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“How could you expose yourself like that?” an old friend asked me during a meeting of childhood friends that takes place every few months. “I almost finished reading your book ‘Awakening to a New consciousness,’” he added, “And I think that there are things you should not have revealed to everyone else.”

“That’s exactly the point” I replied, amused. “Everything that appears in the book is revealed because it no longer represents who I am today, but rather who I am not and who I was before I awakened, so what does it matter?”

You see, since I awakened, I have discovered is that there are no secrets. I am done with secrets!

I smiled to myself, thinking that he must have been referring to a chapter in the book called “Cosmic Sex,” the only information that the editor of the Hebrew book had requested. “You write about everything,” she had said, “but what about sex, the topic that preoccupies everyone?” So I added a few words about sex (a word that sells) but not the words she expected to read.

When I discovered that something wanted to awaken in me and I did not want to share it with anyone, I began to reveal my feelings to myself in a diary. This helped me not only to research and document the changes that I was experiencing almost daily (especially helpful now that my memory is fading and I do not remember the unimportant things like what day it is), but it also enabled me to see my expansion along the journey.

As things became clearer to me, I realized that I was documenting the story of my life in order to release it, to expose everything that arose, without hiding anything. It felt like this was a farewell gift from me to the planet after my death or my return to self or whatever it will be.

Sometimes, I had the feeling that Kuthumi had accompanied me on the journey of writing and publishing the book. But that doesn’t really matter on the unique and independent journey I have chosen for myself, and which I have always longed for.

"Write!” I recommend to students who have awakened, “Write for yourselves".

In 2010, when I took a group of students to explore the sources of Feng Shui in China, Hong Kong and Macao, I awakened while sailing the Li River in the Yangshu region of remote China (after a long flight followed by an hours-long bus ride). Deep weeping burst from the depths of the ocean inside me in front of everyone and in the midst of the surrounding multidimensional nature that had been calling to me for years. Having at last arrived, I could not see, through my tears, the mountains that embrace the water; instead, I felt a deep sense of remembrance that I had never felt before, and which I only understood in retrospect.

However, it took four more years of internal searching to accept that I was willing to leave everything that I had done and everything that had interested me. A job I loved and years of study with Astrology experts from around the world had brought me great pleasure and reward as I passed on the information to many eager students.

I never smoked or drank alcohol, but I had become addicted to a world of energy formulas and layers, which served me well for about 20 years. But the deeper I delved into mastering the knowledge, the more complex the information became. For example, in the more advanced levels you are taught to discern the effects of energy at a level of 1 degree on a 360-degree compass. I did not like these complicated parts; over time, I began to feel that they were unnecessary, ridiculous and worthless, and that the experts who taught me and charged me so much money did not really fully understand.

As the richness of this world drew me to understand and discover more and more, it’s no wonder I became an expert in archaeological excavations of energy. I could see visible and invisible layers of energy and how they affected someone’s astrological house and chart, everywhere and with everything. In recent years, I also experienced it personally. Even then, I was already preparing for independence and uniqueness in the manner I perceived and taught.

In 2014, four years after my awakening, I agreed to rely solely on what came from inside me, and from that moment thing began moving, like an unstoppable boulder rolling the slope.

Anything can trigger your awakening. You can awaken through yoga or through Kabbalah; I awakened through Chinese metaphysics. I spent many life journeys with it in order to ultimately release everything I knew and be rewarded with an unimaginable knowingness that spoke from within me through worlds rich in a picturesque language of codes and elements.

In my newfound clarity, I realized that what I studied was interpreted incorrectly and separately, in a low consciousness. The prevailing perception in all the methods I knew glorified the mind and the masculine energy, but the more I released and opened up, and as my frequencies rose, I could see the broad picture of this amazing and profound world called Chinese metaphysics.

As the clarity grew, I agreed to leave it all, and then things came to me with a completely new perception, which none of the teachers in the East – including those engaged in the games of ego, culture and money – had taught me. As an Israeli who does not speak Chinese and as a woman in the world of male masters, I was exposed to information that would reward me beyond anything I could imagine. The more I expanded into the new energy, I realized how energy really works, how the perception of chi (the Chinese word for energy) was restricted in the world of duality, and how energy serves us at home, on the planet and personally.

Most of all, I love the dragon that awakens in the world of Chinese metaphysics. Many have feared the animal that represents divine feminine and masculine energy and transformation; however, in a clear consciousness, it represents treasures of wisdom. No wonder that 2012 was the year of the Dragon.

