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Dear Shaumbra, with this article I would like to accept Saint-Germain’s invitation to the new Shaumbra to tell their stories. This is my story of the Atlantean headband but telling it does not come easy because I have hidden all my life. Adamus once asked me why I was so afraid. It is difficult to put to words, but I definitely feel an innate fear that if I put myself out there in full, something terrible will happen as a direct result. Therefore, being in hiding has been my default state of being, and it is difficult to show the world who I truly am. This needs to change now because my Master, having finally arrived, has zero tolerance for my old ways. Hence, this article.

The title “Homecoming” was initiated by my Master. She is not much of a talker but when she does communicate, I stop and listen. First, when I heard that word, it did not mean much to me. Actually, I was a bit surprised because she said that word in English, which is not my first language. A couple of days later, I understood why she had used that term, Homecoming. It was a day before the Master Code Online, an event I was really looking forward to. I was very excited, but also feeling a bit off and stressed because it was a big week for me, finally being self-employed, plus the intense energies of the Master Code.

Well, Friday evening before the event, I got a letter from my dear and beautiful Shaumbra friend Beate. She had just purchased “Going Beyond Merabh” and wanted to share with me how much she was touched by that beautiful experience. She wrote “Dear Fartun” in big colorful letters, an homage to Adamus’ message that “Beyond is Color.” I truly was touched by that kind and thoughtful gesture.

After reading that letter, something strange happened. I looked in the mirror to check my appearance and was shocked to see that in the reflection, my right eye had shapeshifted into what I first perceived as the “evil eye.” The “evil eye” is an ancient belief that is still held today by people in many countries, and it is a concept I am familiar with due to my Somali heritage. The belief is that the person with the evil eye is cursed by black magic (and thus a black magician), and therefore must be avoided at all costs in order not to offend the black magi and be marked with the evil eye too. Superstitious, yes, and I am somewhat reluctant to admit that “evil eye” was indeed the first idea that crossed my mind. In my defense though, my right eye did not look like my own. It had a different shape and was puffy and red. While staring intensely at my reflection, trying to make sense of what I was perceiving, my face in the mirror became blurred, and suddenly a headband appeared in the area of my forehead. I was suddenly face to face with my Atlantean self who was clearly crying and staring back at me from my reflection. I was her. The mirror did not reflect my present-day self, it showed her. I was taken aback not only by the odd experience but also by the raw grief and remorse I saw in her.

Then and there I knew exactly what Adamus had meant by saying that the Atlanteans who had created the headbands had no ill intent whatsoever. I clearly perceived that my Atlantean self certainly did not foresee the extent of damage that would be caused by the headbands. However, this was not my first encounter with my Atlantean self.

I guess I would be classified as a “new” Shaumbra because I joined the Crimson Circle family in December 2020, after watching the interview between Adamus and Kevin Moore. Quickly immersing myself into the Shouds, I was stunned at how easily Adamus managed to tell me about my own core truths, many knowingnesses I struggled so much to put into words. Listening to the Shouds became the comforting nudge I so desperately needed while experiencing the seemingly never-ending Dark Night of the Soul. However, I had difficulties in admitting to myself that I was indeed incarnated on Planet Earth for my embodied realization or enlightenment. It seemed like something grand and glorious, and I did not feel worthy of it. Then, in early January 2021, I finally made a clear and conscious choice for embodied realization. I mused that even if it should be out of my reach, just making a clear choice for it would pose no harm on the long run, would it? This turned out to be an important Point of Separation for me. My psychic senses, of which I was quite aware of at the time, went off the charts.

Then, in early February 2021, I first met my Atlantean self, which I initially mistook for a demonic encounter (also a bit ashamed to admit). That night before falling asleep, I had watched a Shoud of the Emergence Series in which Adamus talks about Atlantis and the headbands. I was not particularly convinced that Atlantis had ever existed, let alone believing in the existence of any fancy headbands. Yet, I still watched the whole Shoud and fell asleep soon afterwards, only to be rudely awakened by a traumatized Atlantean aspect screaming and assaulting me. Scared to death, I pleaded for rescue, not caring who came to my aid as long as I found help.

That is when I had my first conscious chat with Adamus. Poised as always, he simply suggested that I talk to that aspect. Absolutely bewildered by that strange request, I did as he suggested and talked to this Atlantean self. Much to my surprise, she only wanted to make sure that I was keeping my commitment in ending the era of the headbands. Shaken to the core, I assured her that I was indeed keeping my promise while simultaneously thinking “WTF? I’ve never even heard of Atlantean headbands before this night.”

