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As I look around me, I see how it’s starting to happen: we are coming out of hiding, out of our own shadows into the world of the living again. After years of solitude and even loneliness, it feels like we are ready to engage with the world again. Going deep within was a necessary step in awakening, but now that we are connected with ourselves, we can bring that connection into our experiences in the outer reality. I have felt this shift taking place within me this past year, and I have also seen it taking place around me. It’s as if we have been carrying precious treasures within us, treasures of new energy and crystalline consciousness; treasures and dreams that are so dear and personal to us that we have kept them hidden, afraid that the density of Earth and mass consciousness would pollute them somehow. And while we have been busy hiding and distracting ourselves, this inner flame has been steadily growing, until at some point, its glow bursts through our barriers and all we can do is allow it to shine.

How amazing it is to see this transformation before my very eyes, to see it happening in real time, in my friends and consciousness-pioneering colleagues; how one by one their eyes become brighter, how their presence shines through their body of consciousness. All around me conscious masters are writing books, painting, creating businesses or simply radiating their light by being in life. Until this year, there was always a part of me that doubted whether this was really real, whether enlightenment is really as close as Adamus claims. However, seeing and meeting other embodied masters has swept all of these doubts away.

So, this has been my year of coming out of hiding and into expression. And one of the things that really helped to make this transition a joyful one, was to co-create with my conscious friends. It started in winter 2016 when I was visiting my dear friend Romana Ercegovič, a theater artist, and we joked about writing a romantic comedy together. Something playful and light, like Midsummer Night’s Dream, but without the old energy elements (Shakespeare might be a genius, but even his plays contained some annoying, archaic views – although, to be fair, I suppose he was quite modern compared to his contemporaries). In addition to this, I know that the idea of a Shaumbra theater group has been floating around for many years, but so far nobody had taken the initiative to start it. During the Merlin event, Romana met with some other Shaumbra and they started talking about how fun it would be to create a theater group. After the event, I visited Romana, and this time we were both ready to start creating. The ideas and storyline came easily to us, and about five months later, we had finished writing the play. This was the start of the Royal Shaumbra Theater group.

It was a crazy and somewhat irrational idea: a group of actors living in five different countries, none of us native English-speakers, some of us not having had any previous acting experience and no financial sponsors. But it was such a fun idea that we decided to do it anyway. After all, such human challenges are not enough to stop a determined pirate!

This was my first experience of creatively collaborating with a group of masters, and boy was it fun! And – there is always an and – it was not without some interesting energy dynamics. Based on these experiences, I have found that there are particular factors which are useful to take into consideration when co-creating with other masters:

  1. Masters are hopeless when it comes to following plans! Most conscious creators hate the idea of doing anything according to a pre-set timeline. However, we had such a passionate cast that we managed to agree on rehearsal times and travel plans. We took it one step at a time and allowed the creation to change according to our needs. Knowing how allergic masters are to goals, I’m very proud that we actually made this potential into a reality.
  2. Just because someone is embodied right now, doesn’t mean that they will still be on the planet tomorrow. We had to sign contracts with the actors promising that nobody would leave their body until after the performance. (I’m kidding – nobody signed a written contract! We just threatened the cast: “I will kill you if you cross over before the premiere!”)
  3. Masters are creative and like to add their own energy to a creation. Turns out, you can’t just hand conscious actors a script and say, “Here are your lines”; they want to add their own essence and creativity to the project. Which is wonderful, because that way the creation becomes even more interesting and authentic.
  4. As you know, masters don’t tolerate hierarchies. Can you still have a leader or a director? Of course, as long as the role of the director is acknowledged as a role, and everybody is treated with the same amount of respect regardless of their roles. Many projects do require someone to hold the overall vision in order to unfold gracefully.
  5. Never underestimate the importance of food and drinks! After a whole day of creating together, the highlight of the day was the shared, sensual dinner, accompanied by an abundance of red wine and highly entertaining conversations. Many of our best ideas were created around the dinner table – or afterwards, on the dance floor!
  6. Let’s face it – we’re sensitive. Conscious people are very somatically reactive; they go through some inner shift and the next day they are in bed with a high fever. When they feel nervous about performing in front of others, they immediately manifest throat pain. Luckily masters also heal fast. So when one of our actors was sick in bed just two days before our premiere, nobody was surprised. When he was up on his feet and did a brilliant job on the night of the performance, we weren’t surprised either.
  7. Masters are painfully authentic: If you want to hide, don’t spend time with conscious humans. Not only do they see through any lies that you might be holding onto, they also reflect everything back to you. In a way, conscious friends can be the most unforgiving and the most compassionate ones at the same time. Unforgiving, because of their authenticity, and compassionate, because they don’t judge. Our week of rehearsing together was certainly as intense as attending any Crimson Circle event. One of the other actors was joking that this was like an integration workshop. We found that humor is an excellent way to keep the energies flowing smoothly.
  8. Constant transformation is a given: This means that you might think you know someone, and when you meet them a month later, you see a completely new facet of them. It certainly doesn’t get boring!
  9. Some of us need a lot of sleep, but that doesn’t make us lazy – we’re working in dream-state! Working with other masters often happens multidimensionally – in our dreams, on Theos, in our imagination…
  10. Energy turbulence is to be expected: When a group of masters gather under one roof, the energies can rattle and shake. For example, both on the day of arriving and the day of leaving the house we were staying at, there was thunder and lightning. Things tend to be more intense and happen at faster speed when a lot of consciousness converges in one place.

Now I ask myself, why did I hide for so long?! It’s definitely worth the occasional fear to be creating and collaborating with other masters. I can conclude that sovereign solidarity is not only possible, but also a deeply fulfilling experience. And of course it’s also a deep joy to share that creation with the audience. Whether we’ve created art, memories, silliness or new energy together, I’m grateful for the many conscious masters that have crossed my path in recent years, and hope to meet many more of you in the future.

Dear reader, what treasures are hidden in your heart, but longing to be expressed? What do you want to share with the world while you’re still here on the planet? What could you co-create together, in freedom, with other masters? What is your soul burning to say, and how are you going to embody your true voice? We have finally created a safe space, a safe corner on this world where we can express ourselves in sovereignty and freedom, so let’s enjoy it! If one master can create a miracle, imagine what we can create in collaboration. The implications are beyond the limits of the human imagination, so there’s really nothing left to do but allow the experiences to unfold!

1 comments on "Co-Creating with Masters"

  • Nina Spitzer on July 6, 2017 7:46 AM said:
    I look forward to more delight from the Royal Shaumbra Theatre,who truly do rock!

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