I found myself creatively teaching the new consciousness in any way that might be suitable to those who were ready to remember, whether directly or using the Chinese metaphysics bridge. I am here to assist.

As a Feng Shui expert, I creatively released judgement about the home and people. Amusingly, I also released the power that I had given to time and space, which are the cornerstones of the various methods. As an expert master of prediction methods, I asked not to know, but to feel.

The Chinese first say yin and then yang. First is the inner feminine energy, behind the scenes, and only afterwards is the masculine, the form. As I awakened, I danced the yin and yang dance, backwards (yin) and forward (yang) each time, at a different level.

I discovered that the “process” is surprising, as it is exposed each time in a new, non-linear manner, according to the same dance: first an internal energetic acceptance of the experience, diving into the experience, recalibration and expansion and again an internal acceptance of experimenting, diving, recalibration and expansion. What changes is the rhythm and the intensity.

Sometimes I stepped on my own feet, not by mistake or apologetically, when I started a rock-and-roll dance with myself.

It is fascinating to see that exposing the truth or clarity – which bring me so much relief and calm today –creates discomfort in people. They feel comfortable with familiar hidden, suppressed, old and phony games that get many likes on Facebook.

Externally, it seems that nothing has happened, because I’ve been home most of the time in recent years. I, who loved traveling around the world when people just discovered the television, find that being alone with myself is the most enjoyable. There is nothing that has not changed within me. I have died so many times in this body within a relatively short time in order to be born again.

Going out and coming in, letting things in and around me be exposed and leave, and walking, dead and alive – what difference does it make, learning to live with the fact that even though I have looked the same for a number of years, I am someone else completely. More than anything, more than going out to restaurants, traveling abroad, or being with my loving children, I enjoy my own company as it renews itself every day in a new manner.

Treasures are revealed from within and there is no end to it. Who would have believed that I would find a new addiction – I have become addicted to the new consciousness. I am experiencing the expansion in a safe space within myself, in my own way, as I have always loved to be.

I am undergoing this experience in Israel, a place tired of battles and struggles, along with technological acceleration and far-reaching inventions. (Recently, Israeli researchers displayed a womb printed in a laboratory, which in the future will be used to give birth to babies externally, without pregnancy. To us, this is not new.) I enjoyed living in England and Germany, but I never felt at home as I do in Israel. I assume that there are other people in Israel who are awakening to the new consciousness. Yet I have not met anyone (they may still be behind the scenes) who have really stopped playing the old games of spiritual searching.

I’m going all the way! I have chosen Shambra’s glorious and brave all-inclusive vacation package. What will it cost? Simplicity, discomfort, tears and laughter, not trapped in any reality, walking through and beyond yin and yang.

The same childhood friend who was chagrined at my book, later shared that he had found a magical way to solve the anxieties that overwhelmed him and paralyzed him, especially with concerns for his family. “The answer is Cipralex,” he said. “I recommend it! It relaxes me and enables me to function.” I wondered to myself in which pocket of his body he puts his anxiety, and laughingly asked him, “And how do you dare share your intimate anxieties with all of us?”

“I want to help others by letting them know that there is a way to solve anxieties,” he replied. I answered, “So, to your previous question, my book is also meant to assist people in experiencing healing without medication, as I did. If you wish, you can take a medication called ‘trust.’ There is no need for a prescription, it helps in the long term and with wonderful side effects. I highly recommend it.”

"And so,” I told him, “we have both exposed ourselves in order to assist, each in his own way."

“When the world outside is not reflected in you,
When your relationships don’t reverberate through you,
Then, you know that your consciousness is new.”

(From “Awakening to a New Consciousness”)

Sharona Poms is a teacher, scholar, writer and consultant of Feng Shui, astrology and Chinese metaphysics and master of the new energy. For more than 20 years, she has trained numerous counselors in the school that she founded. In 2004, her Feng Shui web site received the “Site of Choice” award from popular national newspapers. Since 2010, following an awakening experience in China, Sharona has taught innovative professional courses that merge the new consciousness with or without Chinese metaphysics. She assists people to awaken to the truth, to merge within themselves the divine part with the human, and to reach mastery and self-sovereignty. Sharona may be contacted via email.

Websites (in Hebrew) and

Sharona’s book Awakening to a New Consciousness is available in English and Hebrew

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  • andrea sperling on November 19, 2019 10:40 AM said:
    ..great :) thank you so much <3 !!

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