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Although this has been mentioned a few times in the past 20+ years, during the April Shoud Adamus made it very clear that literally EVERYTHING is only in the Now. Here are a couple excerpts:

The only place anything ever happens is the Now. There are no communications outside of the present moment. There are only memories of the past and wondering or perceptions about what the future may be, but there are no communications. Everything communicates in the Now moment. You want communication? You be in the present moment.

The present moment is where everything is, including your past lives. They’re really not in the past. The present moment is where all the abundance is. It is not in the future. It is not in the future. The present moment is where your health is.

There is no time.

It’s all right here, the present moment. Everything. There are no communications outside of the present moment. There’s no healing outside of the present moment. No abundance outside of this. This is it. This is why it’s so imperative right now to be aware in the present moment… to communicate in the present moment and to shine your light in the present moment.

While I found all this both fascinating and mind boggling, I couldn’t help but wonder what good it does for my day-to-day life. What does it mean that my past lives are all happening right now, and why does it matter? If my health is in the present moment, does that apply to my emotional health too? And how does that help when I’m feeling blown off course by life? If all my abundance is in the Now, where the heck do I find it? My linear and very logical mind really wants to understand, but sometimes this stuff just doesn’t compute. However, as often happens these days, I had some experiences recently that helped me start putting it all together.

I’m sure you know what it’s like to be in a new situation – meeting someone new, trying something new, etc. – when a past-but-similar event suddenly inserts itself into your awareness. It’s the old “once burned, twice shy” thing where you don’t want to repeat a painful experience from the past, yet a new situation just brought the memory roaring in. The past has just come back to haunt you, maybe even to repeat itself, and your inner world is on red alert.

Well, life is nothing if not full of surprises, and I recently found myself in a new situation with an old friend. A delightful and unexpected new relationship has been blossoming and life is filled with joy. However, there have been occasional moments of suddenly remembering similar interactions from the past, even “seeing” bygone faces and “hearing” old voices inserting themselves into my current experience. It was disconcerting, as if I was having “bleed throughs” of old memories triggered by the current situation. Of course, this immediately started the inner interrogation: “What am I doing wrong this time?”

Why were ghosts from long ago showing up now? Do I still have unresolved issues stuck on repeat? Am I such a creature of habit that unconscious patterns so easily kick in? What are these echoes and wisps of the past that have no place in my Now? And, if they have no place, why are they here? But wait, if everything really is in the present moment, are those old stories still happening in some other version of Now? And what do I do with that information? How does the “present moment” not become one big confusing mess?

Okay, deep breath. Since I asked the questions, I knew the answers would be here somewhere, and they might even apply to other things in my life. In my imagination, I saw something like a wheel with “me” at the center and spokes radiating out in all directions, each one in a different experience. Interestingly, from that center vantage point, all the “past” and “future” spokes were equally accessible from this Now.

The image helped me begin to understand how my other lifetimes are happening at the same “time,” and how what I’m doing at the center is touching and affecting them AND whatever they are going through is also affecting me. As I go through Realization, they feel it triggering theirs, which is then literally changing my personal history (and who knows what else). And, if that’s true, it must apply to all experiences in the “past,” not just abstract, mostly forgotten past lives. In other words, rather than unconscious patterns coming back to haunt me, maybe the “bleed throughs” are simply me connecting with myself in other experiences.

    Maybe I’m feeling the “past” situations because they are being affected by this one.

    Maybe the bleed through is the healing instead of the stuckness.

    Maybe the old memories aren’t problems, but parts of me waiting for grace and compassion.

    Maybe allowing them instead of fighting them somehow sets them free.

    Maybe letting myself feel the restless echoes, instead of resist or fix them, brings release and balance.

And that’s exactly what began to happen! I’ve said many times that resisting something only makes it more real. Yet I was resisting those wisps of the past, wishing they would disappear and fearing they were stuck on repeat. I discovered that allowing them into my Now released them from the bondage of “painful memories” and brought them home, back to the perfection from whence they came.

All this kind of blew my mind, for it was a literal experience of all things happening Now and how it can be applied in real life. Any time a difficult memory comes up, I reach to embrace that Now from this one, letting the memory exist Now instead of in some painful version of the past. It’s a curious experience, for sure, and hard to explain. But instead of the repetitive chagrin of messing up or getting something wrong or making a poor choice, I’m experiencing this beautiful Now scooping up all the scattered moments of the “past” and literally illuminating their beauty!

It’s gotten to the point where I’m reaching around for an example to share in this article but finding it difficult to dig up any remaining pain from the past. Is there something I regret? An experience that hurt? I bring that memory to Now and embrace it. In doing so, somehow the light of my acceptance illuminates its beauty, the experience becomes unstuck, the memory drops its baggage and pain, and yet another burst of my energy is set free. I don’t know how else to describe this physic, but its effect is tangible.

In fact, the other day something triggered a burst of panicked emotion that sent me into an anxious spin. I couldn’t spend much time with it right then, but a few good deep breaths and remembering what I’d just written here got me back in equilibrium before I even knew what the fright was about or what old version of me got its panic button pushed. Apparently when the choice is made to allow, it can even happen “in the background,” as long as I breathe and trust my love for self.

I always figured the old saying was true that “If we don’t learn from the past, we’re doomed to repeat it.” In other words, if I didn’t process and resolve the inner junk that caused past problems, they will just keep repeating themselves. But when it’s all welcomed into Now, my current balance and light change everything as this moment of beauty blesses every other experience, even the apparent mistakes. Maybe I’ve never gotten anything wrong. Maybe everything really is all right, even perfect, simply because THIS moment is perfect.

1 comments on "It's All Now"

  • Margit on June 25, 2022 4:59 AM said:
    so klar und schön....ich hoffe ich erinnere mich beim nächsten Mal daran.... danke Jean

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