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There are times when I wince and squirm at some of the words that come out of my mouth as I’m channeling Adamus. I don’t “filter” what he’s energetically conveying through me; if I did he’d publicly call me out. However, there are times when I get mighty uncomfortable with his messages. At times it feels so grandiose. Bigger than life. Like a complex Hollywood sci-fi movie.

If the Shaumbra saga were a movie, the story line would be something like this, based on what Adamus says: A relatively small group of humans are brought together by a mysterious force in the End Days of Atlantis. They build pyramid-shaped temples where they learn to shift between dimensions, and use the embers from massive bonfires to send their coded messages across time and space... to themselves in the future, no less. They come back together as Essenes in the time of Yeshua (Jesus) to plant the seeds of light (divinity) that will take over 2000 years to germinate. Then they come back yet again in the mid-late medieval times where they sequester themselves in Mystery Schools in Transylvania and other locations around Europe. Here, they train for their last lifetimes on the planet as spiritual Masters, scheduled to be around the turn of the 21st century.

All manner of hell is breaking out on the planet at this time in 2020 – everything changing at speeds few people can comprehend – causing disruptions in nearly every system known to mankind. This ragtag group of rebels has a critical mission (what they call a massion): To allow their Realization and then, uh, well, to sit on park benches drinking cappuccino.

Did I mention grandiose? But wait, there’s more.

Robots are taking over entire factories. They drive cars and trucks. Cameras monitor nearly every human movement in homes and public places. Frenzied scientists are working day and night in their laboratories to create a new type of non-biological super intelligence. Coins and paper currency are quickly being replaced by electronic transfers; nobody gets a paycheck any more, they get digital points. Food is grown in warehouses instead of fields. Doctors become a thing for history books because people just hook up to a machine for a diagnosis and treatment. Human priests and ministers are replaced with holographic recordings. And nearly everyone is smoking an exotic herbal substance that makes them feel relaxed and giddy.

All of this is happening while a virus hits the planet, causing people to stay indoors, work at home and wear facemasks for years. There’s not enough housing, a strange shortage of workers is closing down restaurants, airlines and service businesses, and the stock market is bullish the whole time.

Grandiose, indeed! Who wrote this script? They must have been smoking some of that exotic herbal substance.

But this isn’t a script. It’s our reality on the planet right now in what Adamus calls The Time of Machines. He claims to have written a book about it over 300 years ago when he did some time traveling in and around the year 2020, but I think we’re in the midst of rewriting the book with our personal experiences. You can avoid the news and pretend it’s not happening, but the fact is it’s here, and it’s why we’re here. It is our Grandiose Reality.

Adamus has been talking about it in his annual ProGnost messages since about 2014. He isn’t predicting the future. He’s telling us what’s happening right now, and he’s telling us why we’re really here on the planet at this pivotal time. He’s reminding us of our Atlantean-Biblical-Mystery School roots, and helping us to remember how to commune with energy once again so we can radiate our light to the planet. We’re no longer energy-holders or planet-savers. We are here to illuminate higher-consciousness potentials at this critical time for humanity. Talk about grandiose.

At times I gasp at some of Adamus’ words that come flying out of my mouth. Like many of you, I’m thinking to myself “Who, me?” when he talks about the role of Shaumbra at the Time of Machines. “I’m just an ordinary guy,” I think to myself. “Good grief, I was born and raised in Wisconsin, not Tibet. Catholic, not Buddhist. I’ve been married 44 years, dress like I shop at Dillard’s, eat meat and smoke cigarettes. Who…ME?” It’s all pretty grandiose, this stuff Adamus is talking about with us.

Last night Linda and I sat down to watch 60 Minutes. It’s a popular American TV news program that’s been around for 53 years, drawing close to 10 million viewers per week. In other words, it’s a highly respected, mainstream news show. We were blown away last night when they aired a segment featuring Yuval Noah Harari, best-selling Israeli author and historian. The segment sounded like something straight out of ProGnost. Remember, 60 Minutes is mainstream, not some sketchy podcast. Harari talked about technology, Artificial Intelligence and the future of the planet as if he had just watched the last six years of ProGnost in one setting. Here’s a few of the things he had to say:

“We’ll soon have the power to re-engineer our bodies and brains, with genetic engineering or by directly connecting our brains to computers, or by creating completely non-organic entities.”

“This is something way beyond just another human species.”

When asked if artificial intelligence will have power over us, Harari replied, “They are already gaining power over us.”

Some of his other comments include:

“Governments are collecting data about where we go, who we meet, what movies we watch. The next phase is the surveillance going under our skin (into our bodies).”

“In science fiction, it’s often assumed that as computers become more and more intelligent, they will gain consciousness. Actually, it’s much more frightening in a way. They will be able to solve problems much better than us, but without consciousness or feelings.”

“To hack a human being is to get to know the person better than they know themselves. This outside system (AI) has the ability to remember everything, everything you ever did, and know what you’re going to do before you do it.”

You can listen to the entire interview at this link: Harari 60 Minute Interview

What sounded grandiose just a few years ago in ProGnost is now mainstream. What I cringed at when Adamus was talking about the future is now here. What seemed like wild and bizarre science fiction is now our current state of affairs. This is the Time of Machines. And it’s not just Yuval Noah Harari talking about it. So is Elon Musk, Bill Gates and a multitude of other bright, successful technology moguls. The message is clear. The world is changing at an unprecedented rate and we’re rapidly heading towards a new human species.

Is our story of Atlantis, the biblical times and the Mystery School really so grandiose? I’m somewhat embarrassed that I was so uncomfortable when Adamus first started talking about where the planet is headed in the next 25 – 30 years. What seemed grandiose at the time is reality today. I am thunder-struck at how our Shaumbra story ties into what’s happening on the planet today.

Adamus, I apologize for cringing when you brought forth this important information about the Time of the Machines. After all, who am I to question the grandiose President of the Ascended Masters Club?

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