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Adamus has been talking recently about true creation, which is quite different than what we normally think of as “creating.” We humans think of creation as adjusting a situation to our liking, bringing in new potentials, manifesting a painting or sculpture, etc. “Conscious creation” is doing these things on purpose and having them come out more or less the way we hoped they would. And the highest level of this is being able to manifest exactly what we want, when we want it, consciously and on purpose. It’s a great idea and can actually work. I’ve done it myself quite often, and have long been fascinated by the concept of conscious creation. 

I even made something called the “Creator Cards” with the idea to help people get clear on their desires, what might be blocking those desires, and how to create the life they truly want. I’ve shared in this space a number of ways “creation” has worked for me, the most recent being a brand-new kitchen. It is now complete, having manifested into something I absolutely LOVE beyond all reason. It’s really one of the best things I’ve created for myself in a very long time!

But now comes Adamus talking about true creation, which is something else entirely. He says what we’ve been doing all this time (and calling it creation) is just rearranging the parts and pieces of what we already have, and that true creation is basically manifesting “something” out of “nothing.” In fact, from what he’s said so far, I’m not even sure an actual new creation would be perceivable in this realm. Which brings up a few questions… How can we even comprehend anything beyond this realm? How would I know I created something “for real” if I can’t perceive it? Adamus will surely have a lot more to say about this, but in the meantime, it’s gotten me pondering creation in this reality. Because it IS a thing. We really do have an effect on our life and experience, whether consciously or not, so how does it work if it isn’t “creating”?

Less than a year ago, in a story called “What do You Want?,” I stated publicly my intention to create a new kitchen. It was a little scary to say that, because, well, what if it never happened? What if my “creator powers” stopped working? What if I could only make the current kitchen a little better? What if… what if… But it DID happen, unfolding in a series of synchronicities I could never have planned. It was a challenging process – using a small laundry room for food, dishes, cooking and cleaning, putting up with an unbelievable amount of mess, dust and clutter, and dealing with the literal and energetic upheaval of the heart of the house being demolished and then rebuilt – but the result was worth every hassle. 

And now, less than two weeks ago, I finally moved into the beautiful new space! It is a massive improvement over the one I had before. Everything is bright, new, exactly how I want it, and I still grin from ear to ear every time I enter. It’s a constant sense of bursting with joy! Which got me thinking… why does this make me so happy? It’s just a room, a wonderful upgrade indeed, but people do stuff like this all the time. What’s the big deal? Then it hit me. The entire space is now 100% mine. I’m not talking about ownership, although that’s part of it. I’m talking about what Tobias and Adamus mean when they say, “The only thing that’s yours is what you choose.” I very consciously chose every single piece of the new kitchen, not compromising with someone else’s tastes, not dialing back my desires to suit some obsolete limitation, not settling for “good enough” if it didn’t make my heart sing. The result is almost beyond words… I have never felt more at home in a physical space, for it’s a real, tangible manifestation of “This is mine, that is not. I choose this, I don’t choose release that.” 

Finally I realized why it’s so important to consciously choose what’s yours. Rather than just being a helpful rule handed down from our angelic friends, it turns out that this is exactly how we “create” our human reality! While it might not be actual creation by Adamus’ standards, he’s been trying to help us understand how to shuffle the reality bits within this creation and experience what we actually like. Allowing is a huge part of it, but so is consciously choosing what’s yours and what isn’t. And, I have to say, once you start doing this, you’ll discover countless layers to explore.

It’s easy enough to pick out paint colors and tile patterns, cabinets and lighting that I choose for “mine.” But how do I handle the persistent ghostly voices that have another opinion about the whole project? Throughout this experience there have been old aspects fussing about “This is overdoing it” or “If you ever sell your house, people might not like that color” or “This is far too extravagant, you should be saving your money” or “There are starving people in Africa (and poor Shaumbra around the world); just be happy with what you already have.” The commentary from my inner critics never seems to stop, but guess what? It’s up to me whether I pay attention. If I don’t like those limiting ideas anymore, then I can decide they simply aren’t mine. Doesn’t matter that they were mine for a long time. The old kitchen was too, but why not upgrade? Why not choose again? Why not give my attention – my creator essence – to what I want? For that’s what will form my reality.

If I believe I’m not worthy of quality and beauty, I’ll find myself surrounded by sencond-rate junk. If I feel I shouldn’t have nice things because other people are poor and suffering, not only will my feelings of guilt persist, they won’t help anybody else either. If I resent the fact that only “rich people” can have what they want, the abundance will stay far away. So many layers to explore – about the kind of person who rejects what the universe has given, who turns away people who’ve depended on my service, who spends money on such extravagance, who must be so thoughtless and self-centered. Hmm... could be time to see if I want to keep those beliefs.

To put it simply, I believe human creation – or “consciously creating one’s own reality” – is about getting clear on what’s yours and what isn’t. Yes, it’s really just moving things around that have already been created, but why not put it together the way you want it to be? When my kids were young, we had a large bin full of Lego building blocks. We could create just about anything, but we had to select the blocks we wanted and ignore the rest. It’s the same with human life. As humans, we think we’re stuck with the building blocks that have been inherited, given or even taken away. But ALL the building blocks for EVERYTHING are already here in this creation, so why keep ones you don’t want? Why keep the old beliefs and habits and offenses and patterns if they’re not what you choose now? The kitchen I had before was fine, in fact would be considered luxurious by a lot of people. But what did that matter when it wasn’t mine?

This whole experience (documented in lots of photos on Facebook here), has been an exercise in getting clear about what I want. Not compromising, not settling for second best, not minimizing or justifying my desires. It’s not about spending lots of money on the most expensive things; it’s about choosing what’s mine and then participating in the process. Many times I looked at how something was unfolding and realized it wasn’t quite what I wanted. So, even if another solution wasn’t apparent, without that internal “Yes!” I would not give the OK. And inevitably the perfect solution would always appear, usually sooner than later, and only when I was clear. If something didn’t ring the bell called “Yes, this is mine, I choose it!” I learned to pass it up and wait for something else rather than settle for what wasn’t mine.

You don’t have to create a whole new kitchen to experience this incredible feeling of clarity and the magic it brings. Use it with whatever’s in your life right now – a relationship, friendship, job, piece of clothing or furniture – anything. Does it ring your “Yes, this is really mine!” bell? Or are you keeping it because you don’t see anything better to replace it with, or because so-and-so gave it to you, or because a decent person wouldn’t dump it, or _____ (fill in the blank)? Is what you’ve accepted as yours really, truly what you choose? Remember, that’s how you create your human reality, whether on purpose or not.

There’s a popular book about decluttering your life, where the author suggests holding everything you own, one item at a time, asking if it brings you joy and throwing it out if it doesn’t. While it’s a tangible and practical way to begin the process of choosing what’s yours and what’s not, I recommend going through the process with everything you possess. Intangible beliefs, ideas, fears, habits, patterns, hopes, dreams, regrets – how many of them are really yours? Which ones bring you joy? Which ones are ready for the dumpster?

I feel that, as Adamus brings us closer to true creation, it won’t do much good unless we’re already pretty damn free within this creation. It’s time to get very clear and very conscious about what is really yours – and let everything else go. Trust me, it’ll be worth the temporary discomfort. This I can promise!

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  • esther on March 22, 2018 3:39 PM said:
    Great article, thank you Jean!

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