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Years ago, Adamus went through a phase of asking Shaumbra what we want the most. At one point he said if he was in our place he would choose only one thing – clarity. That always stuck with me because why would clarity be more important than things like abundance or health? It sounded boring, to be honest! However, a few weeks ago I was in the car, not thinking about anything in particular, when I suddenly got a “download” about this. In about 30 seconds I understood why clarity is so important and also how “it comes to you” works. Since then, I’ve been exploring and playing with it, and will do my best to share what I’ve learned.

We’ve heard “It comes to you” for a long time, and the usual response is something like, “What is it? How it will get here? And when will arrive?” Well, turns out the “it” can be most anything and is continually arriving in all sorts of ways. The trick is in the perception, in having the clarity to see what’s already happening.

Humans are constantly trying to get what we want by doing the right things, thinking the right thoughts, talking to the right people, eating the right food, following the right God (or spook), etc. The problem is that it’s all a big game, like checkers or Monopoly. None of it really matters, because life is how we keep Human occupied while Soul absorbs the wisdom. Like playing dominoes is simply an excuse to get together with friends. So, instead of having to figure out how get the “right” things to show up, the fact is that it’s already happening in every single moment. Before we get into real creation with Adamus, I feel it’s crucial to take a clear and hard look at what and how we’re already creating. Otherwise, it will be like building a mansion on the foundation of a hovel. No matter how beautiful, it will crumble to the ground, probably with us in it.

The truth is, you’re already a creator and energy is already serving you, constantly arranging itself according to the patterns of your consciousness. More energy will only amplify those patterns. To find out what they are, look around right now at the dynamics and challenges you’re facing. But look deeper than the surface. It’s not about the specific game or roll of the dice, but rather your response to it. In other words, it’s not about finally “winning” but about how you’re already playing. Now, this is only for information right now, so observe without judgment. Decide later if you like what you see, but in this moment, look at your life.

THIS is how you’re arranging energy. The question is, do you want more of what you’re already experiencing? It’s a critical evaluation, because it contains all the information you need.

Let’s take the most popular challenge – money. How are you arranging the energy of money in your life? I’m talking patterning, not quantity; the overall feel, not daily details. Are you arranging it in fear? Joy? Shame? Freedom? Scarcity? Celebration? Whatever the pattern is, adding more will create a bigger pattern, not bigger money! This means rather than focusing on how to get more of something – money, peace, friends, health – our job is to become aware of how we are arranging the energy that already coming in. Would you like to have twice as much money? Before you answer, ask whether you want twice as much of your current money patterns, because you’ll just get more of whatever you already have. The way out of your patterns is clarity, but looking this clearly and honestly takes courage.

In my personal life, a few things happened recently that showed me I still had a bit of stuck energy around money. For example, I very much want more money to continue improving my home. The joy of my kitchen remodel is contagious, and now the rest of the house wants attention! The problem is, more money means more responsibility, and when I’m honest, that has felt daunting.

It’s tax season right now, which has brought my dysfunctional bookkeeping aspect to the surface (where before it happily hid behind a partner who excelled as such things), and that dysfunction meant that “more money” would lead to “bigger bookkeeping problems and more headaches.” Hmm, if I can’t manage what I have, more will just make it worse. No wonder my Self hasn’t turned on the spigot full blast yet! The good news is that, with the help of my ex bookkeeper, I’ve begun creating my own numbers aspect that actually understands and even excels at all this. There’s more work to be done, including some refinement of the new aspect, but I’ve definitely been re-patterning my money energy “magnet,” changing the patterns that the energy has been matching. But first, I had to look at what was already happening with absolute clarity.

There is another pattern or filter through which “it” has been coming to me, “it” in this case being abundance of any kind, not just money. For most of my life I lived with “not quite enough.” It helped with resourcefulness and creativity, but also provided constant stress. Gradually I moved into “barely enough” and then “enough for just a little extra.” Funny thing is, the actual quality didn’t matter; the pattern was always living on the edge. The “edge” is nicer now, but I’m still dancing on it. Why? How the heck is that pattern serving me? Digging down through the layers, I discovered it was about feeling safe with myself. There are some old aspects that believe having extra requires me to share with those who have less, regardless of what I want or the journey they have chosen. And, although I’m a generous person and share easily, part of me didn’t trust that I was truly free of those old vows. (Funny thing is, I can never be poor enough to make someone else abundant…)

Clarity. Ouch! Uncomfortable though it is to look at, that’s exactly the sort of “abundance issue” Adamus wants us to get over! He doesn’t actually care how much money I allow for myself, but do I really want to magnify the pattern of “I don’t deserve it”? Clarity insists that we look at these things and take ownership of why we’re not allowing what we want. It’s not easy, but with that clarity things begin to get magical! If you can look clearly and honestly at your patterns, you can generate new ones, free and open ones that allow something entirely new to come in.

Part of my “download” was about entering a very clear space of receiving, pure allowing with absolutely no agenda. I invite you to play with this a bit… take some deep breaths, acknowledge everything you’ve observed about your patters, then set them all aside for a moment. Breathe down to the pure open clarity at your core, and feel the energy that’s constantly pouring in. Without form, bias or limitation yet, it is coming in to manifest whatever pattern you’re in.

It’s an incredible feeling when you find it, and I spent a few moments doing exactly that – allowing “it” to come to me. Literally within hours I found myself receiving a brand new, very expensive, aching-back-friendly office chair! I didn’t even know I needed a replacement for my 12-year-old chair, but there it was, coming to me with absolute ease. And it has made a difference in my daily comfort I didn’t know was possible.

