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“It comes to you.”

“Energy serves the Master.”

“It’s there before you get there.”

This stuff isn’t new. Although Adamus has been talking about it a lot, way back in May 2005, Tobias said, “The synchronistic life is when everything truly comes to you, every energy you ever need.” This synchronistic life of Tobias is what Adamus calls the “Ahmyo life.” But I’ve decided to call it (with apologies to Master’s Life 8) “Magica Vita” or “the magical life,” because that’s really how it feels to me! Things just fall in place as if someone is waving a magic wand, and it seems to be happening more every day. How does it work? Well, it’s a little hard to explain because there’s nothing certain or obvious about it, but the experience is very clear. I’ll share a bit of what I’ve discovered.

The most important part of living a magical life is YOU. By that I mean you have to put yourself first, no matter what old voices or patterns might pop up. Living the synchronistic life – which, by definition, is unplanned and unmanaged – means that your feelings, desires, nudges, likes, dislikes, wants, needs and preferences must take higher priority than all others. Some may say it’s selfish and self-centered, but maybe it’s time to be centered in your Self! And anyway, when we put someone else first, we’re pretending to know what’s best for them, which turns out to be approximately 100% inaccurate. But the real challenge with putting ourselves first is learning to ignore the inner voices of limitation, old patterns, guilt and the like. It’s easy, but takes a lot of practice.

The other day I was at the hardware store picking up a couple items for my nearly-complete bathroom remodeling project. On the way to the checkout, something caught my eye and I picked up a steel scrub brush. It wasn’t on my list and I had no idea what to use it for, but there was the little nudge, so I put it in the basket. Then another very familiar voice piped up, “What are you getting that for? Stop spending money on all these impulse purchases!” so I put it back. Two days later, I suddenly needed – you guessed it – a wire brush! Now I had to go all the way back to town, find my way through the huge store and spend three dollars on something that had really tried to be there for me before I needed it. I had to laugh at the perfect example of getting in my own way. Or, more precisely, letting the old voices of limitation and fear get in my way. To state the obvious, that’s NOT how to live the magical life!

The magic happens when you are so connected, observant and trusting with yourself that you follow those inner nudges without question or doubt. Then you get to discover how they turn out to be perfect, even better than you could have planned. Another example…

A few weeks ago, I managed to get caught in one of Colorado’s infamous hailstorms. (Still haven’t figured out why I created that particular experience, other than the thrill of a serious adrenaline rush!) I called the insurance company and they said I had to choose an auto body shop to do the repairs before they would pay for anything. Having never needed that kind of service before, I had no idea where to begin, let alone how to tell if they were a fair and reputable shop. I took a deep breath and started an online search, which turned up a number of shops in the area. But how to decide? And then, for no reason I could see, I felt a slight tug toward one of them. The ratings seemed okay and with nothing else to go on, I made the call and got an appointment.

Over the next several weeks of interacting with them, I discovered why this was the appropriate potential. The woman handling my case has been working there for 17 years (a good sign) and just so happens to be a neighbor who lives less than 3 miles from me! She even offered to give me a ride home while they kept my car, pulled some strings to get my case through the system in a timely manner (“That’s just what you do for neighbors” she said), and patiently helped me understand all the complicated insurance stuff. In the end, I wasn’t even charged, and now I know a good body shop! There was no way to know it would turn out so perfectly, other than paying attention to that little nudge.

Part of the fun of the magical life is discovering how it is already synchronistic, if we get out of the way. All you have to do is pick whatever potential you feel drawn to, ignore the “sensible, responsible, fearful” (limiting) voices that pop up, and watch how it unfolds into the “right” choice. Then every day starts lighting up with a touch of magic!

With the bathroom project, I’ve also been to a tile store several times. One day I showed the helpful lady who works there some photos of my unusual tile work. The next time I was in to get more tiles she thanked me. Someone else had come along looking for “something different” and she shared my idea. It made me realize that our magic synchronicity is contagious, even touching people we’ll never meet!

