I had some time these past few weeks to reflect on life (haven’t we all?), and especially on the good fortunes of the Crimson Circle. Granted, I’m here at Villa Ahmyo in Kona, locked down in paradise due to the island-wide Stay-at-Home decree, so it was pretty easy to be grateful for the blessings in my life. I can’t say that I’ve experienced a bit of suffering during the lock-down. Like many other Shaumbra, I’ve actually loved this time, with the one small exception of not being able to frequent some of my favorite local restaurants. The island is quiet. The tourists have gone home, so even on the few occasions when Linda and I have ventured into town for supplies, the car traffic is light, the stores aren’t crowded, and the locals are more relaxed than usual. It’s all kind of heavenly.

Of course, my heart goes out to the hourly workers who have been laid off, and to the small business owners who may not make it due to the economic disruption. Having started and run several small businesses, I have tremendous empathy for the restaurant, shop and service company owners who may have to shut their doors permanently. A small business owner works day and night to build their business, and then something as unpredictable as a global shutdown can wipe out all of the small steps they’ve worked so hard for.

All of this gave me more reason to be thankful for the aura of grace around the Crimson Circle organization. Were we just lucky, or did we have a guiding hand from above, or were we highly intuitive without even knowing it? Not only have we been fortunate, we’ve been blessed in many, many ways:

IMHO, we have the best entities working with us: Tobias, Adamus and some occasional spice from Kuthumi. I give them all an award for their clarity, compassion and patience. They’ve all been in human form; they’ve walked in our shoes. They know how challenging it is to uproot your human life, go through awakening, and then find your way through the dragon-filled mazes leading to Mastery.

Adamus is one of the most intriguing characters in the entire metaphysical arena. There’s nothing quite like him, with his irreverent and provocative manner, his animations and distractions, his “Adamus physics,” stories from the Ascended Masters Club, deep merabhs and accurate prognostications. Adamus does not suffer fools. He invites people to leave unless they are absolutely committed to their embodied Realization.

We’re fortunate to have Adamus, the Founder and self-appointed President of the Ascended Masters Club, looking out for our best interests. And kicking our butts when needed. I’ve had my issues with Adamus from time to time, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

How could we have been so smart as to build a professional recording studio 6 years ago? We can now easily communicate with Shaumbra across the world in a moment’s notice. As much as Linda and I enjoy doing live, in-person workshops with Shaumbra, the studio in Colorado (and now the Studio in Kona) allow us to connect even in this age of social distancing and stay-at-home mandates. I couldn’t even imagine having a busy travel schedule and then suddenly everything comes to a stop because of COVID-19. The Colorado and Kona studios are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allow us to do high-quality video productions. Quality is the mantra for the Crimson Circle staff because it’s our way of honoring Shaumbra. No matter if you’re watching a video or reading the Shaumbra Magazine, we want the energy to support you and resonate with you.

How did we get so lucky to have such a great team? We have 11 full time and 6 part-time staff members. Nearly all of them were Shaumbra first, before they came to work for Crimson Circle. For them, this isn’t just a job; it’s a passion. I know that many of us had a previous “agreement” to work together again, to be part of an organization that would serve the needs of Shaumbra coming to Realization. We didn’t know how it would happen, but we allowed that it would. And it did! Everyone works from home – we haven’t had a physical office for over 10 years – so the whole coronavirus stay-at-home situation didn’t affect our workflow one iota. The staff already knew how to get the job done using digital meetings and tools while sitting in the comfort of their homes. I’ve managed many corporate teams in the past, and this team is the absolute best. The secret is…. They don’t need much managing because they know how to do their jobs, and they know why we’re doing what we do.

In the free Convergence message Adamus said this virus was largely about clearing an economic imbalance. Millions of companies, large and small, are going to struggle to keep their doors open before this pandemic (econdemic, as I call it) ends. Many small businesses are marginal, meaning they have little or no room for a business hiccup, much less something like a complete shut-down for months. Crimson Circle is fortunate to have a very stable business. Our focus is not about being profitable, but rather sustainable. That means we want to have the resources to endure for decades to come. Alain Bolea, our business consultant, started guiding us towards this about 10 years ago. In spite of the current econdemic, none of the staff needs to worry about getting laid off or having a salary cut. Plus, with the amazing support of the Crimson Circle Angels, we can continue to offer many free products and Shouds to Shaumbra around the world without financial strain at this otherwise stressful time. This is a huge relief for Linda and me.

