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There’s a current conversation on the Crimson Circle Facebook page that inspired my article this month. This particular Facebook thread started within a generic CC announcement for the upcoming Threshold Online Cloud Class. Someone wondered why we require the Sexual Energies School (SES) in order to take the Threshold Online, and why there should be any pre-requisites for Realization. Simple answer: The only pre-requisite for Realization is a long and oftentimes challenging journey over many lifetimes in the physical reality. The only requirement for taking Threshold Online is SES because Threshold opens up an internal Pandora’s Box, and SES helps you manage your energy without blowing up.

The conversation turned to one of the basic concepts presented by Tobias in SES. To quote Tobias, “A victim is also an abuser.” After his explanation, he goes on to tell a very uncomfortable story about Mary Magdalene. It was just awful to channel that story in the numerous live SES classes that Linda and I did around the world, and I can barely stand to watch it when we do SES Online. To make matters worse, Tobias then takes everyone through what has to be one of the ugliest messages I’ve ever channeled. It’s called “Seduce Your Abuser,” and it makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. Basically, he asks you to “seduce” someone who has abused you in the past. It’s intensely uncomfortable. The session feels like it goes on for an hour, although I think it’s only about 12 minutes. I questioned Tobias about his choice of the word “seduce” but he insisted that he wanted that exact word. Oftentimes, the non-English speakers taking the class with translated subtitles think the translator got it wrong, but indeed that’s the exact word and related translation Tobias wanted.

As often happens, Tobias was misquoted in the current Facebook thread. Someone posted that Tobias said that if a young child is sexually abused it’s because they seduced the abuser into doing it. The writer went on to say, “No incest victim or child rape victim will accept that rubbish.” This was followed by many excellent comments and observations, as well as some additional misquoting of Tobias. All in all, it’s a great conversation, and it’s still brewing.

Releasing victim and abuser consciousness is an important part of coming to Realization. And it begins with understanding that a victim is also always an abuser, if nothing else just to themselves. Can you imagine trying to allow your Realization while still playing the role of a victim? It simply doesn’t work. If you’re a victim, Realization doesn’t come knocking at your door. Then you fall back into victim consciousness even about your Realization. It’s an endless cycle.

Let’s take this heinous example of a young child being sexually abused by a family member. And let’s assume the child did not seduce the abuser into taking these despicable actions, but rather just happened to be an easy target for the abuser. Sadly, this type of thing happens every day and night around the world. The child is a victim in every sense of the word. But what happens next is important to understanding Tobias’ statement in SES: “A victim is also an abuser.”

Sexual abuse, slavery and torture are three of the deepest human wounds. They go so deep into the psyche that even an intelligent, well-balanced person will not be able to escape the hellish, nightmarish effects of this traumatic abuse. They shatter the protective layers of the psyche and penetrate deep into the id, ego and spirit. The wounds are so deep that they nearly always cross over into the person’s next lifetime.

The victim then becomes an abuser. They have to, because it’s their way of getting energy. Lord knows, they are very low on energy because the pain of their abuse causes them to subconsciously limit energy in their life. They’ve turned off the internal energy-flow valve because of guilt, shame and deep self-loathing, so now they look outside themselves for morsels of energy to (barely) sustain themselves. That’s when they become an abuser.

Abuse can take on many different faces. We typically think of abuse as aggressive actions against others, but it can be very passive as well. The mother of one of Linda’s girlfriends in high school had cancer. Her illness lingered for over a decade, during which time she demanded the attention of everyone in the family. She indirectly blamed them for her cancer, and ruled the family with guilt. She was a victim of cancer, and subversively abused the entire household for over 10 years until her death. The daughter carried this guilt with her into her adulthood, with years of drug use, relationship problems, disease and mental imbalance.

My late father was a victim of psychological abuse from his mother. He turned to alcohol, and subsequently terrorized our family for most of my childhood years, including physical and mental abuse. He was a victim turned abuser. I became a victim, but my way of dealing with it was to deny that I was a victim. Now as an abuser, I demanded too much of myself, Linda and everyone who worked for me. On one hand I came off as a “nice guy” but underneath I was over-driven and demanding. I wanted everything in perfect order, because there was little if any order in my childhood years. Perfection was my way of getting energy.

