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I love doing Crimson Circle workshops, probably more than anything else Linda and I do. It’s our chance to personally meet you and other Shaumbra, to look you in the eyes, hear your stories, and share a few laughs and tears. I admit it’s a bit nerve wracking because I rarely know what Adamus is going to talk about.

Imagine…. getting ready for three intense days with about 80 people from around the world, and not knowing what we’re going to do. Back in my business-world days, I’d prepare my speech and then rehearse it countless times before the live event. I hated public speaking so I over-prepared to avoid public embarrassment. Now, I can only prepare my energy and then trust what’s going to happen over the next few days. The funny thing is that it always works out, and much better than I could have ever planned.

BON Adventure in Hawaii was a stellar event. I thought it was going to be similar to the Light Integration workshop two months prior in Sydney, but of course Adamus had his own ideas. At the beginning of the first session, Adamus did his usual walk around the room, looking every attendee in the eye. He told the audience they looked worn out and tired, and most everyone in the room nodded their heads in agreement, even though I was discomfited by his candor. Not only had many of them flown from the other side of the world to get to Hawaii, but they were tired from their life-journey as well. This enlightenment stuff can be exhausting. Duh.

And (no buts here), AND…. a few days later, during one of the discussion sessions with Adamus, he told the audience that something very unique happened at this gathering. He said it was the first time at any gathering, from the time of Tobias until now, that the prevailing energies of the attendees were not about their human issues and problems. He explained that in the past, even though the workshop was about Quantum Allowing or Light Integration or whatever else, Shaumbra brought in their human issues – and perhaps appropriately so because of life’s challenges – and that these everyday issues of abundance, health, relationships and self worth were the predominant energies in the room, regardless of the workshop topic. Attendees came with a huge agenda and desire to resolve their human issues, and that actually shaped the overall direction of the workshop.

Adamus announced that in spite of the weariness he saw in the BON attendees a few days earlier, their human issues didn’t over-shadow the workshop’s topic of BON.

Here’s what Adamus said about this breakthrough:

A funny thing happened here in our gathering. I was rather delighted and I did report it at the Ascended Masters Club. In all of the Shaumbra gatherings, whether it was with Tobias or whether it was with me, in all of the gatherings that we’ve ever had, the huge number of issues and problems that you brought with you changed the nature of the gathering.

“This gathering is different. We started out the other day – you didn’t bring your issues. You didn’t bring problems and fears and your storms and your neuroses and everything else. You didn’t bring those with you. There might be some, but you didn’t say, ‘I’m going to go to this workshop to solve this problem in my life, solve that problem.’ That was a huge step. (It was the) first time ever for Shaumbra that there wasn’t that huge overlay in the audience. (audience applause) You should clap for yourself. Yes.

“And it wasn’t anything that I did. BON Adventure could have just been a big tissue-issue session. You didn’t come here for that. As a matter of fact, you said, ‘You know, I’m done with all that. I’m really done. It’s time to move forward.’ You realized there still might be some problems, but you said, ‘You know, let’s not focus on those anymore. Let’s not process those anymore.’ You didn’t come here sitting in the chair saying, ‘I hope he says something or I hope we have a merabh and there’s some miracle that occurs.’ You said, ‘Let’s just walk on. Let’s go beyond. Let’s start being in life. Let’s be free.’”

According to Adamus, after nearly 15 years of doing workshops and Shouds, a huge breakthrough occurred in Hawaii. On behalf of all Shaumbra, the BON attendees walked beyond human issues and problems, putting their attention instead on embodied enlightenment. We had 12 sessions in 4 days, and it was some of the easiest channeling I’d done in a long time. The odd thing is that I was very tired every afternoon, so I found it necessary (and relaxing) to take a mid-afternoon tropical nap, but that might have had nothing to do with the workshop.

I think all Shaumbra should celebrate this news because it’s indicative of what we’re all doing. We’re walking on, beyond the entanglement of human issues. Not that we won’t have them, but they won’t be the predominant focus of our lives. We’ll “And” them, meaning that we’ll realize they are there, but we will also realize they are resolved. This is the new duality. It’s there, AND it’s not. You can actually play with both rather than being singular. That’s the way of the Master.

I’ll go so far as to say that focusing the majority of one’s energy and attention on their human issues (abundance, health, relationships and self worth) is rather selfish on the part of the human facet. Letting yourself get stuck in human issues is indulgent and limiting. You deprive yourself of wisdom, what Adamus calls the “nectar of the soul.” In Keahak the other day, he said that the only reason we have challenges in our lives is to be able to use creation energy for solving them. It’s kind of like the reason people do crossword puzzles: To solve them. But it doesn’t have to be harsh or cruel or punishing. It can be stimulating and invigorating. I imagine a few Shaumbra are rolling their eyes at this, but quite frankly I’d rather shift my focus away from really old and stale human issues, into the use of creation energies. I’d rather expand than stagnate. Instead of giving myself excuses for why I can’t walk on (bad childhood, not intelligent, no abundance, bad breaks in life), I’d rather summon up my creation energies and walk on in resolution and wisdom.

It’s been a long time coming, my Shaumbra friends. We’ve all had some tremendous life-burdens that at times seemed insurmountable. But it was a wicked illusion. We are Masters in the New Energy. We create our reality from consciousness, not force or power. Where we place our consciousness is where our reality begins. This isn’t “positive thinking.” It’s allowing. There’s a huge difference between the two. One uses force, the other uses natural energies – energies that are already here to serve us when we allow.

I don’t think we’re ever going to have another Crimson Circle Shoud or workshop where old issues are the big cloud hanging over the room. I’m excited to be with you in what comes next. I love doing the workshops, so you can imagine what a huge smile I have on my face right now. We’re walking on, into the powerless life, where everything comes to us.

6 comments on "Walk On… Beyond Issues"

  • Angela Chanto on May 7, 2016 8:33 AM said:
    Es hermoso lo que escribes, y lo que a través de Ti podemos compartir.
  • Aliyah Nahyhu on May 7, 2016 7:41 AM said:
    Yes! Time to celebrate :) Cheers to all of us!!!
  • susan on May 7, 2016 2:48 AM said:
    Fabulous.... I went through a ring with Archangel Michael... it ended all connection to those dark forces and I just moved through...I feel so grateful.. I have listened to Adamas for years....I went down the Alchemy route with Jim Self... but I am putting it out there that I get to come meet with you... I love this work... I am so in love with our new journey........thankyou for this message....
  • Oana on May 7, 2016 1:51 AM said:
    So let it be! :)
  • Franziska Martini on May 7, 2016 1:51 AM said:
    Merci Geoffrey, merci Adamus merci Linda de tout mon coeur Thank you out of my deepest heard
  • Monika Kronman on May 6, 2016 11:47 PM said:
    Thank you for this as usual it hits right on the spot of what is here and now. The feeling and realisation för me is that the NEW is here

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