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Controversy isn’t a stranger to Adamus. He’s known to rattle a few cages, shake a few trees and tip over a few garbage cans with his work. If you’ve been around Crimson Circle for a while you know that some of his antics are deliberately designed to keep us sharp, and to prevent unnecessary makyo. Some of it is just the nature of his message.

The recent ProGnost 2019 Update has caused some lively discussions amongst Shaumbra. (I think Adamus is smiling as he observes it.) If you’ve been following ProGnost the past few years you know he’s been talking at length about technology and how it relates to the future of the planet. Some Shaumbra don’t like all the talk about technology. They think it’s boring or irrelevant to our coming to Realization, and I certainly understand their position. However, Adamus doesn’t spend much time talking about the condition of the planet or peeking into the future because he’d rather work with us on staying here as embodied Masters. But twice a year he takes a look at the future direction of the planet, during the January ProGnost and the mid-year update.

The ProGnost 2019 Update, released in late July, is not what I’d call a feel-good message. After we recorded the first segment of the Update at the Crimson Circle studio the production crew sat in stunned silence. Linda and I felt somewhat nauseous. The picture that Adamus painted of the future of the planet was not pretty. Here are a few quotes from the ProGnost 2019 Update:

“I’d love to see about probably 70, 75 percent creativity, 25 percent mental. But right now on the planet, there’s less than three percent – Cauldre’s double checking, yes, that’s correct – less than three percent what I would call true creative energy, 97 percent mental energy. That’s pretty mental. No wonder people feel so lost. No wonder at times life can feel so dry and boring and meaningless.”

“Your smartphone will tell you exactly how to run your day. And this isn’t fiction. This isn’t even science fiction. This is reality, my friends. I have been there. I have traveled from the past. I’ve travelled to this time we’re in right now – 2020 – and seen how the framework is being built for all this. I’ve gone into the year 2030 and I’ve seen it as an absolute reality.”

“Humans will be observed in nearly everything that they do. Every action. It’s called the Internet of Things, where everything is monitored, everything is watched all the time. And when you fall out of conformity, when you’re not doing things that are within the norms set by the computer algorithms, you will be identified. And once you’re identified, you’ll be questioned. You’ll be brought to evaluation and eventually brought to some type of counseling and certainly given or commanded to take some type of drug, pharmaceutical, to bring you back into conformity.”

“Computers as CEOs of companies? I would say actually within the next five or six years you’re going to see companies being run by artificial intelligence, although that’s never admitted to, but humans who defer to complete computer technology to manage every part of their company.”

Shortly after the release of the ProGnost 2019 Update Shaumbra around the world started to share their reactions on the Crimson Circle Facebook sites. One person accused Adamus of being irresponsible and dramatic for putting out this kind of information. (I later learned that this person hadn’t actually viewed the sessions but was just reacting to what others were saying.) A few people said the information was “dark” and “disturbing.” Others were upset with Adamus for painting this kind of picture of the future, saying that instead he should be giving us the most hopeful scenarios and telling us how we can change the planet. Still others said they went into a funk that lasted several days or more. After all, who wants to hear about a world where the masses have chip implants, you get “Social Conformity Credits” for acceptable behavior, and computers pretty much determine what you’re going to do every day?

As tough as the message is, it goes a long way towards explaining why we’re here at “The Time of Machines.” We could have allowed our Realization before this lifetime, but we chose to wait until now. We also chose to stay around on the planet as embodied Masters, something we probably wouldn’t have done if our Realization had come in an earlier lifetime. We chose our Realization and embodied mastery at this exact time so we could bring consciousness to the planet when it is most needed. I often struggle to explain to non-Shaumbra people what the Crimson Circle does, but next time I’m going to distill it all down to this: “As Realized beings, we bring consciousness to the planet at a time when technology is exponentially changing the nature of human experience.” Pretty simple. I’m sure they’ll get it.

The Update also brought up discussions about the New Earth and Old Earth. Some people flat-out rejected Adamus’ statement that New Earth and Old Earth would never meld. They said they have too much invested in terms of time and love to give up hope that the two would come together. Several have grandchildren and admitted that for the sake of their young ones, they simply cannot accept what Adamus’ view of the future might bring.