Many Shaumbra have carried money/financial/abundance victim-consciousness around for a long time, perhaps even lifetimes. Adamus says this has been one of his biggest challenges with Shaumbra. If you’re a money victim, you become an abuser by passively or aggressively blaming corporations, rich people, the government, conspiracies, your boss, successful people, The System, The Man, or just about any other target that appears to have more than you have. Some money victims justify stealing or cheating because they feel they have been wronged, but that’s just abuse.

Racial inequality is a huge and relevant issue right now, particularly here in the U.S. this summer. It’s also a breeding ground for victim consciousness, as well as abuse. No matter how you look at it, burning down buildings, destroying public property and assaulting others is abuse. We’re long overdue for change regarding ethnic imbalances of any kind, as well as masculine/feminine inequality, sexual preference persecution, and just about every other social issue on the planet, but when individuals or groups take on victim consciousness, abuse is soon to follow. It’s the nature of the beast.

It’s hard not to become a victim if life has dealt you bad circumstances. Being a victim is very, well, righteous. But understand that you’ll also become an abuser. Abuse might mean always having to cry on a friend’s shoulder, calling them in the middle of the night with yet another crisis in your life. Yes, we all need this support once in a while, but a victim does it constantly, and never seems to move past their issues. This is abuse.

Victims often run and hide within. It’s very seductive, and something the Sexual Energy Virus almost counts on. It’s only abuse to themselves until they interact with others. The abuse comes when their protective devices cause them to be less-than-honest with others, including deliberate lies and deception. They justify it as a necessary deed for self-preservation, but it is still a form of abuse.

Depression is a form of victim consciousness, and it also births abuse. A depressed mother, for instance, is now abusing her family with her withdrawal, neglect and lackluster energy. It is not necessarily intentional or deliberate, but it is a form of abuse nonetheless.

In the Sexual Energies School, Tobias states, “If you’re a victim, you’re also an abuser.” The definition of abuser is very broad, and not necessarily just acts of aggression. It simply means you are trying to get energy from outside of yourself. That is the real lesson here. We are beginning to understand that everything we need is already within our energy. Everything. Including abundance, the future, our Free Energy Bodies, gnost, self-worth, and even Realization.

I’d like to restate Tobias’ words, “If you’re a victim, you’re also an abuser.” Here’s my version:

If you seek energy from outside yourself, you are a victim. And ultimately, the real abuse is to your Self.

Postscript 1: In the past few years our main Facebook page has transformed into a place of wisdom, sharing and some great debates. See Maija Leisso’s article (Virtual Kitchen Chats for Shaumbra Hearts) in this issue about the new look and feel of the CC Facebook page.

Postscript 2: Adamus likes to give the origins of words to help us understand the original energy. I just looked up the word “victim.” It’s a 15th century Latin word that means “a creature killed as a religious sacrifice.” I will never, ever call myself a victim again!

23 comments on "Victims and Abusers"

