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July… what a month it was. In the Crimson Circle world, we had the final Shoud of the Walk On Series (already?!), the ProGnost Update (quantum evolution anyone?), Embodied Consciousness (simply beyond words), the launch of Keahak VI and the near completion of the Masters Club, to mention just a few little things. And the world! I can’t even keep track of all that’s going on, but here in the U.S. there was our Independance Day holiday, more clashes with police, and two chaotic political conventions. Back in January, Adamus said that there would be so many things happening this year, one after another after another, that it would be a challenge to keep our balance and not get swept away in the chaos and drama. As usual, he was right, and it appears the ‘fun’ will continue for quite a while.

Then I remember – we asked for this! We’re here for change, first within ourselves but also in the world, and now it’s happening. Yes, it’s bumpy, chaotic and a bit insane, but it’s also inspiring, breathtaking, even exhilarating, depending on the perspective you choose. Are we in dire peril or on the verge of heaven on earth? Perspective is, after all, what creates reality. And if we can notice when it includes fear, that can be very useful information on the path to integration.

For instance, one of the presidential candidates in the news actually inspired a lot of people, myself included. I liked that the campaign wasn’t about fear but rather “we’re in this together and we can fix it together,” and that instead of being bought and paid for by the “establishment,” it was funded on small donations from individual Americans. For the first time in a very long time I found myself caring about the political game, my passion inspired by the potential to choose consciousness instead of power, for integrity to matter more than greed. “It’s working!!” I thought. “We’re bringing consciousness to the world and it’s showing!” I eagerly jumped out from behind the short wall and into the fray, only to quickly become attached to a particular outcome and then feel devastated when it didn’t unfold the way I’d imagined.

Ah, duality is such a thrilling game! But that inner grief caught my attention. Why did I care so much? Why did I get so caught up in it when I really do know that all is well in all of creation? In fact, why am I still caught up in it? No judgment toward myself, just curiosity. And, because every question generates its answer, the memories started drifting in. “This isn’t the first time… remember when it all went so bad before? Remember when they didn’t listen, when they refused to understand? Remember when they chose fear instead of faith, power instead of truth? Remember how powerless I was? And remember when I had the power, how intoxicating it was?” Oh, so many echoes of the past. I was feeling the grief of past disappointments, dashed dreams and lifetimes lost. A tender compassion welled up for all those other times when it didn’t work out.

My passion in this lifetime is consciousness – expanding, awakening, enlightening consciousness. Like you, I’ve been at it for a long, long time and excitement grows when I see it unfolding. Then I remember feeling similar hope in the past, only to watch things fall apart yet again. Is this time really any different? Ah, time to step back, mosey over behind that short wall again and take a deep breath. Yes, something is new this time, I can feel it. Things are changing. It’s not the same old fight and it won’t have the same old outcome. Individual moments and candidates and events don’t really even matter that much. What does matter is that the seeds of consciousness have been planted, they’re sprouting, and nothing can stop the fruition. While individual sprouts may not take root for a while, the whole crop cannot be destroyed. This new day isn’t for building on echoes of the past, but on the seeds of potential.

All this is encouraging when I watch the world from Angel’s Peak, but it’s even more helpful when I apply it to myself. I don’t have to fight anymore. I don’t have to make sure this happens or that doesn’t happen. I don’t have to try so damned hard to get it right. I can let go – again and again. I can play in the melee if I want to, but nothing bad will happen if I don’t. No one needs me to convince them of anything. I don’t even have to fear that the “wrong” person will get elected, because consciousness is happening. People, groups, countries may choose some interesting experiences to go through, but the whole world is going new. Birth is messy; rebirth, even messier. But it’s why we’re here, and it really is happening.

The key for each of us is to come back to Self – over and over again. Come back to the Body of Consciousness, the integrated, compassionate, sovereign One that you are, because there lie all the aspects, all the echoes, all the dreams and all the potentials. And when they come together, all limitations and fears simply cease to exist. Perception and therefore reality changes, maybe not for everyone, but definitely for you.

I love what Adamus has been saying recently about the Body of Consciousness. He’s talked about it occasionally in the past, but now I’m beginning to understand how critical it is to what we’re doing. In fact, realizing the Body of Consciousness IS what we’re doing. It’s where the AND exists, an infinite bubble of All That I Am, Have Ever Been and Will Ever Be, unfathomed by the human but in existence nonetheless.

