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Welcome to 2017! This is the first time I’ve typed 2017, so it feels a little strange. My fingers are still programmed to type 2-0-1-6. I’m sure I’ll still be writing 2016 on checks and other documents until about March 2017. Alas, I am a victim of habit.

A Good Year
I’ve heard a lot of people and media personalities saying goodbye and good-riddance to 2016. One news report said that many adults consider 2016 to be the hardest year they have ever experienced. Most blame it on the U.S. elections. Sorry to be a spoiler, but my 2016 was one of the best ever, probably because I really didn’t care about who got elected. I voted for the first time in 12 years, but not for either of the major presidential candidates. The election isn’t mine. Oddly enough, neither is most of the commotion going on in the world around me. Yes, I watch the news and keep up on current events. But as each day goes by, I find that I’m more of an observer than a participant. I don’t consider myself to be apathetic or uncaring, but after all these years I’m beginning to understand what Adamus means when he says, “All is well in all of creation.” The world spins madly, and loves every minute of it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be spinning.

Creating the Masters Club
Crimson Circle had the best year ever. In April, 2016 we announced that we’d like to lease the space next to the studio, and create a Masters Club. Shaumbra around the world immediately came in to support the expansion project. Within just one month, enough money was raised through small and large contributions to totally pay for the new Masters Club. The funny thing was that we didn’t have a firm budget for the project, and we didn’t make any projections about how much money Shaumbra would contribute. But at the end of the day, the cost of the Masters Club construction project was almost exactly equal to the amount of funds so generously donated by Shaumbra. How does that work!? The Crimson Circle staff and I have had years and years of previous business experience, where we planned and budgeted. But we didn’t do that for the Masters Club project. We simply Allowed. My business aspect was chiding and scolding me the entire time, but in fact it all worked out better – much better – than if we had done a lot of budgeting. This was a great example of how Shaumbra can bring in the appropriate energy, not too much or too little. I guess it should be no surprise that, when Shaumbra energy is brought together, we create miracles.

I’ve told some non-Shaumbra business-type people about the story of the Masters Club; how we put out the word with nearly no promotion, and then wonderful people from around the world stepped up to make it a reality. They shake their heads in disbelief, while I just smile knowing the energy dynamics behind the creation of the Masters Club. Now what I’d like to see is Shaumbra doing this same type of “allowing” in their everyday personal lives.

A new social phenomenon is sweeping across the world (at least the world of Shaumbra). It’s called “benching.” It comes on the heels of Adamus’ new book, “Memoirs of a Master” that features an image of a Master on a park bench overlooking a lake in Ascona, Switzerland. There’s also a story in the new book titled “The Park Bench.”

In the story, the Master greets the morning sun on the park bench, and is then visited by some of his aspects. Notably, an aspect named Dark comes by in an attempt to torment him. The Master simply continues to enjoy the morning, and his coffee and bagel, un-fazed by Dark. The story is an example of how the Master within you can enjoy life, even when old aspects drop in uninvited, like bad relatives. It’s also a great example of the “And” – the Master AND the aspects. And it’s a great example of the timeless nature of the Master, and how the aspects actually seek out the Master’s space as they work through their old stories.

“Benching” is the act of stepping back, getting out of the drama of life, and consciously allowing yourself to be the Master. “BENCHING” is a verb, a hobby, a pastime and a realization. It’s been fun to see photos of Shaumbra “benching” all around the world as we start the new year. It’s a brilliant symbol of embodied enlightenment, Allowing, And, and relaxation.

One of Tobias’ most memorable phrases was “Stand Behind the Short Wall.” ‘Benching” takes it to the next level. You can be watching the world spin madly, without judgment and without trying to change a thing. But more importantly, you can be the observer of your own past and future while enjoying the present moment.

While some people go jogging or meditate or do yoga, I’m going to take up benching. My one and only New Year’s resolution is to bench more often. If you happen to see a sign on the studio door that says “Gone Benching,” you’ll know what it means and who put it there.