While working on this project, I also learned something about potentials. You cannot choose the wrong one, because it simply doesn’t exist! Every potential will serve you in some way or other, filling in your experience of life in whatever way you choose. Here’s an example…

I’ve been doing all the remodeling work myself, which is both agonizingly slow and very fulfilling. An hour or two in the evenings and a couple weekends a month is not the way to get a project done quickly, but I don’t mind because it’s getting done MY way, turning out exactly how I want it. And there’s nothing like literally living within your creation! For the floor I chose something called “pebble tiles,” which involve a lot of small random shaped pieces of stone, but I love the look. They come in 1 square foot sections, but for the very best appearance, you have to do a lot of the placement by hand, like putting together a huge puzzle (an activity I found quite relaxing and satisfying). But the interesting thing is, there’s no right way to do it, no puzzle box with the finished version to match. In any particular spot were dozens of choices, each affecting what could come next. Sometimes it would flow easily, other times a particular section would take a little more time. But no matter what piece I chose, it would always work out. There was never a “right” choice, never a “wrong” choice, only the next choice. Once in a while I’d change my mind, take a few pieces out and put other ones in their place. But no matter how often I chose “this” over “that,” it never changed the fact that the floor was turning out perfect and absolutely beautiful.

That’s how the magical life works! It doesn’t matter what you choose, and you’ll never get it right because you cannot get it wrong. Every moment you are surrounded by potentials, and every potential is like a little piece of your puzzle, waiting to be placed however you wish. The variables are infinite. But if you try to apply old beliefs like ‘everything has to be in the proper sequence, or go in a straight line, can’t be too big and extravagant or too small and insignificant,’ or whatever other notion pops up, it just complicates the process. This life we’re allowing is NOT about finally getting it right. It’s about discovering what lights you up – before you talk yourself out of it – and then allowing the perfection to unfold. Which reminds me of something…

Years ago, I used to make jewelry and one day decided to make a necklace using a bowl of leftover beads. They were all shapes, sizes and colors, and I purposely chose them at random, picking up each one without looking or deciding if it was the “right” one. The piece turned out so beautiful that a friend decided to do the same thing. However, she tried to make it random on purpose, judging each bead on its size and appearance, and in the end, she was disappointed with the result. Rather than trusting the natural flow of “random” selection, she tried to manage it, and got something quite different – even though it was from the very same bowl of beads! That always stuck with me, illustrating how trying to manage life really just makes it feel stiff and labored. We think we’re being responsible and doing it “right,” when the Master just wants to play and experience the magic!

I’m getting better at following those little nudges. They are gentle, never loud, and quite easy to miss if I’m not present with myself. But the result is a constant flow of synchronicity. In fact, I’m beginning to trust it so much that when things don’t appear to be flowing, I remind myself I haven’t gotten to the “end” of it yet and tell my human to just hang in there. Whether daily logistics, workflow challenges, travel plans or major life decisions, the unerring compass is a gentle tug within that says, “Let’s take this step today, even if the next one doesn’t appear until tomorrow.” And it always, always works out! It’s not about being passive; I have to take the steps and do the things, but then I find myself playing within my creation – and that is truly magical!

Some may say this mode of living is reckless and irresponsible, but I say it’s the most sensible way of life I could possibly choose, being responsive to my own Self, her nudges, inspirations and invitations. It brings more synchronicities than the best planning and discipline could have possibly conjured up, and none of the stress. Plus, it turns out to be the best for everyone around me too. The magical life… I finally can’t get it wrong!

4 comments on "Magica Vita"

  • Lila on September 22, 2018 9:00 AM said:
    Thank you , Grand Master Jean ! Just recently, my life, friends and job started to feel uneasy . And those words are bringing ME back to myself. So grateful!
  • Elke Ulrike on September 21, 2018 3:07 PM said:
    Dear Jean, Thank you for sharing! I love the way, you do it. It remembers me: Well, it is very much THAT! I KNOW about the gentle, smart "feeling-voice" which guides me through small steps and big steps in my life. Very beautiful tile mosaic in every way. Warmest regards!
  • Mabel Russo on September 21, 2018 9:13 AM said:
    Muchas, muchas gracias, es maravilloso todo lo que nos compartes. Abrazos!
  • Adoración González Izarra on September 12, 2018 12:51 PM said:
    :gracias Jean: Mi vida funciona así el juego de la creatividad y sentir los impulsos, es hermoso y mágico, me gusta jugar con las cosas y salen magníficas. Un abrazo

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