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One day Master noticed human getting quite caught up in the world’s craziness, and decided to tell a story.

Wafting aimlessly through the ethers, Yamiel and Buziel blew intricate cloud-rings to pass the time. They had recently applied to the Immigration Panel, had just received their entrance codes, and now were waiting for their names to be called. Apparently, there was quite a process in finally reaching their destination, but the stories from those who had been there always made it seem well worth the hassle. Yamiel had wanted to take the plunge for quite a long time now, but Buziel, always busy with some project or another, was a bit slower to come along. “Let’s wait till the lines are shorter,” he said. “Why jostle along with so many others? And since when do you follow the crowd, anyway?” So Yamiel, not wanting to go by herself, waited.

Funny thing was, the lines never got much shorter, and they moved very slowly. The, the last time she’d come to check on it, she noticed an alarming trend. The lines were finally moving faster, but they were also much longer! “Come on, Buziel, you can finish that later. If we don’t go soon, we may never get the chance!” Buziel realized he’d been procrastinating for several eons (although it was really only yesterday that Yamiel had brought it up), so he sighed, fluffed up his glow and said, “All right, let’s do it. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Although,” he added with a bit of hesitation, “I sure hope we don’t regret this.”

So, they put in their request, received the necessary clearance and now were waiting for the signal. Drifting along, the two friends found themselves peering through the mist at something they’d never noticed before. It was some kind of grand hall, and as they drew closer the mist cleared and they could see many angels busily coming and going. They felt a beckoning tug, even though it didn’t seem like the chaotic Entrance they had heard about – in fact, the whole area radiated a very calm feeling – but they came closer to investigate. The hall itself seemed to be made up of many individual spaces, as well as areas for larger gatherings, and now a shimmering sign came into view: MONATRY. “Mon-uh-tree… what’s that?” Yamiel flickered a little. “You should be better prepared!” Buziel chided. “But never mind, I did my own research on this whole escapade. The Monatry is where we plan our excursion.”

“Plan it?” Yamiel sputtered in annoyance. “Where’s your sense of adventure? Your spontaneity? Why not just dive in and see what happens?” Yamiel was the impatient one, always yammering on about the next great idea, the next crazy thing to experience, and now she was impatient. “Come on, this is going to take way too long. After waiting all these eons, what more could we possibly plan? Let’s just go!”

Buziel, always the cautious one, hesitated. “I dunno,” he said. “I think we should follow the procedures they recommend. We’ve never been there before, what if we get lost? Maybe they have a map or some kind of manual we could bring. I have a bad feeling about this…”

“Oh, stop with all the worrying!” Yamiel cried. “Have you even see the place we’re going? It’s a tiny little blue dot in an isolated corner of Out There, and they have the tightest security anywhere. We’ll just duck in for a few minutes, and if we don’t like it we’ll come right back out. It’s totally safe, what could possibly go wrong?”

Buziel hesitated, took a look back at the grand hall, and finally nodded. “All right then, let’s go. See that huge spirally vortex area over there? I’m pretty sure that’s the Entrance.” Yamiel brightened with excitement. “I can already feel it pulling!” she squealed. “They must have already activated our entrance codes. C’mon, let’s go!!”

From a distance, it was a beautiful whirlpool of color, sound and texture, but up close it was decidedly chaotic. Many of the angels gave the vortex a very wide berth, which always caused Yamiel to roll her eyes behind their wings. “Stodgy old sissies,” she thought to herself.

A passing angel might have noticed a bit of commotion and a little blip as the two friends disappeared into the spiraling energy.

As a matter of fact, there was an angel observing the area. With a wry smile, Mumiel noticed that Buziel and Yamiel had jumped in with very little preparation. “Silly, silly angels,” she thought to herself. “Oh well, they’ll be back soon enough.” And just then, as if on cue, she noticed two little blobs of consciousness floating by. She brightened up and sent out the beacon.

This was her job for the moment: to send out a signal beacon for the occasional passing angel who might wish to find their way to the Monatry. Many came through here on their way to Earth, but many more, once caught up in the thrill of the adventure, completely forgot about it. On their wild ride through the realms and back into that irriesitable Entrance, they would completely miss the exit to the Monatry. But this time her beacon was noticed, and the two bedraggled angels stretched themselves toward her.

“Why, dear Yamiel, dear Buziel, it’s good to see you again! But whatever happened to you? Just a moment ago you were bright and excited, tearing your way through the Entry Port. And now look at you, all weary and drooping… what happened?”

“Just a moment ago?” gasped Buziel. “A moment?? Is that what you call it?” Mumiel smiled, for she knew it was always disorienting when an angel first came from back being in TimeSpace. Even though it was only a breath ago for her, for them it had seemed an eternity.

“That… it… oh, that was the craziest thing I’ve ever, ever done!” cried Buziel. “Why didn’t you tell us it would be like that?” “That’s what we do here,” Mumiel replied gently, “But you skipped that part.”

