and hardly a pause. He sometimes forgets that humans have, well, human needs, such as drinking water, using the toilet or taking a breath.

Since the beginning of the Transhuman Series last August, Adamus has been taking us to new levels into our mastery and enlightenment. His focus now is about “senses” and it makes a lot of sense. With all of the recent talk about senses I nearly forgot that he actually started addressing the subject in April 2010. That’s when we filmed InterDimensional Living at a hotel in Golden, Colorado, long before we had our amazing Crimson Circle studio. InterDimensional Living was Adamus’ first venture into the senses. He talked primarily about the 5 human senses and the mind, and showed the parallel paths to some of the angelic senses.

Now that we’re into the Transhuman Series, Adamus has a strong focus on sensuality and the “other” senses. Towards the end of last year he said that one of the most challenging things for him to do is to show us how to go beyond the mind. The mind is the very thing that keeps us in the zoo; while the Self desires to go beyond, the mind simply can’t comprehend “beyond.” Even if it tries, it will simply fake a “beyond” just like it has faked true sensual feelings with its crude emotions. The mind’s “beyond” will only be a new section within the old zoo.

In Master’s Life 4 (coming April 22), Adamus states that we actually are only using one sense, not five. He says that what we call the human senses – vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch – are simply mechanisms that reinforce the single sense that makes up the human experience – Focus. Everything in our human lives come as the result of Focus. As angelic beings, we jumped deep into the sense of Focus simply for the experience of this sense. Focus soon consumed us; it brought about singular focus, manifested in time, space, gravity, physical, mental and every other human mechanism that supports Focus. The sense of Focus has been like a huge vacuum chamber that blocks out the other senses. By the way, Adamus has stated that there are over 200,000 other angelic senses, so for us to go into the focus of Focus is like riding a wild roller coaster – we do it for the thrill. How could we be in the sense of Focus if the other 200,000 other senses were in play?

We can all give ourselves a Badge of Focus, kind of like a Boy Scout Merit Badge, to add to our Soul’s sash. We narrowed ourselves into a single sense but now it’s time to move on; it’s time to open up the other senses and enjoy the heck out of the multiplicity rather than the singularity of life.

Wouldn’t this make a great science fiction movie? A group of crazy adventurers travel from their paradise island across the great ocean, landing on the shores of a distant place where there is no light, no sound, and no smell. They are reduced to a single perception of reality through somatosensation (touch). They soon forget about all of the other senses because they’re so consumed with Touch, but all of the time they have a deep inner knowingness that there’s something else… they just can’t remember what it is so they go about trying to find it through touch. It would be a real touchy-feely movie.

Actually, Adamus created his own story about this in The Land of Blue in his recent book Memoirs of a Master. In the story, the people live in a multi-colored reality but favor blue as the most sacred of the colors. They paint their houses and churches blue, dye their hair blue and drive blue cars on blue-colored streets. Even the stop lights are all blue. This indulgence ultimately leads them to seeing only blue objects, even though all of the other colors still exist. A small group of people have a haunting inner knowingness that there is more than blue, but they use blue therapy and blue rituals to try to find it. Then a small group within the small group becomes so tired of their blue-only reality and finally rebel against blue, even if it means death. This releases them from blue-only consciousness and once again allows them to perceive all of the other colors. The other humans in the Land of Blue think they’re crazy, even trying to force the rebels to take blue pills to get them back in focus.

Hmmmm. This all sounds strangely familiar. Perhaps we’re not really crazy… we just have the Shaumbra Blues. We know it’s time to move on but we didn’t know how. Enter Adamus. Enter Sensuality. Enter Freedom.

We filmed The Master’s Life 4 – Sensuality a few weeks ago when Yoham was in town, which filled three very intense and expansive days in the studio. It’s going to be released as a Cloud Class on Earth Day, April 22 (4-22). Adamus talks about the sense of Focus, and brings in a few other senses for us to play with – Beauty, Unity, Love and Imagination. He’s starting with some of the basic senses that are relatively easy to adapt before going into the myriad of other senses.

In Keahak, Adamus said that when we open to about 11 other senses we start to have a genuine appreciation and awareness of our mastery. He noted that the senses don’t give us our enlightenment, but once we’re using about a dozen senses we have such greatly expanded realization that we finally accept and live our mastery. In my own words, I would say that mastery isn’t about conquering the human condition; rather it is transcending the single sense of Focus. We’ve mastered Focus, and now it’s time to move on.

Adamus made a point of reminding me not to start labeling everything as a sense. I’ve had the inclination to pin the “sense” label on things that are otherwise just Blue thoughts and emotions, or simply sub-sets of the senses he’s been talking about. I wondered if design was a sense (no, according to Adamus), and if music was a sense (no again) or if sex was a sense (not). He noted that Shaumbra are going to have a tendency to start assigning the sense label to everything and added that most of it is going to be the non-Sense of Makyo. Ha! I like that. Makyo is a non-Sense. Adamus is carefully rolling out the senses that will be the easiest to integrate, and from there going into some of the far-out senses. He says we have to play with the basics before we get into some of the more complex and less-Blue senses.

I’ve been extremely excited about the other senses lately. It’s the way out, the way beyond. It wasn’t about meditating or being a vegan or studying ancient scriptures. All of this time it was just about Sensuality. I find all of this to be so fascinating because I’ve never heard an approach like this after being around spiritual material and teachers for 20-plus years. Nothing comes close, nothing provides the way-out like what Adamus is getting into with us right now. What we’re doing is ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting and oh-so-sensual. If any of you have been wondering whether to stay or leave the planet, hold onto your hats. We’re going from the limitations of Focus into the Sensuality of the Master. Life will never be the same again… thank goodness.

4 comments on "It Makes Sense"

  • ROSANA VEIGA GUIMARAES on April 3, 2017 1:12 PM said:
    Thank you ! My life has changed the each moment !
  • Rosalba on March 30, 2017 11:30 AM said:
    Wow it is impressive. I can't wait to feel others senses that focus blue. Love it
  • Diane Walter on March 29, 2017 8:37 PM said:
    I'm scared No I'm not I exist
  • Gillian on March 29, 2017 7:15 PM said:
    Thank goodness indeed.💝

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