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We’ve heard for years that “Energy serves the Master,” and Adamus has been talking about this quite a lot in the last several months. He even said recently that you’ll know you’ve “arrived” at Realization when you truly and completely allow energy serve you. But why is it so important? Heck, what does it even mean to let energy serve you? Is it just getting more of what you want, only easier? Perhaps, sometimes. But I think he’s talking about a fundamental shift in how we use and interact with energy at every level. Something happened a few days ago that gave me some practical insights about all this.

A new friend has appeared in my life, and this person recently offered to gift me with a massage at their favorite spa. Although it was a lovely gesture, I wasn’t sure how “real” it was. But after hearing about a day of particularly strenuous house remodeling work, he brought it up again. A massage sounded heavenly to my sore muscles, so I said, “Thank you!” and we worked out the schedule. And then the sh*t hit the fan. Out of nowhere my heart started pounding, my body shaking, my mind racing. “Why is he doing me this favor? What does he want in return? I’ve done nothing to earn it and don’t know how to pay him back. I should run the other way as fast as possible.”

Well, I’ve done this stuff long enough to recognize exactly what was going on. Some previously undiscovered aspects were freaking out, waving red flags in my face, trying to remind me of the bazillion times a gift has not been free and all the subsequent problems. Another wiser (and somewhat amused) part of me watched the inner commotion and asked, “My dear, what’s the problem? Isn’t this what you always hoped for, someone who wants to bless you ‘just because’? Why can’t you just allow the energy to serve you and receive this gracefully?” I would, of course, as soon as I got past the bedlam of all these alarms going off!

With a lot of breathing, I slowly calmed down. That’s really the only thing to do when aspects show up – just breath, feel, let them have their moment, don’t forget who’s in charge – and somewhere inside, the alchemy of homecoming takes place. I knew it had to do with old lifetimes and stories about being owned, dominated, devalued, others feeling entitled to my life, and so on. No doubt we’ve all been there. My panicked reaction was simply an opportunity to allow another wave of integration and had nothing to do with the current situation. But it did get me thinking about energy and how it serves us, compared to how we think it will serve us.

Until now, everything has always, always had a cost. It’s the fundamental need for energy balance in a dualistic world, but some of my aspects and lifetimes have paid dearly. And, being stuck in the past, they were still terrified to have someone else to gain any kind of “advantage” over me, whether in loving service or not. Geez, no wonder being self-sufficient has always felt ridiculously important to me (and also made it hard to ask for help). If I do it all myself, I’ll owe no one. Life might require a bit more work and struggle, but at least I’ll be “free.”

The problem is, it’s not real freedom. How can I allow energy to serve me when I’m afraid of what it might want in return? If it’s only coming toward me in service, where’s the outflow to bring the necessary balance? Sure, I want lovely things, but do I want to pay what they might cost? And all at once I realized: This is where everything must go completely new. The “energy service” Adamus refers to isn’t about getting everything for free or tipping duality in our favor. It’s about going beyond duality itself. And that is monumental!

Duality is the foundation of this reality, meaning everything must have its opposite in order to exist. Good can’t exist without bad. Up cannot be without down. Give must have receive. Every yes must have its no. Need must have fulfillment, supply requires demand. Even God must have his devil, and I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine (even if I have to find subtle ways to manipulate you into doing it). In our duality reality, energy flow always requires something in return, because it continually has to rebalance. Even a gift freely given still generates a tug back toward balance, if only to “pay it forward.”

In that context, allowing energy to serve me sounds a lot like making more work for myself. Sure, it can bring me things and experiences that I want, maybe more easliy than in the past, but what will I have to give in return? How big is the inevitable cost? For every up there’s always a down, and when things are going well, we brace for the impending penalty. It’s easier to slow down the flow, run away from the blessing, and keep the deficit at a manageable level. I wonder, could this be why abundance is such a challenge? If we allow too much in, it’ll mean more effort has to go out than we want to give.

I actually think it’s easier for unconscious people to let duality energy serve them, because they’re not so tuned in to the inherent rebalancing that’s always in play. They can go after what they want, happily oblivious to what it might cost them later. But Shaumbra, acutely aware of energy and its necessary balance, are trying to get out of that game! We can sense there’s another way, and I’m pretty sure that other way is outside of duality. In fact, I think allowing energy to serve us beyond duality is a paradigm-smashing change. No wonder it’s important!

The question is, can we find that inner place of existence beyond duality? Many years ago, Tobias talked about marbles. He described the black and white marbles of duality, and the clear-ish marble of experience that shifted toward black or white, depending on what was happening. Then he talked about a new marble of such crystal pure clarity that it was unaffected by the other marbles. At first the resident duality-based marbles rejected the crystalline one and tried to throw it out. They could not understand it, and didn’t want its qualities and attributes. But, slowly and surely, its clarity and radiance won out – and everything changed.