In a recent Keahak VI channel, Adamus explained in more detail how the body, mind and spirit all come together in the Body of Consciousness, no longer separate from each other, yet still individual and unique. But how does it work? How can the physical body or the mind or the spirit merge into the Body of Consciousness and still be itself? Then a metaphor appeared, one that has come in before but now with a new significance.

If you’ve ever used a color printer, you know that an infinite range of colors can be produced from an original palette of just three. Anything you can imagine can be replicated with red, green and blue (or cyan, magenta and yellow for the purists), with black added in for richness and depth. When a printer is switched on the first time, it will print a test page where you might see identical images in three different colors. And together they will produce whatever color you desire.

Now imagine yourself in a similar way – body, mind and spirit represented by three different colors. Imagine that each ‘color’ has made many beautiful creations on its own, sometimes mixing a little bit with one or the other, but usually determined to create its own version of reality. Each version is true, but oh so limited. No matter how intricate and perfect the image might be, it is still that single color. Sometimes the colors clash – body doing its own thing while mind tries to control it; mind racing ahead while spirit just waits; spirit trying to rise at the expense of the body. You know these struggles all too well – each color unwilling to be obliterated, knowing its innate importance; each part able to create yet always incomplete.

Now comes the invitation to merge them all together, the red and the blue and the green. None of them wrong, none needing fixed or saved by another, each adding to the whole. When they finally stop competing and allow the reunion, the outcome is so much more than any single one could have possibly created or imagined. How could plain green imagine the rich depth of indigo and purple and gold? How could the human body fathom limitless existence?

That’s what Adamus is inviting us to allow – a reality of richness and depth beyond anything we could possibly imagine. And in this reality, where all the colors come alive, where all of Self is present, duality ceases to exist. My mind no longer fighting with my heart; my body no longer rejected by my spirit; this candidate is no longer the mortal enemy of that one; evil no longer something to fear. Beyond duality the potentials are unlimited.

So, when you see the news, read the fear, feel the pain, gasp at the chaos, play in it for a little while if you want to, and then come back home. Take a deep, luxurious breath and allow your Self to come together – body, mind and soul. Describing how it feels is pretty much impossible. Words like richness, stillness, fullness, depth and peace all apply, but can only point in the general direction. But the more you allow yourself to come together in your Body of Consciousness, the more you’ll feel it.

The seeds we’ve been planting are seeds of integration, homecoming and consciousness. If we give too much heed to the anguished echoes of the past, we’ll think our side has to win, else disaster will befall. But if we inspire the fragile new sprouts of consciousness with our own, already in full bloom, the potentials are unlimited. No longer is this color better than that one; together they are infinitely more. When we can remember it for ourselves, then we can watch how it unfolds in the world. It might be astonishing. Messy, yes, but possibly miraculous, for anything becomes possible.

Remember that all colors merged together create white. And all of self merged together – echoes of the past, seeds of the future and everything in between – create the radiant Self that lights up the world.

Take a deep breath into your Body of Consciousness, where all is truly well.

7 comments on "Echoes and Seeds"

  • Katharina Sattler on September 5, 2016 9:09 AM said:
    thank you very much for this beautiful article. It is so appropriate in this time, when meanstrem news are uncomfortable, just to remember " All is well in all of creation" Much Blessings Katharina
  • Maija Rapeli on August 23, 2016 5:02 AM said:
    Wonderfully put Jean Dear,you´re really the Colour Master for all Shaumbra! Thank you SO much and colourfully !;oDDD
  • Brenda Harley on August 22, 2016 9:19 AM said:
    AM loving the rainbow effect of your sharing Jean, thank you. Beautiful, clear AND colorful!
  • Debra L on August 18, 2016 2:44 AM said:
    Still breathing in that beautiful message of clarity and light. Thank you, Jean, thank you.
  • Elvira on August 17, 2016 5:03 PM said:
    Gracias Jean, bellisimo.
  • Silvia Chediek on August 17, 2016 3:05 PM said:
    Thank you Jean!! You know how to put everything into perspective! Your articles are a gift to the Shaumbra family!
  • Tiny Hendrix on August 11, 2016 9:09 AM said:
    Thank you Jean, so very enlightening.

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