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It’s Sunday afternoon, and Linda and I are currently on a flight headed from Frankfurt to Denver. At the moment we’re directly over Edinburgh, soon to head out over the Atlantic Ocean. It’s unusually bumpy right now, making typing on my laptop an amusing chore because every other word is misspelled as my fingers try to hit the right keys. There’s 8.5 hours left in our flight, plenty of time to write my article for the June issue. Jean will be patiently waiting for it tomorrow morning, and of course I’ll be waiting to review her article. She and I are a lot alike in this way. We both wait until the last minute to write our articles, and we both write better when we’re under pressure. Good thing I’m trapped on an airplane.

How do I explain the events we just completed – the Master’s Guide workshop in Bergen, Norway and the Threshold in Middelfart, Denmark? I tried and I can’t. We’ll publish some of the attendee comments at the Shoud but I simply don’t have the words. The collaboration between Shaumbra and Adamus is going to bold new levels these days. We are actually coming into Realization. It’s not something in the distant future, nor a carrot in front of the horse. We’re doing it, and it’s particularly evident at the live gatherings.

Adamus Saint-Germain made a surprising statement during the recent Threshold event. Now, a few days later, it starts to make sense given the current trajectory of the Crimson Circle.

He made it known to the Threshold group that he’s “not taking any new students.” He was talking about the current focus of the work and said that he personally worked with everyone who considers themselves Shaumbra back in the Mystery Schools. His age-old commitment, he noted, was to personally work with all of the former Mystery School members – every step of the way – until they come into their Realization.

“This is no place for new ones, the ones just coming into their awakening,” he remarked. “We’ve come too far in these past few years. It would be too overwhelming for them without the benefit of realizations that come from the Sexual Energies School, Ancestral Freedom, Wound of Adam, Aspectology™, the Master’s Life series and everything we’ve done in the Shouds. They would actually hold back the work we are doing together.”

He continued, “Our relationship goes back to the Mystery Schools of the 13th – 17th centuries. It forms the basis for our current work, which is why there is such ease and familiarity when we get together now. The Crimson Circle didn’t start from zero; we started with a strong connection and momentum from the past. From the very first Shoud with you in September 2009 I have been with you every step of the way.

“Our work is too mature to take on those who are just waking up. Within the next few years we are going to see many realized Shaumbra. You are setting the path for others to follow in, with a tremendous wealth of information about your journey and your stories. It will become a living, conscious library for awakening humans, but trying to accommodate them now while diving into our Realization work is too disparate. Anyone is welcome to read or view our materials, but I can only personally be available to those who now consider themselves Shaumbra, those who have been together in the Mystery Schools.”

Adamus’ statement makes sense because several months ago he shared a glimpse of the future for the Crimson Circle work. He said we wouldn’t see any noticeable growth for the next 3–5 years, that this would be a time of dedicated attention to Shaumbra as many begin allowing their Embodied Realization. It would be a time of learning to live the Ahmyo life, of handling the challenges of staying on Earth (i.e. other people, traffic, politics, etc.), rejuvenating our bodies, and learning to let energy serve us. Then, as Shaumbra come into their mastery this will naturally attract many new people, and that will be the Third Era of the Crimson Circle (the First Era being with Tobias, the Second Era being with Adamus.) These new people will come from all walks of life, from all over the world. They will be the ones who couldn’t find answers in churches or ashrams, or simply said “no more” to the constant merry-go-round of karma and lifetimes. Of course, the Crimson Circle will also attract those just seeking energy and power, but they will either learn from our truths or they will be turned away by our “no-more” attitudes.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (meaning within the Crimson Circle organization), we were already working to improve our internal systems. We had a major website and e-commerce technology overhaul within the past few years, costing in the neighborhood of $200,000. We had also embarked on an expensive but much needed data base technology update, something that will be finished later this summer. We recently updated the studio with new equipment as well as a new stage set. We’ve always done a good job of keeping our technology up-to-date, but now we have a new passion for getting everything ready for the growth Adamus talks about in the coming years.

Our financial systems are quite impressive for a relatively small company. While many companies our size use software packages like QuickBooks, we use a version of the SAP enterprise-level accounting software, something used by large corporations. We pay our bills weekly, we have no debt, and we’ve been through two major IRS tax audits without a single change. In addition, Linda and I have put 100% of our personal assets into a Trust for the Crimson Circle to assure its sustainability in the future.

One of the biggest projects we’re working on is to catalog the huge library of content from the past 18 years. There are over 230 Shouds in the Channel Library, 174 individual products in the Crimson Circle store with 1143 translations, nearly 200 Keahak sessions, 9 Advanced Studies courses, transcripts and recordings from over 400 workshops, 7 Master’s Life episodes, plus many other miscellaneous recordings. We estimate the Crimson Circle library has the equivalent of over 150,000 pages of material, not including thousands of translations. Currently it’s cataloged by date, event type and title, but we’re working on a better way to manage this written and spoken history of the Shaumbra journey. No small task is this! We want people to be able to search and study the library in a variety of other user-friendly ways.

All of this is in preparation for the Third Era of Crimson Circle. It might happen in a few years, maybe as long as five years. It’s the time when many new ones will learn about a group of dedicated, courageous humans who call themselves Shaumbra. They’ll read about how this group started at the turn of the millennium, how they followed their knowingness into embodied Realization in spite of losing much of their old lives, and how they came to be called Masters at one of the most crucial times in the planet’s history.

While Linda and I are meeting and sharing precious moments with Shaumbra in our travels, everything back at the ranch is being cared for, improved and streamlined by the amazing Crimson Circle staff. The work is overseen by Alain Bolea, someone many of you don’t know or haven’t seen because of his quiet, patient presence, but he’s the one who helps keep the staff amazing. Linda and I couldn’t do it without him and the staff. The team is truly in service to Shaumbra, and now they’re preparing for the Third Era of the Crimson Circle. We’ve been on the road for most of the past two months and can rest easy knowing that everything is being handled back at the ranch.

7 comments on "Meanwhile Back at the Ranch"

  • 10 on June 19, 2018 6:09 AM said:
  • johanne Laflamme on June 13, 2018 6:27 AM said:
    Thank you.Many Blessings all of you.🙏🙏🙏🙏💞💞💞💞💞
  • Adori Gonzalez Izarra on June 6, 2018 10:41 AM said:
    Un millón de gracias a todo el personal del Crimson, a vosotros por el trabajo que realizais para todos los shaumbras, magníficas novedades, estaremos todos preparados para los nuevos proyectos que llegan. .Emocionante
  • Bulso Iara on June 5, 2018 2:58 PM said:
    Gratidão sempre!
  • Kathy Ness on June 5, 2018 1:49 PM said:
    Blessing... Blessings... Blessings to you Linda & Geoff AND to the amazing SUPER staff 💖💕💖
  • Susan Holmes on June 5, 2018 12:36 PM said:
    I have had a lot of memories of being in a mystery school... and this resonates with me a lot.... I feel so peaceful as if everything is on track now and I have no uncertainty... allowing the master has been the biggest revelation to me.. before I would just work with the energies of compassion etc... but the allowing has brought a power within that has no need to work.... thank you
  • ROSANA VEIGA GUIMARAES on June 5, 2018 6:53 AM said:
    obrigada Geoff, sempre é muito bom ler seus artigos. Me esclarecem e me orientam. Sempre me confirmam a minha escolha de estar aqui agora em processo de realização encarnada! Realmente obrigada!

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