Buziel retreated in sullen silence, and now Yamiel found her voice. “It was so... I never imagined... I just had no idea…” she trailed off, looking for words. “You just don’t understand what it’s like down there! People – yes, we actually turned into people – they are horrible! They are wonderful too, sometimes, but they take each other’s energy in all sorts of ways, and it’s not like here where you just feel tired for a while. Down there they really torment each other! Why do they do that? Never mind, I know why. They’ve all forgotten. We forgot too, though I didn’t believe it was possible.” Her voice got quieter. “We hurt people too, and sometimes each other.” In barely a whisper, she added, “We even hurt ourselves.”

Mumiel smiled tenderly, and listened as Yamiel continued. “We thought we couldn’t possibly forget, but the fact is, after the first few human breaths, you just can’t remember anymore. It’s impossible! You always have the feeling that there’s something missing, something you need to find or do or remember, but it’s just never there. And…” she paused for a while, deep in thought. “I think that feeling of something missing is what causes people to act the way they do.”

Mumiel smiled again. “It’s true,” she said. “Forgetting oneself is the greatest pain imaginable, and until it’s happened to you, you can’t even imagine it! But, dear friends, now that you’re here again, what are you going to do?”

Buziel burst out, “I am never going b...” but he was interrupted by the sudden presence of another Angel. This one had a very different energy, sparkling with a violet crystalline shimmer rarely seen in this part of Out There. Mumiel, in joyful recognition, greeted him with honor. Yamiel and Buziel just gawked, speechless. They had never met such a luminous being. In fact, still tainted by their recent exploits in TimeSpace, they thought such a one existed only in legend. But here he was, glowing right in front of them.

“Dear friends,” Zebael spoke. His resonance rippled through their very core, igniting something deep within that had lain dormant for a very, very long time. “You have lived many hundreds of lifetimes on Earth. I can see the weariness in your field, but I can also see the wisdom, and a fire in your heart that wasn’t there before. Now it’s time for you to remember.”

“Oh, we remember,” sputtered Yamiel. “And we won’t ever forget again, because we are never, ever going back.” Zebael twinkled, for he had heard those words many times before from other exhausted angels. “But you see,” he said, “When you remember in human form, that’s when everything comes together. Your soul passion lights up like never before, and your essence shimmers with wisdom you can’t get any other way. Just look what it did for me!” They stared in awe as his colors – and sounds and patterns and shapes and everything else – pulsed with passion and life. It was beautiful beyond words, captivating, mesmerizing, and most of all, divinely inspiring. Maybe they could go back one more time. Their many lifetimes on Earth already felt so long ago and far away, perhaps it hadn’t been so bad after all.

Zebael smiled. “I’ll be with you every step of the way,” he assured them, “whispering reminders into your heart. One of the hardest things to remember is that everyone on Earth is there by their own choice. Yes, they have forgotten themselves, but they will remember one day, just like you. So, when you see the pain and trouble in the world, remember that it really doesn’t matter. It’s not who you – or they – truly are. It’s a game you’ve been playing, a theme park you’ve been visiting, and the clearer you can see this, the closer you’ll be to your Self. One more thing,” he continued, “and perhaps the most important. Allow yourself to exist. In all these lifetimes you’ve learned to limit and hold yourself back in every imaginable way. This last plunge will be your lifetime to let go, to be free once again, to exist without restraint. And when that happens, I promise that you won’t regret a thing.”

As Zebael continued with a few more admonishments, their excitement stirred. They would return, and this time it would be different. This time they would be ready. Zebael bade farewell and Mumiel, smiling in her benevolent way, led the two friends toward the Monatry. This time they would plan things a little better. Their next entry would be just right, maybe not so much from their soon-to-be-human-again perspective, but it would be perfect for helping them remember. This remembering would be difficult; it might even take more than one lifetime, but Zebael had shown that it could be done, and he had given them a gift of inspiration by his very presence.

Finally, after a generous amount of non-time in the Monatry, Yamiel and Buziel took a deep breath and made one last plunge into the vortex. At that very moment they heard a familiar voice, “I am with you always, every step of the way.”

Growing up as Earthlings once again, seeing the strife and foolishness and pain all around them, once in a while they still could hear a whisper, “All is well.” They thought it meant that the world would be okay, that humanity would finally wake up, that people would begin remembering themselves. But what that whisper actually meant was that none of it really mattered. Everyone would come back out, see a beacon, meet a Master, and allow whatever was needed for them to remember. In the meantime, Yamiel, Buziel and all the other remembering ‘els knew it was time to finally enjoy the most thrilling ride anywhere in all of creation.

5 comments on "Angel Adventures"

  • ElleredderellE on February 11, 2022 8:39 AM said:
    I really needed this today, thank you for the reminder! <3
  • Brenda Harley on October 4, 2017 6:12 AM said:
    Jean, you are a master story teller indeed! Loved it, thank you 😊
  • Luis German on September 19, 2017 3:01 PM said:
    is very inspiring and brings remembrance
  • Suzanne on September 19, 2017 1:24 AM said:
    Thanks for this simple enjoyeble short wall perspective
  • Adoración on September 3, 2017 7:46 AM said:
    Me encantan tus artículos Jean, y este de nuestro viaje último y fascinante, nuestra vida Ahmyo. Abrazos Shaumbra

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