A few days later, again I found a few moments of total clarity and allowing, just breathing and feeling that space, completely without agenda. And again, within hours and wholly unexpected, a friend gifted me with a tech gadget I’d been wanting for months! Like I said, with clarity – in other words, without agenda of any kind – magic comes alive. When I allow myself into that clear space of knowing “It comes to me,” the most wonderful and unexpected things are finding their way into my life! Curious things, like a plastic pink flamingo that appeared in front of my garage (apparently, the universe also has a sense of humor!) and profound things, like deep realizations and passionate love within myself.

The confusing thing for the human is that you can’t do this for specific needs. I can’t “breathe more health” or “allow more money for my house projects” because that’s an instant pattern of human distortion. It’s agenda, not allowing. It’s a pattern of limitation and “want,” and energy will serve me with more limitation and want. When I come back to clarity, to pure receiving, allowing, accepting, “it” will be exactly perfect.

Clarity requires deep self-awareness. In any given moment, check yourself, take an inner inventory. What is pulling your energy? Is it tied up in pain, worry, burden? Is it flowing and allowing, even in the midst of external difficulty? See where your energy is going, and you’ll see your patterns. It’s not about fixing the pains and trouble, but rather realizing they are distractions. Be aware of them without tangling up your energy in them. Notice what feels important or requires your concern; that’s your energy pattern. It can be self-trust, enjoying and experiencing life; it can be the feeling of always getting something wrong and never having enough. Which patterns do you want to magnify?

You are a magnet, constantly drawing energy to yourself to manifest experiences. Over eons of time, the diamond-like clarity at your core became obscured, but it’s still there. A prism waiting to return every color to pure light. Outer circumstances do not matter; they simply provide experience and information. It’s the inner patterns that are ready to transform. There is only your Self to remember. And with that, everything else settles into place.

Let go of your issues, for they are nothing but patterns. Stop fighting what you’ve already manifested, because every moment has the potential for new clarity, for “it” to come to you in a whole new way. You are and have always been the center of your creation. Always. It’s a big thing to accept, to see clearly.

“I created this.” The beginning and the end of Mastery.

17 comments on "Clarity before Creation"

  • Jennifer Levine on February 17, 2021 8:32 PM said:
    Bam! Spot on! Loved it. Will probably reread.
  • Tahnee on May 1, 2018 4:58 AM said:
    Thank you so much for sharing your insight. I gained a much deeper awareness into my co creative power reading it...such a pearl of an article. 🙏🏻
  • Susan on April 28, 2018 7:26 PM said:
    Thanks so much, Master Jean! Loved (and needed!) this one....I enjoy your articles each month, and find them quite helpful...
  • Sónia on April 28, 2018 4:18 PM said:
    Just what I needed to hear. Thank you.
  • Luz on April 28, 2018 11:58 AM said:
    Great! I really thank your article. For sure. So inspiring and helpful. I took the work to translate into Spanish as I was going deep with these words, your experience and wisdom as they were mine. I want to share your translated article in the "Crimson Circle en español" facebook site, if you don´t mind. Please, tell me something about it. Thank you very much once again.
  • Lisa on April 28, 2018 10:13 AM said:
    Thank you. I have copies of the Clarity marob that I listen to but I don't think I truly understood what was being said in them. I can visualize what you are saying and now I can't wait to listen again. (After some quiet time with myself). I recognized myself in your words and I truly thank you for that.
  • Kumiko on April 27, 2018 10:05 PM said:
    Thanks a lot for sharing your wisdom dear Jean. It has being of great “clarity” and insightful for me 🤗
  • Eugenia on April 27, 2018 6:05 AM said:
    Your article inspires me a lot. It was the moment when I need ''it'' in my life. Could you tell me the name recorder with Adamus when he speaks about CLARITY?? Thank you so much!!
  • Binkie on April 26, 2018 9:52 AM said:
    Just what I needed to hear. Thank you.
  • Johanna-Merete on April 25, 2018 9:12 PM said:
    I thank You from my heart for another article that touched my heart and serves me. Namaste dear Master Jean! :-) There is the crystal of the earth, are the crystal realms, the 22 special treasure caves and the crystal of clarity in me!
  • Edith Proctor on April 25, 2018 1:08 PM said:
    Thanks Jean for sharing your wisdom :) :)
  • Brise Baulitz on April 25, 2018 12:33 PM said:
    Thank you, dear Jean. Very clear and understandable... and helpful. It's our patterns, our believes, the overlays that create our reality landscape... Our reality is a mirror of what we believe in our deepest interior.
  • Veena Shiggavankar on April 25, 2018 11:51 AM said:
    My beloved Jean, such a gracious experience you shared with your wisdom and this is the inspiration to many Shaumbras as well. Yes, our Adamus's most loving word is CLARITY and it cleanses much of energies to get our choice into the manifestation. I received this gift in an apt time and will experience and share with you. Much love and thanks, Loving Namaste.❤🙏👌
  • Lena J on April 25, 2018 10:03 AM said:
    Thank you Jean!! yours article is full clarity!!!
  • Adori Gonzalez Izarra on April 20, 2018 4:26 AM said:
    Siempre tan oportuna, sincera y clara, son geniales tus experiencias y muy aplicables a cada una. Gracias Jean
  • Mabe on April 16, 2018 7:24 AM said:
    Infinitas gracias!!!
  • Marianyel on April 10, 2018 12:29 AM said:
    Otro articulo que escribes y disfruto.. Gracias!

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