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I was totally taken aback when St. Germain mentioned Heaven’s Cross at the end of the Dream of the Merlin event this past September. Adamus hadn’t mentioned a thing about it to me beforehand. Sometimes he’ll give me a heads-up – or at least a cryptic note – before he drops something big like this on Shaumbra and me.

The only “advance notice” I got from Adamus is when he told me about 60 minutes before the St. Germain channel that he wanted a particular graphic for the background. “We need a star-burst in the shape of a cross on a celestial background,” he requested. Good lord, I thought, how am I supposed to come up with that in less than two hours, plus get it to the production staff to load into the system before the St. G session?? I dropped everything and logged into the commercial graphic and video source where we get many of our images. I typed in “star-burst, cross, space, universe” and waited for the search results to come up. Plan B was to find a star-burst graphic and super-impose it on a stars-in-the-universe background using PhotoShop, but it could take hours to do it right.

I fully expected to be frantically searching images for a while, but lo and behold, the perfect graphic showed up on the first page of thumbnails, right there on row 3, column 2. Bingo! I raced over to the production desk and asked them to load it for the St. G session. Even though they were very busy with the live Dream of the Merlin webcast, they gladly cooperated, knowing that this was just another in a long list of last-minute changes and requests from “Headquarters.”

Other than the request for a graphic, I knew nothing about what is going to become one of the biggest events for Shaumbra since Tobias came to us in 1999. Then I heard the words come out of my mouth as the Beloved St. Germain announced Heaven’s Cross. It hit me like two freight trains, each coming from a different direction.

In the days following the announcement, I thought about the pile of work that needed to be done to prepare for Heaven’s Cross between now and then. Linda and I were heading off to Villa Ahmyo in Hawaii later that week, in mid-September. It had been a ball-busting summer, and I needed a chance to catch my breath and sanity after we got there. I was in desperate need of down time. Now there was one more thing on the Crimson Circle’s To-Do list, and a very short time to do it. March 2023 would be here before we knew it.

What also hit me was wondering if this was just one more “sweet carrot.” Like many others, I had been through the Harmonic Convergence (a cousin to the Harmonic Concordance), the Quantum Leap, Y2K, 2012, the COVID era events (closing of the Order of the Arc, disbanding of the angelic families, etc.) and a slew of other cosmic or comical events over the years. Yes, each was impactful in their own way, but how many more…

My tormented thoughts came to an abrupt halt when Adamus popped in. “This IS it, dear Cauldre. There won’t be another hallowed event of this type for the planet. Once the veil is pierced for all humanity – when the heavens cross – there is no ‘next’ step. Humanity has reached the top of the human-to-soul stairs. The only thing that matters after March 22, 2023 is if, how and when people use it. There are no more tools for the toolbox.”

Adamus continued, “The Question of The Ages has always been about the relationship between consciousness and energy. That was the very reason for creating the heaven of Earth. The question has been answered and now comes the time for each souled being on the planet to experience it in a deep and personal way.

“Look at how every Shoud we’ve done, every DreamWalk class, every Master’s Life and every Keahak gathering has built on the previous, like stairs to heaven. But in fact, heaven is not just one place where good angels and God reign. The pure, ancient definition of ‘heaven’ is a non-physical dimension. Now, the heavens that will cross are those of the physical realms and the non-physical. Earth has long been within a bubble of Time-Space-Gravity. Most humans could not access the other realms, and in the recent era few even access the multitude of realms upon their mortal death. Most now just stay in the Near Earth Realms, still in the grips of Time-Space-Gravity.

“There has always been ample energy on the planet, but not the balancing level of consciousness. That is why there have been wars, hunger, disease, poverty – all perversions of energy. Humans have been like children with a powerful tool, but without any guidance in how to use it. Humans did not know how to manage or account for their energy. Heaven’s Cross occurs when there is enough consciousness on the planet to tame the energy within. That long-prophesized time is upon you because enough humans have called upon their divinity to be here.”

Adamus paused for moment to feel my reaction. I knew every bit of what he was saying, but I had never felt it like this. Perhaps I could never fully accept that what we have been doing was making a significant difference. He continued, “Consciousness beckons wisdom. You can have 10,000 human experiences but without consciousness there is no wisdom, and without wisdom the human will continue repeating their patterns, usually with the same results. Sprinkle some consciousness onto those experiences and you now have wisdom. Wisdom beckons new potentials, and now the human can set themselves free of old patterns by calling forth the energy in a way that is in harmony with the soul’s true desires. This causes the heavy energetic gravity to start fading away, and finally what comes is the time when the heavens can cross, when there is easier access to the other realms, and especially to your soul. This is why I call it Heaven’s Cross (possessive), or it can also be spelled Heavens Cross (multiple heavens/dimensions). It comes when enough humans call upon their personal divinity to join them in their heaven on earth. It is all very, very personal, as you know. It cannot be prayed for as a congregation, it cannot be learned through studying, and it cannot be gifted by a guru. Each person has to desire it in the deepest place within their heart. That in itself is a challenge because the heart not only contains love, it also holds the pain and suffering of the search for the answer.”

Adamus offered a gentle goodbye, and I sat in silence for a long time. I forgot all about the CC work that would need to get done in preparation for Heaven’s Cross. I wondered how this would affect Shaumbra across the planet. I thought about how long it would take for others to feel Heaven’s Cross. I wondered if and how this would change my life. My mind started racing with questions but then I took a deep breath and allowed. This is the final step in our work as Shaumbra. We had built a stairway to heaven, and soon we would be moving up and down those stairs with grace.

And Jacob dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven; and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it. (Genesis 28:10-19)

The date for the initial opening of Heaven’s Cross is March 22, 2023. Shortly after arriving back to Villa Ahmyo we recorded a five-part Cloud Class about Heaven’s Cross. In typical Adamus fashion, we thought we were going to film a new Master’s Life installment but only a few days before filming started we were informed that it would be called Heaven’s Cross: Preparing for the Opening. Very funny, Adamus, very funny. I can feel you and the other Ascended Masters rolling in laughter. Just wait until you get my invoice for extra stress and anxiety.

4 comments on "Stairway to Heaven"

  • Iranilda Maria on February 3, 2023 5:05 PM said:
    Sinto Alegria, gratidão por essa jornada sublime!
  • Zoran on January 27, 2023 1:17 PM said:
    I'm very curious about this happening and wondering how the next steps will be like. :)
  • mirjana on December 8, 2022 11:14 PM said:
    super super suuuuuper Hvala
  • Mary Chetcuti on December 8, 2022 10:58 PM said:
    The brilliance of this and the wave it has already begun brings a tear to my eye. Thank you doesn’t seem enough to all who’ve helped get to this point, incarnate and not <3

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