We (the Crimson Circle) know who we are, why we’re here and where we’re going. This really hit home with me the past few months as the coronavirus crisis swept across the world. I received dozens of emails from spiritual and New Age teachers trying to make sense of the whole crazy situation. Many sounded like they were grabbing at straws or swinging in the breeze. In contrast, Adamus easily explained how all of this works together, including the closing of the Order of the Arc, the disbanding of the angelic families, the alien ban, the Time of Machines, the six-month No Big Decisions recommendation, and everything else we’ve been talking about for years. Our focus is Embodied Realization. Nothing is as important as this, and Adamus spends very little time talking about anything else.

We are not a “general” esoteric or spiritual group. We’re not here to hold the energy for the planet (good luck with that), or to revive our Lemurian or Atlantean lineage (or any lineage for that matter), or to spread Lucky Charms (a sugary breakfast cereal) around the world. We are an un-mysterious mystery group with the soul (sic) purpose of allowing our Realization in this lifetime, radiating our consciousness in this 3D realm, and not coming back for another lifetime on this planet. We are not spiritual, we’re not religious, we’re not lightworkers, and we’re not global peacemakers. We are here for our enlightenment. Period. I don’t know of any other group on the planet like this, and perhaps this is the reason why Adamus has told us to get ready for the next wave. After this virus crisis passes, many humans will be searching for answers in their lives. For some, the search will bring them to Crimson Circle, where they will find their own answers in a refreshing, non-makyo, no-power and non-hierarchical way.

I was contemplating all of this the other star-filled night while sitting out on the lanai with a glass of wine. Wow! In spite of everything happening around the world, the Crimson Circle and Shaumbra are sitting in a good place. “How is this even possible,” I wondered, “to have it so good when things around us are in such a state of upheaval?”

“Ah,” I thought to myself, “we have Adamus Saint-Germain, president of the Ascended Masters Club, making sure that we’re doing OK. I’m sure he’s pulling a few strings for us from the other side.”

I felt into this for a few moments and then called out quietly into the night sky, “Thank you Adamus! Thank you Tobias and Kuthumi and the Crimson Council and everyone else that is helping us. Thank you!”

A few more moments passed, and a warm breeze came up from nowhere. I heard a loud “Pshaw!” said in a laughing, dismissing kind of voice. “Pshaw, Cauldre! I didn’t have anything to do with it. I’ll always take credit where credit is due, especially when I’m speaking with my peers at the Ascended Masters Club, but this is all Shaumbra. Crimson Circle is where it’s at today because of you humans on Earth who call yourselves Shaumbra. It’s time each of you realize what you’ve done, and stop deferring to the entities. Now all of you, get on with being the Merlins that you are.”

Pshaw! That word has been ringing in my head ever since. I believe it was one of St. Germain’s favorite words during the Mystery School days of old. I vaguely recall him using that word in reaction to just about everything we, as his students, did back then. “Pshaw!” I think the word means “Not in accordance with St. Germain.” And, as I write the last few words of this article, he is nodding in total agreement. Oh, I can’t wait for the next Shoud with Adamus and a live studio audience!

5 comments on "Pshaw!"

  • Katharina Sattler on June 10, 2020 7:03 AM said:
    A wonderful article. You write what I feel in my heard and my soul. Thank you 😊
  • Satina Cooper - Gold Coast Australia on May 6, 2020 5:59 PM said:
    As I read ‘ Shaumbra are sitting in a good place. “How is this even possible,” I wondered, “to have it so good when things around us are in such a state of upheaval?” I too felt the gratitude of the Crimson Circle And to myself for my 35 year journey from Awakening to Mastery & my Realisation 😊💓🙏
  • Grenville on May 4, 2020 3:24 PM said:
    Very much appreciated thank you for the journey Geoff, Linda and CC COLLECTIVE. Love and BLESSINGS from Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Tina Corbett on May 4, 2020 12:58 PM said:
    Hello Geoff and Linda, I have listened to "Convergence" channel with Adameus and I have a question about becoming a "robo-human". Could you please explain what that means exactly. Red flags came up when that was mentioned in a few of his talks. Thank you ~ Tina Corbett
  • tiny hendrix on May 4, 2020 7:21 AM said:
    THank you Geoffrey.

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