Shaumbra Family
I’m often asked how many Shaumbra are on the planet. That’s hard to say because people don’t need to register to be Shaumbra. There are over 60,000 names in our database, which, by the way, we never share or sell to anyone. I know there are a lot of Shaumbra who never sign up for our mail list, preferring instead to remain anonymous, so I roughly estimate that there are well over 100,000 people who feel an affinity to Shaumbra and the Crimson Circle. That’s a very small number when compared to the world’s population. On the other hand, it’s a lot of people going from their awakening into their embodied mastery.

We never try to recruit people or do membership drives. That would be crazy, because someone is either ready or they’re not. We don’t do any advertising because people find their way to the Crimson Circle. How would we even advertise something like Crimson Circle, Shaumbra, Adamus or enlightenment? And better yet, why would we want to advertise? We’re not trying to sell anything, and bringing in new people who aren’t ready (especially energy feeders) takes a huge amount of time and resources. We’d rather focus our work on the current family of Shaumbra.

I’m always thankful for my previous business experience, as well as the staff’s experience, because we know how to run a good organization. Indeed, it has its challenges. We’re a small group, yet we work internationally. There are no memberships or dues. We sell products and services, but if it wasn’t for the amazing generosity of the 1110 Crimson Circle Angels around the world we wouldn’t be able to do nearly as much as we do. We’re a unique, hybrid company that operates like both a for-profit and non-profit company.

ProGnost 2017
I’m excited about the upcoming ProGnost 2017. ProGnost is a synthesis of the words “prognosticate” and “gnost.” It means looking into the future with the sense of knowing, rather than simply making predictions based on past events.

Adamus doesn’t usually talk to me about his subject matter for Shouds and workshops, but he’s been chatting me up about ProGnost 2017 for the past several months. He also doesn’t spend a lot of time, or answer many questions, about planetary issues because his focus is on the personal journeys of those who are choosing embodied enlightenment. Too much discussion about the planet-in-general (politics, finances, the environment, etc.) can be a distraction from our deep, individual Realizations. But twice a year he provides profound insights about where the planet is headed so we have a better idea of how we, as Masters, can handle everyday life.

In ProGnost 2016, he talked at length about technology, and specifically about how the world is going through deep changes due to advances in Artificial Intelligence, nanotechnology and computing power. According to Adamus, the world we know now will be quite different in the next 25–30 years. The jury is still out about which way it’s going.

Tune into ProGnost 2017 for the latest look into the direction of our planet. I’m more than sure his prognostications will cause a lot of discussion and debate amongst Shaumbra. In other words, social media is about to fire up.

Happy 2017!
From the Crimson Circle staff, Linda and me, we wish you a year filled with ease and grace. May this be your year of sensual Realizations.

7 comments on "From My Notebook..."

  • ROSANA VEIGA GUIMARAES on January 18, 2017 4:38 AM said:
    Obrigada !!! Feliz Ano Novo! From Brasil- São Paulo
  • johanne Laflamme on January 8, 2017 8:13 AM said:
    Thank you for all that you make for us.Good bless you and Linda.From Canada.💖💖💖💖💖💖
  • Natalia on January 7, 2017 8:04 PM said:
    Thank you! Happy New Year!
  • Lainee on January 7, 2017 7:50 AM said:
    I'm not always up on current events at the CC, but a few months ago I found a Thank You card and then I found some money randomly on the ground in my path. I picked up the money, put it in the card and wrote it out to you guys at the CC. I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have stayed here in a body if y'all hadn't made this little slice of my real home for me to check in with. What an awesome plan we came up with. GO US!!! <3
  • Wanderley Paiva-Shaumbra on January 6, 2017 7:24 PM said:
    Grato, Bom 2017, no "E" Geoffrey, Linda, CC e todos nós Shaumbras,😊!
  • Leslie (fish) Montgomery on January 6, 2017 8:50 AM said:
    feels like real Family
  • Liliana on January 5, 2017 9:03 PM said:
    Thanks Geoff!!! & enjoy the new year!!!!

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