Tobias: “Then something will happen, dear friends. At this point the white marble will lose its attributes of white. The black marble will lose its attributes of black. The clear marble will cleanse itself. And all of the four marbles will begin to radiate a new type of color, a multi-dimensional color. They will shimmer and glow and will begin singing and dancing with each other. They will begin spinning together. They will begin celebrating together. They will have no single color, but they will contain all colors in perfect clarity. And they will shine and glow. They will be in unison together. This is the point when you will pass through duality as you know it.

And this, my friends, is when energy can truly serve you! No more need for an energy balance sheet, no more worry about cause and effect; simply a radiant dance of joy in a never-ending celebration of existence.

Sounds marvelous! But what does it really mean? How does stuff happen? If energy serves, but not through duality, how do we get what we want? How will we stay out of the constant up-and-down wobble? Well, we find a new kind of balance where everything around us responds and we don’t even have to think about “getting what we want.”

Duality is like a teeter totter or seesaw. For the experience to work, the weight has to be more or less balanced, but nothing happens until one side pushes and sends the other to the ground. Then the balance changes, the other side pushes, and the game goes on. It’s how reality works, why “dark” will never win over “light,” and “good” will never win over “evil.” Both are required to play the game.

However, balance in the New Energy is like a spinning top or gyroscope. Complete and balanced in itself, it doesn’t need a push from some other gyro to keep working. How interesting that gyroscopes are used in all sorts of things these days, from jumbo jets overhead to the phone in your pocket. It’s not that everything has to learn how to spin, but the inner gyro can help to keep everything around it in balance. And that is life beyond duality. No more need for struggle, effort, pushing, trying, resisting, and all that other fun stuff we’ve learned so well. Now we can simply dance in our creation (participation IS required), and watch it unfold. I can’t tell you exactly how, or what steps to take, because they are different every time. I can only tell you that life flows SO much better, smoother and easier. And joy is a constant companion.

So… what about that massage? Perhaps it’s time to let go of my notions of “energy balance” and simply receive, then go live and experience the creation I’ve allowed. But a question does come up. What if something is NOT freely given? What if there ARE strings attached and some kind of compensation is expected? Here’s what I discovered about that.

We know that power is an illusion. And an important part of being sovereign is stepping out of power, whether trying to control others or thinking someone has power over us. In fact, when we go beyond the whole idea of power, it doesn’t even “see” us and the surrounding power games have no effect. Could it be the same with duality? If I step out of the duality game instead of defaulting to obligation, perhaps I’ll step into freedom. Perhaps I’ll get to witness the dance of energy in real time as it responds to my inner gyroscope of desire. If I can openly and graciously receive everything as a gift from my own dear Self, perhaps I’ll no longer block the flow of life for fear of the cost. Perhaps I’ll finally get out of my own way and let energy – my energy – actually serve me.

I think it’s time to explore that crystal clear inner space, get on the phone, schedule that massage, and luxuriate in my creation!

9 comments on "The Cost of Balance"

  • Beate Reich on December 14, 2022 10:06 PM said:
    Dear Jean, This morning I found your article......because I asked myself " HOW does energy Serve me?" Now......I got it fully. Big AHAAAA! Thank you so much! Blessings😊
  • Adori Gonzalez Izarra on August 28, 2018 2:09 PM said:
    Gracias Jean, como siempre tu profunda sinceridad al compartir tus experiencias tu simpatía y facilidad para normalizar cualquier situacion me alegran el alma
  • Micheline Vallee Turp on August 24, 2018 7:28 PM said:
    I have a drawing dated Jan. 21, 2005 regarding those very marbles. The drawing is in pencil. No color. Thank you! Your have brought me new insight into energy serves the Master and into duality. I now have the tools to change the drawing and bring it out of its black and white vision and into a new dimension. :)
  • Sirpa Hiltunen on August 24, 2018 11:28 AM said:
    Thank you Jean, very helpfull for me.
  • Ellie on August 24, 2018 1:32 AM said:
    total resonance. and at the most perfect timing... of course. never underestimate the truth of your source or truth. thank you much
  • Mem McKie on August 23, 2018 9:37 PM said:
    Dear Jean, Tobias's channel describing the marbles has always remained in my attention. Thank you for your eloquent and descriptive message. Timely for me. It is coming to me ... energy is serving me. No force ... simply the allowance. Thank you sweet Master Jean
  • Colleen Scott on August 23, 2018 9:00 PM said:
    Thank you for this. I don't completely understand, yet, but -- well, thanks!
  • Tania Vandervegte on August 23, 2018 5:19 PM said:
    Thank you for this. I loved this statement “No more need for an energy balance sheet, no more worry about cause and effect; simply a radiant dance of joy in a never-ending celebration of existence.” It would certainly help in my quest to travel lightly in life. Gratitude for your clarity x
  • Aula Shawki on August 23, 2018 3:39 PM said:
    Such a nice and clear insights about energy serving. Thank you, much love

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