  • Kornelia Christine Rebel on January 19, 2021 12:20 AM said:
    Great insight about the root cause: victim/abuse due to seeking energy outside of yourself. Thank you!
  • Cacá Baganha on January 5, 2021 5:58 PM said:
    Acho que estava dormindo quando fiz a SES, só agora entendí. E entendí profundamente. Somos sorrateiros ao nos fazer vítimas. Pretendo nunca mais. Obrigado Geoffrey, agora sim!
  • Elżbieta on December 19, 2020 10:45 AM said:
    Za Twój czas, który tyle zmienił, przemienił, pozwolił zrozumieć, zobaczyć - DZIĘKUJĘ!!!
  • Silvia Treder-Dalkmann on November 9, 2020 11:15 AM said:
    Thanks, Yes, and so it is. Blessings
  • Loreto Cañas on October 5, 2020 4:27 PM said:
    Muchas gracias, Geoffrey, ahora estoy mucho mas clara. Toda la energía es mía y ya nunca más víctima/abusador.
  • Laniakea on October 2, 2020 7:08 AM said:
    bonjour, Merci pour cette article, il est plus clair pour moi maintenant 😊
  • Rosana Veiga Guimarães on September 22, 2020 6:13 AM said:
  • Denise Holt on September 10, 2020 3:04 PM said:
    Didn't get it at first, then it became crystal by the end. Postscript 2 puts a beautiful bow on the energy in the article. Thank you!
  • Andi on August 19, 2020 11:43 AM said:
    Yesssss! Big Yess! Thank You Geoffrey for this article. It is so clear and balanced! Thank You again and many blessings.
  • Tamy Sedlmayr on August 12, 2020 4:10 PM said:
    Wow! Now I got it! Thank you Caudre!
  • Jiyeon Kim on August 8, 2020 7:20 PM said:
    Only One Choice ~♡♤ All that I Am!! With in ~ Thank you so much ~ ^____^
  • Carmem Lucia Kühn on August 8, 2020 9:49 AM said:
    Taking the School of Sexual Energies is an act of self-responsibility. I had the immense joy of participating in the updated SES, together with my daughter, some time ago. The results of this are surprising! The main one is the recognition of an absurd change in life, bringing everything to natural balance. Thank you Geoffrey for the clarity in this article, and as always you are so punctual.
  • Viviana on August 7, 2020 12:02 PM said:
    Experimenté abuso de niña. Primero me sentí victima y por años escondí en el sótano de mi conciencia algo que había olvidado y cuando surgió, fue horrible reconocer que había jugado ese juego de "Seduce a tu abusador". Gracias Geoffrey por que ahora entiendo todo el proceso y aunque lo trabajé años atrás y llegué a un acuerdo con ese pasado, hoy al incorporar esta nueva capa de comprensión, me permite avanzar sin los últimos vestigios de vergüenzas y culpas, hacia mi realización. Bendiciones.
  • Maria on August 7, 2020 10:06 AM said:
    con o sin SES si no estamos disponibles para nosotros mismos nada ocurre y cualquier desequilibrio puede presentarse en cualquier momento y nosotros explotar (o no).. el despertar y la iluminación es algo rudo y brutal y también, es, sin condiciones.. es, sin " talón de Aquiles" o no es !
  • Amy on August 7, 2020 3:13 AM said:
    "If you seek energy from outside yourself, you are a victim. And ultimately, the real abuse is to your Self." - An excellent distillation.
  • Alice on August 6, 2020 11:31 PM said:
    Thanx, Geoffrey, you nailed it. I'd like to add: "To whom you blame you give the power."
  • Tambré on August 6, 2020 1:34 AM said:
    Makes total sense. Interesting the real meaning of victim.
  • Alice on August 4, 2020 11:15 PM said:
    Thanx, Geoffrey, you nailed it. I'd like to add: "To whom you blame you give the power."
  • Snjezana on August 4, 2020 4:41 AM said:
    It's so very true and so welkom to hear it (read it). It's healing and balancing truth. Thank you.
  • Mari on August 4, 2020 3:13 AM said:
    This article came in the perfect timing ( towards the end of the summer of 2020 ) and it is the perfect reminder/summary of SES course. I appreciate Geoff's interpretations of that Tobias' particular word very much. Now I really understand. The article also helped me realise my abuser pattern (the ' perfectionist')too. Thank you so much for always providing us with the exact things/materials in the perfect timing!!! Blessing and lots of gratitude.
  • Becky on August 3, 2020 11:55 PM said:
    Wow, and wow again. Thanks Geoff.
  • Dyane Roy on August 3, 2020 3:35 PM said:
    Merci Geoffrey ..cet article est extremement éclairant dans les deux jeux de rôle et nous incite a ETRE Conscient de Notre Responsabilité d' émerger en conscience de c'est rôles anciens bien ancrer dans le psyché ainsi que dans les lignées transgenerationnelles *Permettre d' ETRE dans notre propre énergie*
  • Carlos Augusto Baganha on August 3, 2020 3:24 PM said:
    Ahhhhhh! Agora entendí!

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