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With all the life experiences you can choose from and all the places to put your money, why might you consider attending the Sexual Energies School? It’s a good chunk of money and, if you’re like most Shaumbra, you tend to bristle at being told what you ‘should’ do. However, speaking from my own personal experience, it’s really true that SES just might change your life. This change isn’t an overnight process, but it’s a deep one, and something that you’ll bring into eternity. I’d like to share a glimpse of how it went (and is still going) for me.

Day 1 – I attended the workshop with Tobias when it was recorded in Breckenridge in 2006. By the time the first session ended, so much was stirring inside I could hardly see straight. I’d been relatively conscious for a long time and had already done a lot of inner work, but this was unearthing lifetimes of patterns, beliefs and assumptions. By the end of the first day and the very intense experience Tobias took us through, I was barely coherent. Something very deep was happening, but I couldn’t yet put it into words.

Day 2 – After going through the history of what he called the “sexual energy virus,” my personal view of basically everything in life had been upended. Family and interpersonal dynamics, personal habits and patterns, global situations – everything looked different. The second day ends on a hopeful note with homework and a “prescription” that Tobias says will solve everything. It seemed a little doubtful though, maybe because it just seemed too easy…

Day 3 – More information and more experiences make it clear that this problem of energy imbalance is in everything. And I do mean E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. It touches every single part of life, even – or especially – when we think we already have it all figured out. The class ends on an amazing note of joy and hope, full of the feeling that even though the distortion is everywhere, there is also a way beyond it. Someone who enjoys computer games told me at the end of the class, “I feel like I just got the cheat codes to life!”

Month 1 – The first few weeks after SES were for me a mix of elation and disappointment. Elation because I could feel the far-reaching impact and potential of the material; disappointment at how pervasively the virus was embedded into in my own personal life, and how challenging the “prescription” was, even in its simplicity. I was a “nice person,” conscious, awake and (mostly) accepting responsibility for my world. I’d come a long way already, how could there still be so much out of balance? But in my honest moments, I could see there was still a lot.

Month 6 – Despite being determined to integrate and even teach this sacred material, things were simply not working out for me. I was still living in constant lack, still having problems in a lot of areas in general. There were massive roadblocks between me and what I wanted to do, seemingly thrown in my path by others and providing the perfect opportunity to feel victimized. But “victimization” is one of the core issues in SES, and I had to face the stark truth that I was actually victimizing myself… NOT an easy thing to accept, especially when it’s “obviously” coming from others!

Year 5 – It took several years for me to fully accept – not just conceptually but in reality – that every situation really IS my own creation, albeit usually from an unconscious level. However, accepting the responsibility meant that these situations, thoughts and emotions no longer had to be stuck in the old patterns. If these were MY creations, that meant it was ME who could change things, instead of waiting for someone else to see me, accept me, love me, understand me, etc. It gradually became easier to recognize the imbalances when they appeared (brutal self-honesty required), and also easier to “fix” them, which really meant coming back to myself and my own love. After countless lifetimes of the old ways, it’s not something that changes overnight. But it did indeed change, and my outer life began to reflect the inner changes.

Year 13 – Amazingly, it’s been almost thirteen years since I first took SES. Since then, I’ve taught it many times, plus experienced Adamus’ beautiful updates. Overall, I’ve been through the class nearly 30 times, and STILL, each time I go through it, I feel the blessing of new wisdom and insights from this profound and sacred material.

While you can’t rebalance the distortions of many hundreds of lifetimes in a few weeks, you CAN feel the moment when your Ship of Self begins the turn toward home. For me, that’s what the Sexual Energies School was and is – the turn homeward. While SES is not required for Realization, the return to self IS what Realization is all about, and this beautiful school provides, in my opinion, the clearest roadmap in all of creation.

I want to add that SES goes hand in hand with Aspectology. In fact, I could say that the integration work of Aspectology IS the return, and the love of self that SES teaches is what makes it possible. In fact, it is exactly that self-love and integration that finally bring lasting changes to your life. If you’ve been hoping and wishing for things to get better, but perhaps feeling stuck in the same old patterns, perhaps it’s time to stop wishing and actually do something different. If money is limited and life is in overwhelm, choose wisely how you spend your money and your time. Even though I was practically penniless all those years ago, I have never, ever regretted the investment in my Self that is the Sexual Energies School.

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1 comments on "Life After SES"

  • Brenda Harley on September 22, 2019 6:50 AM said:
    Truly a life changing moment in time for me, that shift of perspective that changes all. Love how you described it Jean, our ship turning homeward 💕

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