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Juniper sat at the desk in her room in the House of Keahak (HoK), a portable copy of her Master’s Thesis scattered all around her. She was looking for inspiration. The Librarian had asked her to write an article for the University Magazine about why she chose to create the Index.

Juniper’s initial response was simply, “Because I could. And it was fun!” And, she thought, because it was needed. She remembered her own awe when she first discovered this magical place, and frequently watched newly arrived students walk around with mouths gaping.

And so they should. The library, after all, was pure magic. Filled to the brim with the wisdom of Ascended Masters. And it was still growing. At present, it contained no less than 420 hours of channelled wisdom available in the common area to anyone who wished to enter the Library. Or more accurately, anyone who dared. The Library is an intimidating behemoth to those who do not know him.

And so the 44 Essence Index was born from the pure love of the Library. During her first year in the HoK, Juniper had dived deep into it, discovering every dark corner, nook and cranny, all the while feeling into the pearls of Wisdom contained within. She wanted to create a playful intermediary, an easy introduction to the Masters contained within; Tobias, Adamus, Kuthumi and the smattering of angelic guest appearances.

During its creation, Juniper realised it also functioned as a way to learn Shaumbra-speak for those newly arrived. When you’ve immersed yourself for years and sometimes decades, you forget we speak a wholly different language: “Shaumbra released their makyo ages ago, embracing their Kasama and allowing the Master to coexist with the human as their aspects and anayatron transformed into a single Body of Consciousness, finally living the Ahmyo life.” If you’re newly arrived this would make little to no sense without several visits to the glossary.

When it came time to manifest the Index, Juniper took her inspiration from divination cards. She decided to match each wisdom essence, first with a word or simple phrase and then with an image. Lastly, she assigned the card a number. 44 cards, the master number, breaks down most easily into four elevens. Or written differently, 11:11:11:11, so the Index is displayed 4 across, 11 down.

For the final step, she selected one SHOUD for each essence, this was the most difficult part.

And then it was suddenly done. A project that had been around her for more than a year was about to take wing. There was nothing left to do but set it free. And so she did.

To play with the Index CLICK HERE

For the new Index app (android only) CLICK HERE

“Juniper’s adventures at the Crimson Circle University on Theos were imagined into being from a tiny purple caravan, on a farm somewhere not far from Cape Town, South Africa. The tiny purple caravan has a back door leading to my room in the House of Keahak. Stepping into the House for the first time in K6, my journey to embodied enlightenment changed gear; and so did the fun level. The storytelling has brought me such joy. Where will it ultimately lead? When you’re living the Ahmyo life. It doesn’t matter. With Keahugs to All Shaumbra.” – Jennifer Swarts

To read more of Juniper’s fabulous adventures, please visit

Juniper played a game called Index Poetry. This was the result.

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