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Wow that hurt. It was so cold, like the ice-cold rain cut right through my crackling skin. I realized that my skin would quickly freeze and break when falling from this altitude. I looked around and saw people tumbling down into the black depth. The sound was loud, so loud that I couldn’t hear anything else. Not even all the people screaming as they plunged down to earth. I heard myself think “Maybe my ears froze and fell off?”

In calm wonder I looked around at all the people plunging down in total panic. Colorful suitcases and airplane parts sometimes whooshed by and hit people. I looked up and saw a hatch broken off on the bottom of the airplane where the luggage is stored. It was a big hole, and luggage continued to fall out. Through it I could also see a big hole into the cabin with small luggage and paper bags falling out. And people.

Some people just plunged down like a rock. Others seemed to float in the air with their arms wide open. Some just tumbled through the air. I realized I was tumbling and plunging as well. Looking down, I realized it was taking such a long time to reach earth, and yet it only took seconds. Below me was a huge darkness. “I guess there’s the ocean” I heard my brain say, and felt it calculating if there might be a chance to survive this.

Wow, it was really, REALLY a long way down. I knew this was it. The body wouldn’t stay alive that long in the freezing cold, and it sure would not survive hitting the cold water from this height. “Why didn’t we all get parachutes as passengers?” I wondered. In front of me I saw clouds, and in the distance snow covered volcanoes. Iceland.

I had just been there, a place where my body felt so at ease. In the middle of the night I had suddenly come up with the idea of visiting Iceland, and two days later I was there. For a moment while booking the flight, a feeling came up of “It could be that I won’t survive this trip.” I was confused about this thought but decided to go anyway. Let’s live!

Back to the airplane. Watching the panicked people around me, I experienced all the senses – sounds, vision, the feeling of my skin, the frozen air I was inhaling, what it did to the lungs, the way the air moved around me. I was totally aware and awake but without fear. “What a great way to die,” I heard myself think. “What an experience.” It startled my brain and for a second I wondered “Wow, this is weird. Shouldn’t I be fighting to stay alive like the others are doing, instead of enjoying this experience and trying to take everything in?” And then I felt a clear “No.” What an experience! Why not enjoy all of it instead of letting the brain take over and only be aware of a small part of it?

I realized the body was about to die. Suddenly it felt like whooshing through a tunnel back into the timeline where I was lying in bed early in the morning, in a hotel in Reykjavík. I woke up, even though I hadn’t been asleep, as aware as I’d been the entire time. I sat up, sweat pouring down my face and back. There was no fear, just some confusion in the brain. I knew with all my being this was not just a dream. It felt the same as any other moment in life. It was one of the possibilities out there to experience, one that I could easily connect to the timeline of this lifetime. In fact, it was the most likely one to connect to at this moment. I had been enjoying feeling into the other dots of reality over the past months. Lately it wasn’t as active as before, but now it was there again. A dot. A potential, already here, ready to be chosen. I experienced it like I was there right now (oh wait, I was) and it felt absolutely real to the body as if it was happening right now.

My flight back home from Iceland would be later in the day. Somewhere deep within and around me was a knowingness, “No, l’m not choosing this one. Let’s choose another one.” It felt like some energy deep within was moving aside. I knew that connecting to this potential would be fine too, nothing to worry about. But somehow, I felt it had been swept aside.

I laid back down in my bed and enjoyed the warmth of the blankets, knowing I would be fine either way. I didn’t pay any attention to it that day, didn’t turn it into drama or a story to tell. I didn’t even tell my partner. It felt like this was no longer the potential to connect to this timeline, so why bother getting into all the drama?

Later that day we arrived at the airport, ready to go home, although Iceland felt more like home than ‘home.’ It was as if my whole being tapped into other moments of reality when I was there. It felt so familiar.

Boarding time. We went to stand in line, and 30 minutes later we were still in the same spot. The line hadn’t moved at all. We were having fun, talking with some of the passengers. Then we got the message that we couldn’t board yet due to technical issues with the aircraft, and it was unclear at this moment why. Some people made jokes about vomit all over the airplane from the previous passengers that had to be cleaned up. Other people were starting to get a little nervous.

A while later it was announced that they were still working on resolving the technical issues, but it was unclear how long this would take. I suddenly remembered the vivid potential I experienced earlier that day, and I could hear my mind thinking “Okay, shouldn’t I be taking another flight since I had that dream this morning?” The answer was there at the same time as the question, “No. Energies serve me.” It felt strange, being in total trust and yet hearing the brain being out of trust. I felt total trust that some other experience had already been chosen to connect to this mind’s timeline when I felt the energies move this morning. At the same time, I felt that even if that potential I had experienced was connected to this timeline, it wouldn’t matter anyway. Any option would be fine.

Standing in line, I realized that only twelve months ago I would definitely not have been taking that plane. After that “dream”? No way! But now, I just felt an inner calmness that everything would be okay, no matter what. Looking at the line of worried faces, we decided to go get some wine. We found a little pizza spot at the airport near the boarding gate. It felt good there, with plants, a huge pizza oven, and wine. There was just something about this place, a calmness. It felt serene. We ordered wine at the counter. The man serving us brought so much calmness, and it oozed out to the whole area. It felt good, so familiar. I wanted to ask him if he was Shaumbra, but I didn’t. It didn’t matter anyway. We ordered two slices of pizza and then both got one slice extra for free.:

So, there we sat, drinking wine, eating pizza, charging our phones, enjoying the scenery and the serenity this man brought to the chaotic airport. It was beautiful to watch.

It was announced that the plane would be delayed even more, so we ordered some more wine. We were enjoying ourselves. Life was good. Around me some people were having fun, while others were in sheer panic about this unclear delay as they considered taking different flights.

Finally, we were asked to board the plane. As soon as everybody was seated the crew explained that the radio hadn’t been working and that it had to be fixed before departure. That’s what caused the delay. It would have saved a lot of people many nervous moments if they would have told us that. In the meantime, ice had formed on the wings and now that had to be washed away, so it would take even more time before we could take off. We were in the plane, ready to go home – and nothing happened. The plane wasn’t moving. After a while, the pilot said that there were technical problems. One of the luggage doors wasn’t closing properly and had to be closed manually. The technical crew had already left for home and the pilot was now the only person allowed to walk around the plane, fix the problem, and manually close the doors. So, it would take some time as he had to get out of the plane, solve the problem, and then get back in. “Well, isn’t that funny,” I heard myself thinking. I looked at my partner and decided not to tell him about my “dream.” I knew everything was okay.

Finally, after three hours of delays, we were ready for take-off. And guess what – I didn’t fall out of the plane.

Oh wait – I did! Just not in this particular timeline.

So many potentials, all available for me to choose.

Chantal is currently residing in The Netherlands and enjoying life. Please feel free to contact her via

1 comments on "Trust & Potentials"

  • Ashla on February 27, 2020 3:37 PM said:
    Quanta sabedoria em confiar e se entregar a sua energia. Realmente é mágico

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