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Looking back on my journey of the last few years, I got to see what a really speedy process it has been. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the “Fast Track” to others. Taking a slower and gentler pace might have felt a whole lot better emotionally and mentally, as well as been easier on my body. Many Shaumbra have been absorbing the Crimson Circle messages and classes for many years; for me, things went a little different. 

It was the fall of 2018. I was restlessly questioning the deeper ways of actualizing my truth when a friend shared with me the Crimson Circle Shouds and videos on YouTube. This was at a time when Adamus was thinning the herd, so to speak. He was asking those connecting with Crimson Circle to choose whether or not they wanted to stay and be Masters on Earth or go to another group. In other words, if all they wanted was their lives to be made easier by being part of a group, they should go elsewhere.

Being unfamiliar with Adamus, I did not fully resonate with how he was doing this, not realizing his purpose or that it was his way of challenging us to know who we truly are. Yet every time I thought “Crimson Circle isn’t for me” I kept hearing a voice say, “There is more for you here” and “Keep listening.” So, I did.

For much of this life, I had consciously been on the path of searching for self-realization. I somehow knew that this lifetime was about being an embodied Master on Earth, and that meant taking my body with me when it was time to move on. I also believed this journey of actualization was to be done alone by myself. Now, however, I was becoming aware that there were others also here for their realization and more. This was the divinely designated lifetime for many souls.

I had been channeling for a while, providing material for a new age newsletter, and it was the Crimson Circle Channeling class which first caught my eye. What could I learn from this workshop in Colorado? I was excited. As it turned out, there was a prerequisite of the Sexual Energies School (SES), but no class was available to take before the Channeling workshop. Still, in case there might be another event I wanted to attend, I took my first SES class in person, given by wonderful Crimson Circle teachers. Later, I also took it a second time online.

What a belief opener of what I had considered to be self-love! What insights I gained into energy feeding and power games! So many victims and abusers still playing out their roles on Earth and in my life! Yes, I could see why this class was a prerequisite to taking many of the Crimson Circle classes.

During this time, I started looking through the Crimson Circle website quite intensely. Oh, what paths and interference I had been distracted by for nearly 20 years! So many opportunities had been available of which I had not been aware. It was then that I saw Threshold. That was it. There was nothing that meant more to me.

So, I made the choice to jump into what some consider to be the premier class of Crimson Circle. I had not considered what it would require of me, nor did I truly understand what I was committing myself to. And there seemed to be a new language of semantics and terms I was adjusting to, with Adamus guiding us to remember who we are with new perspectives and all his made-up words. What a roller-coaster ride of reality shifting.

Around this time, I was sorting through an embarrassingly messy room when I felt a presence. I turned and there was an etheric figure. I knew it was Adamus checking out who I was, and he was talking with me! I felt that he was imparting some insights and asking something like, “So you really believe you’re ready for this now?” I remember feeling honored by the great effort Adamus must have made to come into such heavy energy!

Being so new to the material, there was not much time yet to experience listening to Tobias, with his gentle way of saying so much of what Adamus was now imparting in his direct and forthright ways. I had not even learned yet about his teaching of standing behind the short wall! I just knew I was to be in Hawaii and take part in the small Threshold class. Even if I sometimes questioned this, I was driven by the soul-deep knowing that I simply had to be there.

Soon, a lot of resistance started coming up; my Soul was preparing me for the class. My life as I knew it felt like it was falling apart – and it was! My beliefs and what I had created to be my truth were unraveling even as I was trying to keep it all together. So, with a jitterbug of emotions, 2 root canals and 4.5 months later, I found myself on a plane to Hawaii. I was embarking on a journey I could not have imagined at the time, moving toward what would occur in Threshold.

In one of the Cloud Classes I had heard Geoffrey channel Kuthumi Lal Singh, and it was on the plane to Hawaii that Kuthumi first introduced himself to me. I was sitting in the seat, quite nervously anticipating what Threshold & Hawaii might be like and feeling concerned about what the plane was doing too. That’s when Kuthumi came to me, and I surprisingly found myself dancing with him, having a delightful time sharing the experience. My heart opened and I relaxed for the rest of the flight. What an unexpected gift!

At last, feeling reserved excitement, it was the first day of the class. There was talk of “The Dragon.” I had loved dragons since my youth and used to sculpt and draw them. But this was an unknown Dragon, one that I heard could rip you apart and tear you down to who you truly were! What a new concept that this Dragon would dig up the guilt, shame and anything else holding me back from my realization. REALLY? 

There I was, holding the belief that I could forgive myself with the limited forgiveness of my human mind. I didn’t realize that this Dragon of My Soul was the only one who could forgive my whole human self, or that it would be my Dragon’s clarity that would see me through, like it or not!

Oh! I knew I could not be the same anymore now, nor did I want to be. I had accepted the challenge of allowing, even though I was still sometimes in resistance to this journey of becoming who I Am. Now, who was this dear human who so seriously took upon herself the responsibility of her actualization, as something she was supposed to do? What a shift of consciousness, acknowledging that I was there at my Threshold and that my known Human path could be no more. 

Well, what did I really expect if I was to be who I truly am? I was for sure not living THAT life yet, and I was becoming aware of how much I had NOT been embodying my soul.

I had jumped right into the deep end instead of serenely wading through the Crimson Circle material a bit at a time. But there was no going back. This fast track brought me like a whirlwind into exactly where I needed to be, eventually allowing myself to be at home within my body and be who I Am like never before. 

Ultimately this journey is still for each of us to do alone and it is nice to know now it can also be a journey shared. For anyone considering Threshold, the class is nothing you can anticipate. For me, it was one of the greatest gifts I could give myself.

Oh, the Channeling Class? I have not taken it yet and am allowing this to be what it is. Funny how sometimes the human thinks it needs to do a certain thing, then later sees that was just the first step to something quite different!

A big Thank You to Crimson Circle, to ALL who take part on Earth and in the realms of the Crimson Council, and to ALL the Ascended Masters and Teachers of this material. I am filled with gratitude.

Nivara says: “Words can be used to describe creations and identities I have believed myself to be. I have worn the hat of an Artist, Writer, and Synergistic Healer, a Purveyor of ancient antiquities and collectibles to crystals and meteorites, jewelry and gems. I am a Lover of Nature, Animals, and so much more this lifetime.  What I have come to know is that these things alone do not define who I Truly AM. They were experiences and expressions chosen to help me know who I AM Truly.” She can be reached via email.





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