Adamus delivers his messages like James Bond (007) drinks his martinis: Shaken, not stirred. He’s not going to sugar-coat the future just because we’d like a happier scenario. It’s the reason why some people left Crimson Circle when Adamus replaced Tobias at the helm. They wanted cotton candy, and Adamus serves up Aperol. You can count on the fact that Adamus isn’t coddling us just for the sake of making us feel good. His delivers the lumps up-front, knowing that it might be hard to swallow at first, but we’ll eventually digest it.

Adamus’ view of the future is by no means a stretch. I had to chuckle when one person called him irresponsible for his Update message, because Adamus is just reporting on what’s already here. Like it or not, technology is rapidly changing the fabric of human life, and will continue to do so for a long time to come. Ten years ago, there were 1 billion Internet-connected devices. In 2019 there are 7 billion Internet-connected devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT). That’s about one device for every person on the planet. In the next five years there will be over 20 billion IoT devices that monitor, record and manage just about everything. A butterfly in China won’t be able to spread its wings without the whole world knowing about it seconds later, long before the hurricane in Florida (The New Butterfly Effect).

Irresponsible? Dark? Hyped? I doubt it. It’s more like Adamus is putting together the pieces for us and presenting the big picture. A lot of technology news doesn’t make the front-page headlines because readers would rather have stories about the latest political battles, sporting events or celebrity dramas. But the real news, according to Adamus, is the massive disruption being caused by technology. Like it or not, it’s here, and it’s also why we’re here. It’s our real passion, and the reason Adamus named the new Shoud series Passion 2020.

I consider the ProGnost 2019 Update to be one of the most important messages for Shaumbra today. It’s a “free standing” product, meaning you don’t need to listen to any of the previous ProGnosts or any of Adamus’ other special sessions. It paints a very clear picture of the future, and our purpose for being on the planet right now. I think it will go down in Shaumbra history as a classic, much like Ancestral Freedom, because it explains so much in just two short sessions. It should be recommended for newcomers, and it’s a staple for long-time Shaumbra as well.

Adamus ends his Update talk by reminding us not to get distracted: “It’s about you, and that’s why I started by saying take this time right now, between now and the end of the year 2020, as your time. Don’t get distracted. Don’t get entangled in causes. Don’t get entangled in politics. It will get you nowhere. Don’t worry about the world economy. Don’t try to save the environment, none of that. There are others who will do that. But for you, the most sacred divine thing you can do is to take care of yourself, to allow yourself, because what you’re really here for now is to be the way-shower of the New Earth.”

6 comments on "Shaken, Not Stirred"

  • Maria F. de Andrade on January 29, 2020 12:54 PM said:
    Thank you dear Geoffrey for the Article so helpful and informative. The beloved Adamus would not give all this information if it were not relevant and appropriate. I am grateful because I feel that it is not as advanced in time as it may seem. Signs of profound change are visible. Aloha! Maria
  • Rosa Benevento on October 14, 2019 2:22 AM said:
    Grazie a te Geoffrey a te Linda e al caro Adamus!!!! Sono tanto d 'accordo basta con gli zuccherini!!! Rosa dall'ITALIA
  • ROSANA VEIGA GUIMARAES on September 29, 2019 9:33 AM said:
    Obrigada !
  • Adori Gonzalez Izarra on September 10, 2019 12:49 PM said:
    Hola Geoff, comparto plenamente tu artículo, y confirmo que la llegada del Amado Adamus , "el Rompedor, el Clarificador", siempre lo he agradecido como lo mejor que ha pasado por mi vida. Hice una "elección clara, no más vendas en los ojos y eso es lo que recibo constantemente- Eso queríamos y eso tenemos. Con una gran dosis de Amor , sin edulcorantes ni engaños. Gracias, gracias
  • Mabel Russo on September 6, 2019 6:12 AM said:
  • Maria Margareth Moreira Mello on September 5, 2019 6:23 PM said:
    Let's allow ourselves and put politics and chaos aside! After all we are so-called Masters to work and we will!

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