That encounter, strange and bewildering as it seemed while experiencing it, marked a real landmark change for me. Never really knowing before that a ‘beyond’ even exists, now the attempts to go beyond consumed me, both in my waking state as well as during my dreams. I cannot tell you how many recurring dreams I have had in which I either try to find my way out of a maze, escape from a prison or try to catch a plane in a panic-stricken way. Never does it work out and I always end up feeling tremendously frustrated, angry, desperate and resigned at the same time. I never had the passion for anything like the one I feel for wanting to break out of the human prison right NOW. I do not care what it takes as long as I become free. It is especially nerve-racking because this freedom that I so much desire from the core of my being seems to be right here and elusive at the same time.

Although I am ecstatic about my Master finally being here and me being able to perceive her presence, I have to admit that lately, I have been very envious of Adamus and all the Ascended Masters. I envy their freedom. I want it for myself too. Having finally arrived in the “AND” is not as satisfying as I had hoped for. Don’t get me wrong, I do truly love to feel the presence of my soul. It is comforting and nurturing, but it is not like I am somehow a more emotionally balanced human being. If anything, I am less patient and more frustrated than even before. Screw you, human expectations!

However, I actually feel that that the Master Code Online class was an important Point of Separation for all Shaumbra and particularly for me. Saturday morning, before the start of the class, I stared into the mirror, trying to catch another glimpse of my Atlantean self. She did re-appear for a moment, and I was very happy because I worried that I might not see the image of her ever again. At first, she looked the same as the night before, grief-stricken with puffy eyes, wearing the headband. But then suddenly her image changed to a continuous procession of all my past lives, from Lemuria (weird looking humans indeed) to more recent and maybe future lifetimes, in no particular order. I was flabbergasted, never even dared to imagine that something like that could occur. I sat in front of the mirror for a couple of hours with watery eyes, trying to catch each and every glimpse of my Soul’s incarnations. One thing I noticed while observing the procession of the lifetimes is that I had lived the vast majority of incarnations as a woman, and only a few lifetimes as a man.

Seeing each incarnation was a sacred experience, though seeing myself as a man with a moustache was particularly hilarious. Each face in my reflection would appear and remain there for a couple of seconds, then change to the face of another lifetime. If I took a break to give my watery eyes some rest, the initial lifetime to restart the procession would always be my Atlantean self. It was such a cool and weird experience at the same time!

That evening during the Master Code Online, Adamus Saint-Germain told us that he had invited our past lives, making sense to why I was seeing my past lifetimes in my reflection. And then finally, we released the Atlantean Code.

The next day during a daydream, I re-lived first-hand experiences of some of the horrors and massacres done to women, initially caused by Azura Timu. When I had first heard of the tale in The Wound of Isis, I truly felt sick to my stomach and could hardly listen to it at the time. Now during the daydream, although I was re-living these horrors and assaults on the feminine energies as my Atlantean self, it was strangely less devastating because the Master was present with her wisdom.

I knew that much of the holding back and hiding that I had done all my life was connected to that experience. The next time I looked in the mirror, the procession of past lives did not reoccur. I guess they have integrated now, thus the term “Homecoming” of my soul. However, my Atlantean self was still present, though she was no longer showing such grief and remorse. I mused that this was connected to the release of the Atlantean Code that we did.

Now, a few days later, and after having coded the Master Code on Day 2, I still perceive my Atlantean self but sense that she is healing. She still seems sad, but it is no comparison to how she looked like when I first saw her.

Remember how I thought that I was cursed with the evil eye? There is no grief, aka “evil eye,” remaining in the image I see of her now. The healing progress in her that I have experienced in myself is giving me a lot of hope for my own realization. Adamus has said that when we become realized in this lifetime, all our lifetimes become realized too. But more than anything, I have finally fulfilled my commitment to my Atlantean self. My watch has ended.

Fartun lives in Vienna, Austria. She just started her new energy business named SKARABÄUS, with no business plan whatsoever, but in potent partnership with her soul. Thus, she is instructed in the fine arts of Quantum Allowing (aka Quantum Trusting) and is being guided step-by-step to starting a whole new life beyond her wildest dreams. Fartun may be contacted via email.

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